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HR Planning for Success - for SMB Tech Companies

The technology sector is growing rapidly. Innovation in new software products to support all facets of life such is becoming the norm - artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, cloud, and the list goes on. Canada is a global leader and many start-ups are scaling up rapidly to sizes where founding teams and leaders need to pay close attention to their employees. These companies can no longer manage teams like they did when they were small. They need to build a strong and effective HR strategy to attract, engage and retain the best talent possible. If you think you can just read articles on Medium and wing it? Think again. You'll fail, and your competitors will leap far ahead of you. The employee experience matters more than anything else in business today. Your employees hold the key to your success. They always have and they always will, more so now in today's highly competitive labour market. This guide was created from 20 years of HR leadership experience working with dozens of leading Canadian companies. Take note that what your company does needs to be unique to your company. If you think you can take this deck and slam dunk it successfully into your organization, you're dreaming. But, I hope this will help.

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HR Planning for Success - for SMB Tech Companies

  1. 1. HR Planning for Success SMB Tech Companies Jeff Waldman
  2. 2. My i s y on H ... Bla l l … b a b a b ...
  3. 3. TALENT ATTRACTION TALENT ENGAGEMENT TALENT RETENTION EMPLOYEE Organizational Values Organizational Values OrganizationalValues OrganizationalValues Employee Experience
  4. 4. HR views employees like Marketing views customers The Experience Matters
  5. 5. Everything I do follows these principles... HR is Business - Engagement is King Employee Feedback & Participation Matters Constantly Iterating w/ Employees Values Drive Behaviour & Decisions Employee Experience
  6. 6. Zero - Six Months Getting Up to Speed Recruiting HR Tech Stack Compensation New Employee Onboarding Employer Brand
  7. 7. Getting Up to Speed ● Gain clarity on all facets of the business. ● Begin to establish working relationships and credibility. ● Start to learn and understand the unique company culture. Objectives ● 1-on-1 meetings with each business unit lead. ● Meet with the Board (if one exists) and/or advisors. ● Participate in team meetings, stand-ups, events, etc… ● Review important documents - financials, strategy, etc… ● Help resolve “long hanging fruit” HR-related items. Activities Listen & Ask Questions Immerse Myself Into the Business Identify Brand Channels Strategize & Launch
  8. 8. Recruiting ● Understand what we are doing currently - processes. ● Understand challenges. ● Get acquainted with software. Objectives ● Map current organizational design and needs. ● Understand what tools we are currently using. ● Build and map future organizational design and related hiring plan (i.e. workforce plan). ● Build recruiting strategy - focus on talent pipelining, enhancing processes and leveraging tools. Activities Demand & Supply Forecasting - Talent Pipelining Candidate Experience - Align to Values Leveraging Employee & Network Referrals Technology & Online
  9. 9. New Employee Onboarding ● Understand what we are doing currently - processes. ● Understand if we’re maximizing new hire experience. Objectives ● Map current onboarding process - leveraging existing processes and software? ● Feedback from employees on current experience - the great and areas of opportunity. ● If required, enhance current process. Activities Workplace Culture Company Vision Positive Experience
  10. 10. Compensation ● Market competitive. ● Internally equitable. ● Incenting desired behaviours. Objectives ● Map current compensation practices. ● Evaluate current compensation against 3 objectives - leverage my own process. Activities Identify Job Levels - Slot Jobs Market Research Create Pay Bands Assess Make Changes as Required
  11. 11. HR Tech Stack ● Are we optimizing? Efficiency and cost. ● Are processes clear? Can we scale as we grow? ● Where are the gaps? Payroll Recruiting HRIS Agile Performance Collaboration
  12. 12. Employer Brand ● Understand brand perception internally and externally. ● Enhance our ability to influence the brand to our audiences. Objectives ● Understand brand perception of our 2 core audiences - current employees and employee prospects. ● Identify employee value proposition - align to values. ● Strategize - career site, online properties. ● Employee participation - strategize, launch, ongoing. Activities Identify Goals Identify Employee Value Proposition Identify Brand Channels Strategize & Launch
  13. 13. Six - Twelve Months Agile Performance Personal Development & Growth
  14. 14. Agile Performance ● Understand what we are doing currently - tools and processes. ● Enhance if required. ● Note: critical to align employee and company goals. Objectives ● Map out current performance management process. ● Feedback from employees on current experience - what’s working and not working? ● Evaluate skills of people managers. ● Make changes - get employee feedback - iterate. Activities Goal Setting - More Frequent Managers Coaching Employees - Leadership Continuous Feedback & Support Faster Moving - Collaborative & Publicize
  15. 15. Personal Development & Growth ● Understand what we are doing currently - tools and processes. ● Enhance if required. ● Note: core influencing factor to boost employee engagement. Objectives ● Map out current practices - get employee feed on current experience - what’s working and not working? ● Assess if we’re effectively integrating personal development into performance management. ● Make changes - get employee feedback - iterate. Activities Career Pathing - “I see a future for me longer term” On-the-Job Experiential Learning Stretch Projects Fully Integrated Into Performance Management
  16. 16. Deliver. Win. Repeat.