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Custom Modular Extrusion


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Published in: Engineering
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Custom Modular Extrusion

  2. 2.  Two (2) 58mm lines – Mexico - 2000  One (1) 70mm line – Argentina – 2001  One (1) 50mm line – Brazil – 2001  One (1) 70mm line – Brazil – 2004  One (1) 70mm line – Indiana (USA) – 2006  One (1) 58mm line – Brazil – 2006  One (1) 40mm – Brazil – 2008  One (1) 50mm – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - 2010  One (1) 58mm – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - 2011  One (1) 50mm – Brazil – 2013  Three (3) 58mm –Western China – 2013  One (1) 50mm – Western China – 2013  One (1) 50mm – Brazil – 2014  One (1) 70mm – Brazil – 2014 The EVOLUTION of Apex Modular Extrusion™ Systems 1st Generation Modularized Sections and Modular CCC Building 2nd Generation with Completely Modularized System
  3. 3.  Robust equipment and design  Client flexibility for equipment make/model  Standardization  Cost advantage to traditional stick built  Mobile capacity  Schedule improvement vs traditional line  Incorporate Lean Practices  Better equipment access for operations and maintenance  Easy to clean for small lot production  Modules to fit in a single level warehouse (8M clear)  Modules to fit in shipping containers  All equipment to be pre-piped / pre-wired  Latest technology for data collection and controls  VPN connection for Client and for Apex 2nd Generation Design Basis - Modular Extrusion™
  4. 4.  Shorter schedules: Standardized lines can be built in parallel with building construction.  Standardization: Engineering reduced, cost reduced, schedule reduced for additional lines.  Cost advantage: Shop construction is 20-30% lower. Less risk of scope changes.  Minimal plant site interruption: Reassembly is typically 3 wks.Welding is not required.  Client resources minimized: Single source responsibility and standardization reduce resources.  Cash flow end loaded: Production begins prior to final payment. Advantages of Modular Extrusion
  5. 5. Twin Screw Extruders  40mm – 50mm – 58mm - 70mm  Up to 1000 hp extruder motors  Lab Line machines Number of Feeders  Eleven (11) solids feeders  Three (3) liquid feeders  Pigment cleaning stream Material Handling  25kg bags  Gaylord box or Octabin  Bulk bag  Silo or bulk transfer Packaging  25kg bags  Gaylord box or Octabin  Bulk bag  bulk rail or truck Module Equipment Sizes
  6. 6. Pictures – Protected Tray/Conduit/Pipe
  7. 7. Pictures – Electrical and Plugs
  8. 8. Pictures – Extruder Plugs
  9. 9. On-Site Engineering  Building  Mixers  Silos / DayTanks / Bulk Bag Unloaders / BoxTilters  Transfer Pipe to Modules  Fume Duct to Hoods  DustCollection System  DustCollection Duct to Modules  CoolingTower to Modules  Air Compressor to Modules  Nitrogen to Modules  Utility Power to Modules and Main Drive  Utility Power to Auxiliaries (Mixers / Packaging / etc.)  Lighting  Fire Suppression  Floor LoadingAdequate for Modules  HEAF (if necessary) for FumeCollection  Packaging  CableTray from CCC to Modules  Labor and Equipment to erect / assembly Modules  VPN Communication to CCC  Floor Drains  Screener / Pelletizer /Waterbath / Strand Dryer
  10. 10. Modular Plant is the integration of all utility equipment necessary for the operation of Modular Extrusion Lines Utility Control Center Mixers Cooling Water Silos Dust Collection EDM Centralized Skids
  11. 11. Design Basis for Modular Plant  Standardized in three systems to handle from 1-5 extruders. Each system can support production rates of 3.5 ton/7 ton/15 ton per hour).  Integrated Controls by specifying a controls platform that is identical to the “Modular Extrusion System” controls platform. Equipment would simply have a power connection and Ethernet connection for integrated control.  EDM “ Extruder Data Management” - The modular plant is provided with historian and recipe management servers. All data from each extruder line is collected and summarized in productions reports. Packaging and labeling options can also be added.  UCC (Utility Control Center) will house all control equipment, data collection / recipe servers and power distribution equipment.  Engineering to be reused to offer quicker schedules and lower costs.  Equipment to have the flexibility to be placed inside or outside.  Less client management required. Client needs to lease or erect a building and provide the power/water sources.
  12. 12. Project Language:  HMI - Dual Language - English / Native - Language is selected from the main HMI screen.  PLC - PLC code will be Dual Language English / Native if supported by automation platform.  Drawings will be in English / Metric units - all language will be English.  Equipment manuals will be provided in native language if available. Warranty:  All equipment will have a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months after shipment .  All programming will be tested and signed off at the time of startup. If a programming issue should service in the first 12 months after startup, ACS will fix over theVPN connection.  Apex will provide a list of all parts manufacturers and their local contacts. Service:  Apex will provide a list of all parts manufacturers and their local contacts for any mechanical issues.  AVPN connection will be utilized for 24/7 support of any automation issue.  A local automation company will be identified to support the process if needed.  Apex Engineering will supply a list of critical spare parts. Support
  13. 13. Control System Design-Build Capability Specialized Programming Panel Fabrication & Testing Apex Controls Specialists, LLC
  14. 14. Functioning extension of clients’ Engineering and Control services Diverse Control Panel & Control Room Design Build experience HMI & PLC design and programming Start-up and commissioning services Extensive support capabilities Training for client-specific systems and hardware
  15. 15. Automation Philosophy  PLC is master controller.  Entire system utilizes Ethernet communications.  Feeders are connected for Ethernet communication, set points, actual values and diagnostics. Start/Stop of feeders is by I/O.  Feeder controllers are integrated into the compounding system’s main PLC over Ethernet.  AllAC drives are controlled over Ethernet communications with a hardwired E-stop.  Programming software is RSLOGIX 5000 for Allen-Bradley.  A stand alone temperature controller is used for precise temperature control of extruder barrels. A Eurotherm MINI 8 is used.  All remote I/O on Ethernet connections.
  16. 16. Self Contained Building – MCC – Main Drive – Heater Panel Fire Protection – Pressurized – Heating / Air- Conditioning Easily moved to new location fits in standard Sea Crate CCC (Compounding Control Center)
  17. 17. 18 18 Lower Operational Costs Lower Total Cost of Ownership Easy to Maintain Standard Open Networks Informed decisions with Real Time Information Scalable Flexible Systems Ethernet/IP
  18. 18.  High Speed Ethernet controls network  Tightly integrated drive systems, simple Ethernet connection with Estop  Real Time data for process analysis to support a quality product  Reduced wiring with Intelligent MCC and remote Ethernet I/O  Control architecture is truly integrated - Intelligent MCC – Ethernet drive systems Ethernet remote I/O. Feeders have Ethernet interface.  Feeders are connected to the PLC over Ethernet for easy interlock and setup. Advantages of Integrated Controls
  19. 19.  Easy operation through one common HMI system  Process diagnostics, identify issues quickly for less downtime  On-line historical trending  On-line SPC software  Extruder setup data for each run “Lot – Grade – Color”  Dual Language  Integrated Safety features Advantages of ACS Software
  20. 20.  Process data historian  Recipe management systems  Material verification systems  Packaging systems – material weight and labeling  Lot tracking – Materials used –Yield calculation - Waste tracking. IDM (Industrial Data Management)
  21. 21.  Wireless HMI /Troubleshooting interfaces using Tablets  Modular software blocks for adding equipment  New Modular Plant interfaces  Updated Historian and Recipe management  Complete Ethernet based systems for I/O, MCC and Drives 3rd Generation Controls
  22. 22. To request a modular extruder system formal quotation, please contact: Steve Spahn PH: 812-838-0148 ext. 2102 E: To request a modular control system or a control system upgrade, please contact: Jeff West PH: 812-838-0148 ext. 2113 E: To request a site visit by the Apex Modular Extrusion team, please contact: Mike Walker PH: 270-395-4121 ext. 1105 E: