Five spooky IT infographics


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Here are five spooky, technology-themed Halloween infographics. Are they trick or treat? We’ll let you decide.

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Five spooky IT infographics

  1. 1. Five spooky IT infographicsGhosts, goblins and ghouls aren’t theonly spooky characters you need to bewary of every Halloween.No, perhaps even spookier are thetechnology vendor marketingdepartments looking to use any occasionto spread the word about their products,be they Halloween-related or not.Here are five spooky, technology-themedHalloween infographics. Are they trick ortreat? We’ll let you decide. Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti / By Jeff Jedras
  2. 2. Scary Big DataActian Corp.Actian Corp. has created a clouddevelopment platform for ActionApps, which it says automatebusiness actions triggered by real-time changes in data.It has also created a spookyinfrographic to tell CIOs that bigdata isn’t as scary as they think. Idon’t know, with the ghosts andskeletons it seems like a mixedmessage to me.
  3. 3. BYOD trick or treat Fixmo and Appthority Thanks to Fixmo and Appthority, Halloween and bring your own device (BYOD) have come together in one spooky infographic. While restrictive user policies rest in peace in the graveyeard of dead technology, dataaaa on zombie devices is growing and vampire apps are a growing threat. They had me at Werewolf BYOD (seemingly friendly employee-owned devices that turn deadly without policy) but they lost me with Franken-Mobile Device Management. It was a pun too far.
  4. 4. ‘Appy Halloween Quib.lyFrom parenting and technology website comes wishes for an ‘AppyHalloween.The techie Halloween costumes aren’ttoo spooky, but the weird, spooky andodd technology terms are fun, fromzombies to the Google whack. Nothingwas more spooky to me though thatthe GPS-based tracking apps for yourtrick or treaters.Now here’s a spooky thought: An‘Appy Christmas is just around thecorner…
  5. 5. Costumes for entrepreneurs Entrepreneur Who better to offer suggestions for Halloween costumes for entrepreneurs than Entrepreneur magazine? We’re most interested in the “tech-startup coding guru” costume, who appears to be wearing jeans and a hooded sweater while holding a cell phone. Why not just call it the Zuckerberg? Recommended treats for the coding guru? Red bull, company-branded laptop stickers and NDAs. Thanks, but I’d rather have stock options.
  6. 6. Energy-draining goblinsEnergy.govThis Halloween-themed infographicfrom the U.S. Department of Energy isaimed at consumers, but any good ITmanager is always interested in energy-saving tricks and treats.Among their spooky advice? Ward offvampires with energy-efficient lightbulbs and stop unwanted spirits fromgetting inside by sealing air leaks aroundwindows and ducts. And save yourwater for fighting wicked witches withlow-flow faucets.