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Working Connections 2012 Screencasting Intro


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This is an introductory lecture on screencasting using Camtasia & Captivate for the 2012 Illinois Working Connections Institute

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Working Connections 2012 Screencasting Intro

  1. 1. May 21, 2012Working Connections Illinois Jeff Newell Director, Distance Education Illinois Community College Board (217) 558-2066
  2. 2. • Name• College or organization• Discipline/courses or work you do• Are you PC or Mac?• What LMS do you use?• What are you hoping to get out of the class, or do with screencasting following this class?
  3. 3. 1. Participants will have an understanding of screencasting (Camtasia, Captivate, etc.) – What screencasting is – Instructional uses – Available options for creating and distributing2. Participants will be able to create and distribute screencasts using multiple options. – Creation – Hosting & distribution
  4. 4. Day 1: Introduction, Camtasia production, ExtrasDay 2: Camtasia additional features, web hosting, ExtrasDay 3: Captivate production, ExtrasDay 4: Captivate cont’d, Reviewer, ExtrasDay 5: Unfinished Items, Project time, Extras
  5. 5. • A screencast is a digital movie centered around action on a computer screen.• Screenshot + Broadcast = Screencast• Can include: narration, music, other sounds, graphics, photos, highlights, callouts, and interactive elements.• Used largely for demonstrations, tutorials and presentations• Capabilities of software today extend to real video editing capabilities
  6. 6. Camtasia (TechSmith) (Adobe)
  7. 7. Product Public EducationSnagIt $49.95 $29.95Camtasia Studio $299 $179Captivate $799 $299
  8. 8. • SnapzProX (Mac)• Telestream (Mac) flow/overview.htm• Screencorder – der/default.htm• Impatica (PowerPoint) –
  9. 9. • Jing (Mac & PC)• uTIPu• Screenr• ScreenCastle• Screencast-O-Matic• Record MP3• CamStudio• Wink
  10. 10. • Animoto – music videos• Slideshare –online presentations & podcasts• Clevr - VR program using Adobe Air• Skype – recording phone and webcams over the Internet• – screensharing for meetings/collaboration
  11. 11. Video editing for vodcasts & sound for podcasts• GarageBand• Movie Maker / Windows Live Movie Maker – Screen captures & simple editing• PhotoStory 3• iMovie – Screen captures editing and more• Podcasts: Audacity is free audio recording tool –• Vodcasts: QuickTime Pro is $29.95 webcam recording tool –
  12. 12. • Tutorials – Tutorials, software demonstrations, website tutorials discussions – Processes• Presentations – PowerPoint – Lectures – Creative ideas• Concepts – Finding clever ways to explain difficult concepts like the In Plain English videos
  13. 13. • Knowledge Capture – Documenting procedures• Assessment – Students can do this (free tools)—we can assess learned processes and knowledge• Feedback – Short videos with Jing
  14. 14. • Chunk content in segments under 10 minutes• Keep content focused on specific subject to increase re- usability• Picture-in-picture• Include other media• Step-by-step instruction• Supplemental knowledge• Background knowledge• Interactivity / engagement• Quiz on actions & steps
  15. 15. Camtasia & Captivate available for PC and MacModest/Typical requirementsHeadset or microphone & speakers
  16. 16. • Screencasts: Web-based availability of videos• CD-based videos• Podcast/Vodcast: auto-delivery of exported instruction in audio or video formats• Learning Management Systems• For face-to-face or online classes
  17. 17. Captivate allows you to create application simulationsand PowerPoint presentations with interactivecapabilities such as branching scenarios, and quizzes.Camtasia records video and audio from computerscreens and cameras, and imports media (video andaudio) to edit and create video and audio files.They both use features to highlight the action, addinteractivity, and include accessibility.
  18. 18. Student use of Camtasia for projects on Screencasting’s own tutorials
  19. 19. • NTSC aspect ratio is 4:3 (what we’ve switched from)• HD/widescreen is 16:9 (what we’ve switched to)• 16:9 now common for YouTube use, MP4 file type at various resolutions• 320 x 240 is about 1/10th of desktop size• Record at larger, scalable size to allow for zooming• Camtasia & Captivate offer common/current record presets
  20. 20. Some examples of common aspect ratios.Preserve aspect ratio for best output clarity on pansand zooms 4:3 16:9 640 x 480 640 x 360 960 x 720 960 x 540 1024 x 768 1024 x 576 1280 x 960 1280 x 720 1600 x 900 1920 x 1080
  21. 21. Mac Users can download free Flip4Mac WMVPlayer to add Windows Media components toQuickTime.
  22. 22. Jeff Newell Director, Distance EducationIllinois Community College Board (217) 558-2066