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Your Digital Marketing Diet


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Using Content, Search and Social to form a healthy, successful, and balanced digital marketing diet.

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Your Digital Marketing Diet

  1. 1. • Average personconsumed 10pieces of contentbefore making apurchase (Google)• Entertain, Educate• Don’t just talkabout yourself• Plan: ContentCalendar
  2. 2. Types of Content•Blog Posts• Articles•eBooks•White Papers•Podcasts•Video•Graphics•Email Newsletters•Web Apps•Mobile AppsSnack or Feast?
  3. 3. Blog Post with graphic(content)Shared on•Facebook•Twitter•Google Plus•Pinterest•Instagram•Flickr•Reddit•Delicious•StumbleUpon•SlideShare
  4. 4. • Number 2 Online Activity behind email• A healthy website has 50% (or more)of visits from search.
  5. 5. 1. Keyword/phrase research2. On-page Optimization3. Off-page Optimization-Link Attraction vs. Link Building
  6. 6. • 65% of Internetusers login toSocial NetworksDaily• Works on trust andword of mouth• If Social Media is aFire, Content isGasoline
  7. 7. Social Graph
  8. 8. Social Graph
  9. 9. Social Graph
  10. 10. Social Graph
  11. 11. SocialGraphFacebookPost
  12. 12. Chocolate: