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My Culture and Civilization coffee book

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  1. 1. Food Culture? ......1INDOOR RESTAURANTSBandar Sunway ......3Subway 3Barbecue plaza 6SUMMIT .......7Yoghurt bar 7Bamboo garden 9Johnny’s steamboat 11Empire . . . . . . . 13Shih Lin 13Sao Nam Vietnamese Cuisine 15
  2. 2.  The cultivation, preparation, and appreciation of delicious food. For an example, Malaysia is one of the most famous place to visit for various types of cultural food and restaurants.
  3. 3. Bandar Sunway................Subwaysfounded by Fred DeLuca August 28, 1965, Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S. Subways , Bandar SunwayThis restaurant has influence from western cultures includingthe interior design of the shop.It is actually known as a sandwich shop.
  4. 4. Design of wall and decorationsinfluenced by American culture.People usually be there for lunch breaksor a tea time.
  5. 5. The manhattan Influenced by the culture of sailors & fishmongers at Fulton Street, Manhattan. Serves American style seafood.
  6. 6. BARBQ PLAZAa self cookingMongolian &Japanese stylebarbeque restaurant.Ingredients andconsuming methodfollows The chineseculture which connectsthe Mongolians andJapanese.
  7. 7. Inspired by European yogurt delicatessens,and the growing trend of eating smart andhealthy!
  8. 8. A place designed greatly as a chillout spot for people at any age.
  9. 9. A traditional Chinese cuisine restaurant.Usually customers are families heading fordinner / gathering with traditional chinese cuisine.
  10. 10. Uses traditional chinese furnitures made from oak wood.Also follows the indoor restaurant rule.
  11. 11. ATraditionalThaisteamboatrestaurant.Serving methodand alsoself-cookingmethodFollows theThaiculturalSteamboats.
  12. 12. Normallyfamilies orusuallygroups offriendsgather herefor dinner andcelebrationslike reunionsor parties.
  13. 13. Taiwanese culturaldesert and breakfast shop.Furnitures used are the same asthe taiwainese stalls.
  14. 14. Preparing the dessert usingthe traditional way fromgenerations ago.These are the machines used toextract soy beans.
  15. 15. Original Vietnamesetraditional cuisine.Table decorations and servingmethods are according toVietnamese Cultures.