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Chamber Investment - Shannon Full, TwinWest Chamber


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2017 MACE Annual Conference presentation from Shannon Full of the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce.
We all have stories and examples of how our members are choosing to invest differently or not invest at all in our organizations. Membership organizations, not just chambers are declining across the country, yet some organizations are thriving. In this session explore some of the factors that are driving these decisions and some ideas on how to revitalize your chamber to build your resources, increase engagement and have a greater impact.

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Chamber Investment - Shannon Full, TwinWest Chamber

  1. 1. Chamber Investment: Factors for Enterprising Chambers MACE Annual Conference – May 2017 Shannon Full President/CEO TwinWest Chamber of Commerce
  2. 2. Is This You?
  3. 3. A Disruptors Approach: Why do we exist? What is our purpose? How is our work changing? What do others believe about us? Are we still relevant? What is our business model? What is the future for the chamber? How are we engaging our stakeholders? Is it really all about membership? What do our members/stakeholders want? Can we deliver?
  4. 4. Current Realities • Different Landscape – Mindset – Questioning the “Why” • Membership Organizations are Being Challenged • Increased Competition for Investment – Financial and People • Funding Models Challenged MoreThan Ever • Influences Out of our Control Impacting our Success YET….SOME CHAMBERS ARETHRIVING WHY AND HOW?
  5. 5. A Closer Look • “MoreThan….” - Business Model • Money, Money, Money – Funding Strategy • The “Meat” of it All - Programming PEOPLE PROGRAMMINGPURPOSE
  6. 6. More Than, What??? • MoreThan…A Membership Organization • MoreThan…Just Networking and Ribbon Cuttings • MoreThan…Just Events • MoreThan…”Butts in Seats” • More than…Warm Fuzzies Jim Collins – Hedgehog Framework
  7. 7. Membership • Membership – Has it lost its’ luster? • Membership – Defines Us or Funding Strategy • Membership – Who does it serve – the chamber or the business? • Organizational Mindshift – Greater Good, Initiative- based, Broad base of beneficiaries and partners Lancaster, PA
  8. 8. Networking Networking Provider  Short-Term  Event-Driven  Direct Business Benefit  Business Only  Limited Impact Purposeful Networking – Feeding America Example Network Builder  Long-Term  Relational  Multiple Stakeholders  Greater Impact  Purposeful
  9. 9. Events • Continual Improvement – Assessment • Putting Stakeholders First – Chamber Second • Be the Thought Leader Your Members Want Symposiums and Summits – Information is King • Virtual Events – Use of Technology to Enhance not Replace Redefining Engagement • Identify Valuable Volunteer Opportunities • Be Ok with Non-Engagement – Define Engagement • Connect it to Great Good – Purpose – More than the Chamber • Better Utilize Technology to Allow More Stakeholders to Engage
  10. 10. • Specific Program Funding • Different Budgets from Dues • Pain Point Issues • Solution-Based StrategyApproach • Greater Good • Connection to Community. Membership • Traditional vs.Tiered • Customized Packages • All Inclusive Initiative Real Estate/Other • Co-working, Incubators,Accelerators • Commercial Properties • Industrial Parks Partnerships • Contracts for Service • School Districts • Municipalities • Economic Development Orgs • Non-Profits Sponsorship • Total Resource Campaigns • Targeted Ask Once aYear • Engages Volunteers • $25,000 to $2 million Show Me the $$$ Bedford, Chapel Hill, Columbia, Dallas, Fort Bend Huntsville, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Fox Cities Huntsville, Henderson County, Tallahassee, Fort Collins Waco,West Alabama, Green Bay Conway and Scranton Southwest Indiana, Fox Cities, Green Bay
  11. 11. Small Business Excellence Foundational Pillars Solution-Based/Purpose-Driven Programming Talent/Workforce Economic & Community Development Public Policy
  12. 12. Looking past WIIFM –Tell the Greater Story and Make the Ask Innovative Programming – Volunteer Driven, Data-Based Identify our Differentiator, Their Needs, Together Finding Solutions Customization is Critical, Not Everything to Everyone Relationships Win out Everyday, Use Technology as a Support Small Business Excellence Metropolitan Milwaukee,Chapel Hill, Raleigh,Ashville
  13. 13. ATTRACT, RETAIN, DEVELOP & ENGAGE Talent - Workforce Attraction • Needs Assessment • TalentTargets (Pain points) • Connected Programming • Community Specialist TalentUpload Women’s Leadership • Increases Engagement • Collaboration/Partnerships Retention • Identify Needs • Internal vs. External Culture • Resource for HR Professionals • Social/Personal Network Builders Concierge Plus Leadership Forum Your Future Educator Immersion Student Leadership K-12 • Public-Private Partnerships • Career-Based Learning • Willing Parties • Business Liaisons Mosaic -Tulsa YPWeek Toledo,OH Omaha, NE Diversity and Inclusion • CEO Led • Welcoming and Inclusive • Business and Community • Major Funding Millennial Engagement • No KidsTable – Lead and Engage • Impact and Influence, Difference • Push the Envelope
  14. 14. Economic/Community Development Significant Opportunity for Chambers in Midwest Public-Private Partnership – Resource for the MunicipalitiesIncreases Business and Community Competitiveness GO Topeka Tulsa Springfield, MO Little Rock, AR Northern Kentucky • Business Retention and Expansion • Community Enhancement • Placemaking • Talent/Workforce Services • Business Attraction/Site Selection • Asset Identification
  15. 15. Public Policy Local, Regional, State, National – Area of Focus Advocate, Educate, Endorse, Cultivation Information Source - Thought Leader Philosophy – Partisan vs. Policy • Longing for the Sane Middle • Polarization • Fragmentation • Need vs.Want
  16. 16. Questions… Shannon Full President/CEO TwinWest Chamber of Commerce 763-450-2222