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The top tech buzzwords of 2013


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Buzzwords are the scourge of the technology industry. Those words that we hear everywhere, that everyone tries to use to pitch whatever they’re selling, and that most people aren’t really sure what they mean.

Every year the Global Language Monitor releases its list of the top tech buzzwords of the year, and the 2013 list is now out. Will the synergies scale vertically to the cloud? Let’s find out.

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The top tech buzzwords of 2013

  1. 1. The top tech buzzwords of 2013Buzzwords are the scourge of thetechnology industry. Those words that wehear everywhere, that everyone tries touse to pitch whatever they’re selling, andthat most people aren’t really sure whatthey mean.Every year the Global Language Monitorreleases its list of the top tech buzzwordsof the year, and the 2013 list is now out.Will the synergies scale vertically to thecloud? Let’s find out.By Jeff JedrasImage courtesy of iprostocks at
  2. 2. Debuting on the list in the topposition is dark data.It’s a subset of big data, becauseapparently big data wasn’t a bigenough buzzword – it needed tospawn offspring.It means your old data, the data thatisn’t part of your day to dayoperations, but may still havebusiness value.If you buy this new BI tool, that is…1. Dark DataImage courtesy of Photokanok at
  3. 3. Holding down second spot on thebuzzword leaderboard for 2013 is thecloud. We don’t all know what is, but bygolly, we’ve all got to go to the cloud!Private cloud, public cloud, hybridcloud, everywhere a cloud cloud.The hype around this buzzword shows nosign of slowing down yet, even if itsmeaning is still flexible.2. The CloudImage courtesy of gubgib at
  4. 4. How big is big data? According to MITresearcher Andrew McAfee, it’s so bigit’s about to outgrow the metricsystem.The largest unit of measure wecurrently have is the Yottabyte,equivalent to a quadrillion gigabytes.Now what’s a lot of episodes of Gameof Thrones.If we need a new unit of measure, wevote for the Hellabyte. Or maybe youcould just clean out your hard drive.3. Yottabytes
  5. 5. The Next Big Thing is down one spotfrom last year, so whatever The Next BigThing is, it’s apparently not The Next BigThing.Perhaps there haven’t been enough BigThings recently, so whichever one isNext is probably going to be The one.Either way, in an industry known for itshype, The Next Big Thing is sure toremain plentiful.And always be next.4. The Next Big Thing
  6. 6. Another newcomer to this year’s list isthe Heisenbug, which is apparently acomputer programming slang term for“a software bug that seems to disappearor alter its behavior when one attemptsto study it.”It’s named for physicist WernerHeisenberg, who did something withquantum mechanics you can Google ifyou’re really interested.We’ll let you know if Sheldon brings it upon Big Bang Theory.5. Heisenbug