...we’re serious about improving your game!14   GOLF INFUZION MAGAZINE MAY 2011
Is your “healthy” breakfast costing you valuable shots on the course?Find out how you could be on the “bogey train” even b...
THE HEALTHY                                                                                  EATINGBIRDIE BREAKFASTIs your...
GAME PLAN                                                                                    BY CATE MUNROEON THE COURSEJu...
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Birdie Breakfast


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Is your "healthy breakfast" ruining your round? http://www.golfinfuzion.com/Breakfast-Birdie.news

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Birdie Breakfast

  1. 1. ...we’re serious about improving your game!14 GOLF INFUZION MAGAZINE MAY 2011
  2. 2. Is your “healthy” breakfast costing you valuable shots on the course?Find out how you could be on the “bogey train” even before you getto the course... Story on page 18 >> MAY 2011 GOLF INFUZION MAGAZINE 15
  3. 3. THE HEALTHY EATINGBIRDIE BREAKFASTIs your “healthy” breakfast ruining your metabolic rate by 30%. Fats will also keep BOGIEround? you satisfied and provide long-lasting, consistent energy, perfect for high levels Cereal + Low-fat Milk + BananaTypical “Healthy” Breakfast of mental concentration and physical Oatmeal + Raisins + Brown Sugar endurance. For maximum nutrients, Granola + Low-fat Yogurt + Mixed DriedOrange juice (8 oz) = Sugar 21 g, Carbs include vegetables at breakfast, but do Fruit26 g limit potatoes if you are seeking weight Bagel + Low-fat Cream CheeseRaisin Bran Crunch (3 cups) = Sugar 60 loss. Fruit is great for dessert, but also Egg Whites + English Muffin/Toast/g, Carbs 135 g limit if weight loss is your goal. Croissant + Margarine + JamMilk (1 cup) low fat 1% = Sugar 13 g, Cereal Bar/Muffin/Pop TartCarbs 12 g French Toast, Pancakes or Waffles + LightBanana (1 large) = Sugar 21 g, Carbs 29 g BREAKFAST SCORECARD SyrupSugar 115g, Carbs 202 gThe sugar content is equivalent to 3 Formula for Breakfast Success = Protein +cans of coke! Fat + Vegetables CLUBHOUSE ORDER I’ll have an... Eggs Benedict: 2 poachedHigh performance golf requires a diet BIRDIE eggs, grilled turkey, tomato & avocadothat provides sustainable energy and Hold the... English muffinmaximum focus for long periods of time. Wild Salmon + Cream Cheese + Spinach Add... 2 poached eggs & tomatoesThe problem is, what you likely consider + Tomatoes + Capersto be a healthy start to your day, could Poached Eggs + Hollandaise Sauce + I’ll have an... Omelet: 3-4 eggs, portobellovery likely be killing your game. Many Artichoke Hearts + Mushrooms mushroom, tomato, & goat cheeseso-called “healthy” breakfasts consist of Omelet + Goat Cheese + Asparagus + Hold the... Toast & jamrefined, “enriched” carbohydrates and Red Pepper Add... Smoked salmon & steamedlow-fat, “fortified” dairy products. These Hard-boiled Eggs + Avocado + Tomato + spinachare foods like cereal, granola, toast, Cucumberbagels, low-fat milk, yogurt, cottage Chocolate Whey Protein Smoothie + I’ll have a... Steak Skillet: sirloin steak,cheese, fruit, etc. Poor breakfasts provide Coconut Milk + Avocado mushrooms, onions, green onions & jackyou with high amounts of carbohydrates cheeseand sugar, without essential nutrients Hold the... Toast & jamto get you through your round with PAR Add... Spinach & side of fresh berriesconsistency and endurance. The first stepyou can take to eating like a pro is to set Cheesy Scrambled Eggs + Corn Tortilla + A lot of people underestimate just howup for breakfast success. Chives + Tomato Salsa much food affects their mood, energy Scrambled Eggs + Sausage + Green and performance in every area of theirStart improving your physical Peppers + Red Potato lives. Today more than ever top athletesperformance, decision making skills and Plain Yogurt + Walnuts + Strawberries + understand that proper nutrition is amental focus by eating a breakfast higher Chocolate Stevia key component to getting a competitivein protein and healthy fat. Protein is Sprouted Toast + Almond Butter + Apple advantage. Click here to take my CNKgoing to help you build the lean muscle Slices Self-Assessment for golfers and startmass needed for longer drives off the Oatmeal + Coconut Milk + Blueberries + considering how a change in diet cantee. Protein provides the most post- Vanilla Stevia help you find the winner’s circle moremeal satiation and increases the body’s often!16 GOLF INFUZION MAGAZINE MAY 2011
  4. 4. GAME PLAN BY CATE MUNROEON THE COURSEJust because you were able to leave the increased energy and maximum focus. Sustainable energy is NOT about eatinghouse with a healthy meal under your It’s really a lot easier than you think. low-fat, but rather finding low-sugarbelt, doesn’t mean your perfect eating Start by replacing refined carbs such alternatives. If you like something thatday is done! A day’s worth of activity on as pretzels with simple whole foods has a bit of a sweetness, try incorporatingthe links requires that you keep your like walnuts. Stop focusing on calories fresh fruit into your snacking arsenal.body fueled and your mind sharp for the and start focusing on nutrients. Make it Also, don’t be fooled with dried fruitlong haul. your goal to consistently choose whole concoctions as they tend to be higher in foods over processed products every sugar and are easy to over-consume.Golfers often think of snacks as chance you get. Always read labels andsomething they throw in their bag or avoid foods containing words you can’t Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.grab at the turn. Unfortunately, the pronounce or sound like they come out Grab your lunch box and plan aheadmajority of these snack choices are of a chemistry book. by selecting from this list of deliciousprocessed foods high in refined carbs options below. You’ll be sure to takeand sugar. In addition, they’re usually low Enjoy snacks with natural fats, like your next round to the clubhouse with ain quality protein and natural fats. If your avocado, nuts, nut butters, seeds, etc. Fat “health score” that’s under par!snacks meet that criteria, you’re setting lowers the glycemic load of any type ofyourself up for a super sugar crash carbohydrate, meaning the sugar from Cate Munroe is the Senior Nutritionleading to wayward drives and shaky that food enters the blood at a much Writer for Golf Infuzion Magazine. Forputting down the stretch. slower rate. The lower the glycemic load more Nutrition articles click here >> of the food, the better. Fat also providesWhat’s the solution? Make a commitment high satiation, keeping you full long after Also, Cate is one of the world’s bestto consuming more nutritionally you eat so you can focus on the shot at Nutrition Coaches. She is located inbalanced, whole foods. Plan ahead hand instead of your grumbling tummy. Scottsdale Arizona. To visit Cate’s websiteand enjoy delicious treats that provide click here >> A SNACKING SUCCESS Almond Butter with Apple, Cucumber or Celery Beef Jerky + Walnuts + Pear Cheese + Apple + Ham Chicken + Olives + Hummus + Carrots Hardboiled Eggs + Guacamole + Tomato Organic Peanut Butter + Celery Red Pepper + Carrots Sticks + Olive Oil + Balsamic Yogurt + Blueberries + Almonds Snack Shack Beef jerky, bag of walnuts and a pear Sausage, a couple slices of cheese & an apple Tuna on 1 slice of sourdough with tomato & avocado MAY 2011 GOLF INFUZION MAGAZINE 17