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Membership Onboarding - Della Schmidt


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2017 MACE Annual Conference presentation from Della Schmidt from the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce.
Membership Onboarding

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Membership Onboarding - Della Schmidt

  1. 1. Della Schmidt President/CEO Winona Area Chamber of Commerce
  2. 2. Top reasons members don’t renew – ROI Improve member engagement Increase odds of renewal in your favor
  3. 3. Track motivations – careful – use only what you know you can deliver Record Motivations – ChamberMaster? Hold accountable for Motivations
  4. 4. Create a “High-Risk” Profile Some members you don’t want – can’t meet the expected ROI, so don’t bother Create a “Best Fit” Profile Sell more of these! Use Profile to prioritize onboarding/retention
  5. 5. Understand It’s Everyone’s Job! Build your Process Accountability Weekly!!
  6. 6. What is the 1st thing that happens when a new member joins your organization? (Note: Don’t do what we were doing! YIKES!) Is the 1st thing the right thing?
  7. 7. Open Onboarding Template Open Winona real-time template Member Drives = Different onboarding plan
  8. 8. What’s in it for me? – invite at point of sale Breakfast and Lunch Door Prize and Gift BOD/Membership/Ambassadors participate Focus on ROI! Getting From/Getting Done
  9. 9. LOVE Welcome, welcome – staff and BOD Make it easy for your new members – take away the mystery New member ribbons – other recognition tools? Network buddy Relevance! (its not always about Network Nite)
  10. 10. We just "POPPEDIN"to say "HI!" We value your membership in the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce...and we want to know how we are doing! The Winona Area Chamber of Commerce is working to reach business like yours throughout the year. We stopped by today to check in with you and see how you are feeling about your Winona Chamber membership. Your continued support is very much appreciated! Please contact Leslie Kemp with any questions or concerns you may have. 507-452-2272 or