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Inanimate Alice by Tim and Ethan


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A digital story created by Tim, year 5 and Ethan, year 6 after watching other episodes of Inanimate Alice. The work has been uploaded as it was handed in with any errors uncorrected.

Published in: Self Improvement, Spiritual
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Inanimate Alice by Tim and Ethan

  1. 1. Written by Timothy
  2. 2. Hi I'm Alice and I'm 17 and I love swimming.
  3. 3. My mum Ming loves painting.
  4. 4. My dad John works on a fishing boat now and he loves it and I think its better than the teaching job.
  5. 5. I’ve still got my baxi but I’ve upgraded.
  6. 6. This is our house it cost heaps of money we had to save lots.
  7. 7. I've upgraded brad and he has taken up snow boarding
  8. 8. And than we have a day of badness.
  9. 9. Mum had nothing to paint because she had already painted everything.
  10. 10. And dads legs got inged by a shark.
  11. 11. My dad is no longer able to fish because of the shark.