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Selfreflection.beaver revised2


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Selfreflection.beaver revised2

  1. 1. Jeff
  2. 2. Jeff Beaver From Horsham!
  3. 3. What friends say• I’m loyal• I am reliable• I am original
  4. 4. What teachers say• I’m quiet but not shy.• I am artistic and musical.• I can do outstanding work as long as I like what I am doing.
  5. 5. What bridges says• I am unique and creative.• I don’t like to compromise.• I am highly imaginative.• I act spontaneously.
  6. 6. What google says• Jeff Beaver Art• Beaver, Jeffrey A. | Seattle Law Firm - Graham & Dunn, Attorneys• Stanfords Entrepreneurship Corner: Jeff Beaver, Zazzle
  7. 7. What Google will not tell you• I am passionate• I have a strange sense of humor
  8. 8. Passionate• I have a passion for music.• I will do anything for a friend.• I am passionate about art.
  9. 9. Personal dreams • I want do to everything • Travel the world • Meet new people • Graduate
  10. 10. Professional dreams• Be some form of an artist.• Be a professional advertiser.
  11. 11. My dreams fit• My dreams fit me because it involves aspects of my life that I already enjoy.• I could put my ideas to use and see how they turn out.
  12. 12. I am skilled• Hockey •Drawing• Gaming •Guitar
  13. 13. I do not enjoy• Being controlled• Sharing my personal struggles.• Don’t want to be living in poverty.
  14. 14. JeffI want to graduate and go to college for computer graphics.
  15. 15. Contact• Cell- 267-240-9669••
  16. 16. THANK YOU!