The six weirdest and wackiest products of CES 2013


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If you're looking to learn about the latest and greatest innovations in the world of technology that have the potential to change our lives forever, the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) in Las Vegas every January is the place to go.

And if you want to see the latest products that seem to have no discernible useful purpose and should probably be scrapped, CES is your must-stop as well.

To save you the trip to Sin City, we've culled the news wires for the weirdest and wackiest products from CES 2013.

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The six weirdest and wackiest products of CES 2013

  1. 1. The six weirdest and wackiest products of CES 2013If youre looking to learn about the latest andgreatest innovations in the world oftechnology that have the potential to changeour lives forever, the Consumer ElectronicsShowcase (CES) in Las Vegas every January isthe place to go.And if you want to see the latest productsthat seem to have no discernible usefulpurpose and should probably be scrapped,CES is your must-stop as well. To save you thetrip to Sin City, weve culled the news wiresfor the weirdest and wackiest products fromCES 2013. By Jeff Jedras
  2. 2. Delta415 Smart PantsSure, when youre sitting in the coffee shoptapping on your iPhone everyone can see howcool you are, but what about when you putyour smartphone in your pocket for the walkto Whole Foods?With the Delta 415 Wearcom jeans fromAlphyn Industries, even when your iPhone isin your pocket people will know just how hipyou are.The $160 jeans have a special pocket on theupper leg with a durable polymer top so youcan see and use your smartphone withouttaking it out of your pocket.
  3. 3. Massage MouseIf youre like most office workers, you spend agood eight hours a day (or more) with yourhand on a computer mouse. The folks atJapans Art Factory figure, why not put thattime to good use and get a hand massagewhile you crunch that spreadsheet?Their wireless touch mouse, which doesntlook too dissimilar to the standard Appledesign, includes a massage function, with 10massage speeds and two massage patterns.One problem I see: sure, my right hand will berelaxed, but what about my left hand?
  4. 4. Necomimi BrainWave Cat EarsEver wondered why, when you go shoppingfor novelty cat ears, you can’t find a pair thatyou can control with your brain waves?NeuroSky thinks you have, and to save youthe embarrassment of asking theyve justgone ahead and developed the NecomimiBrainWave Cat Ears.The company claims the ears read your brainwaves and broadcast your emotions. If yourerelaxed the ears drop down, and if yourefocused they perk up. Surely not having tocommunicate basic emotions to your lovedones is worth $99.95, no?
  5. 5. iPottyCTA Digital makes a wide range of tablet accessoryproducts, including many traditional childrens toysthat you can stick an iPad into – iPad not included.But their product that has taken CES by storm –thankfully, no reports of live demos though – is theiPotty.Its exactly what you think it is: a childrens trainingpotty, with a slot to insert an iPod to keep themoccupied while theyre learning to do their business.First of all, if youve tablet-trained your toddlerbefore theyre toilet-trained, well, interestingpriorities.Second, is there an app for that yet?
  6. 6. HAPIforkI got an electric tooth brush for Christmas – itvibrates when its time for me to beginbrushing a different row of teeth. TheHAPIfork from HAPIlabs seems a logicalprogression – it beeps if Im shovelling foodinto my mouth too quickly.We do eat too quickly, which is bad for us, sohelping us to slow down isnt a bad idea. I getmore sceptical though with you add asmartphone app to track my fork usagestatistics, track patterns, set goals and so on.Dashboarding run amok!
  7. 7. Nano NailsTired of always losing your stylus? (Stick with mea moment and pretend you still use one).Apparently a “Cleveland Clinic-traineddermatologist” has the answer: Nano Nails.They appear to be press-on nails that can doubleas a smartphone stylus. As a promotional videoputs it-- groan-- its a stylus thats “always at yourfingertips.”How theyre different from any other fakenails, were not entirely sure. And the appealwould seem to be limited to just half thepopulation.Now, if they were somehow Bluetooth-enabled...