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Cando Eg Tasks Assessments 2008


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Cando Eg Tasks Assessments 2008

  1. 1. EG TAFE specific tasks - 2008 CAN DO Assessment for the Can Do units Print this out as a checklist for your assessment activities. As you progress through this unit, you'll be asked to do some simple activities marked with the icon at right. These will form part of your assessment for this unit and ACTIVITY the other CAN DO units if you are required to do them. Many of the activities will include a printed assessment item which you should put in a folder and submit to your CAN DO assessor at the end of the program. 2.9 Ready reference activity Assemble the following information in a Word document (ask the appropriate people if you need to):  Your username (keep your password secret – never write it anywhere!)  The disk drive/s your workgroup uses for shared folders  The name/s of your workgroup's shared folder/s  Any rules your workgroup has about what goes in which shared folders. Keep this document as you will add to it later and submit it for your assessment folio. 3.2 Default printer activity Once you are at your own Institute computer (if you are not at it right now), open your Printers and Faxes folder and check what printers you have available. Note which printer is selected as your default printer. Add this information to your ready reference list. 3.5 Reducing paper use activity Set your printing preferences for double-sided printing. (Do this when you are at your own Institute computer if you are not at it now.) 1. Open your Printers and Faxes folder 2. Right-click on your default printer and choose Properties 3. Go to the Finishing tab 4. See if 'Print On Both Sides' is available (if not, your printer does not support double-sided printing) 5. Check the Print On Both Sides checkbox 6. Click OK to save the setting. 7. Print a document which has two pages to check that it works and add this to your assessment folio. (If your printer can't print double-sided, add a note to that effect.) Jeff Parkes candoegtasksassessments2008-1229040584991072- Page 1 of 2 1.doc
  2. 2. EG TAFE specific tasks - 2008 CAN DO 5.3 Staffpoint Team page activity Go to Staffpoint now (or when you are at your own Institute computer):  Read the notices there  Locate and explore your Team's page. Print it out for your assessment folio.  Go to Essentials and see if you can find yourself in the telephone list  Visit the How Do I? section and have a look around. 5.5 Staffpoint links activity Add a link to or your favourite search engine to your 'My Links'. Add any other links you think you might find useful to you. When you have finished, click and drag to select your My Links area. From the File menu, choose Print and check the 'Selection' radio button. Print that area and add the printout to your assessment folio. 6.1 Sending emails activity Set up your email signature. (Do this later if you are not logged in or are unable to do it now.) Visit the How Do I? for details and ask for help if you need to. When you have set up your signature, start a new email, print it and add it to your assessment folio. 9.1 Student accounts activity Go to Staffpoint now (or when you are next logged on) and visit the How Do I? page. Look at the entries under Student accounts. Print the page under the link 'What to do if a student has lost or forgotten their student account password' and add it to your assessment folio. 10 Professional Development activity Visit the PD Calendar now (or next time you are logged onto an Institute computer and see what classes are available this month. Print the page and add it to your assessment folio. Jeff Parkes candoegtasksassessments2008-1229040584991072- Page 2 of 2 1.doc