Six drastic technology company logo evolutions


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We’ve all looked back at photos from our misbegotten youth, seen the fashions we once thought were cutting edge, and asked ourselves, “What were we thinking?” Well, technology companies are certainly not immune to this phenomenon. These six early technology company logos should its not only hair styles and clothing that has come a long way over the years.

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Six drastic technology company logo evolutions

  1. 1. Six drastic technology company logo evolutionsWe’ve all looked back at photos from ourmisbegotten youth, seen the fashions weonce thought were cutting edge, andasked ourselves, “What were wethinking?”Well, technology companies are certainlynot immune to this phenomenon.These six early technology company logosshow that its not only hair styles andclothing that have come a long way overthe years. Image courtesy of luigi diamanti at By Jeff Jedras
  2. 2. AdobeWhile Adobe is now a leader indigital design, fonts have alwaysbeen at the core of itsbusiness, which makes the fontchoice in their first logo …well, interesting.But as a startup on a shoestringwhen it was founded in 1982, co-founder John Warnock’s wife Marvawas drafted to design the originallogo.
  3. 3. AppleBefore moving to an ever-evolvingseries of more literal apple logos,Apple’s first logo was a bit moreartistic, perhaps representing theinterests of co-founder Steve Jobs.Drawn by fellow Apple co-founderRonald Wayne (who shortlythereafter gave up his share for just$2,300 – ouch), it depicts Sir IsaacNewton, he of the theory of gravity,sitting under an apple tree.
  4. 4. CanonJapanese camera manufacturer Canon wasinitially known as Kwanon, as this logodeveloped for the launch of its first productin 1933 shows.This logo only lasted a year, moving to amore simple word-only logo. It becameCanon in 1935, and would evolve over theyears into the familiar logo we know today.Those that find their zen in photographywill no doubt appreciate the original,though.
  5. 5. MicrosoftDesigned in 1975 when Bill Gates andPaul Allen founded the company todevelop and sell Basic interpreters forthe Altair 8800, Microsoft’s first logowas simple, at least – no falling Applesor religious deities -- although we can’tsay much for their font choice.A few years later the Micro and theSoft would come together.
  6. 6. IBMIBM traces its roots back to the BundyManufacturing Company in 1888, whichin 1889 became The International TimeRecording Company (ITR), and createdthis logo as it brought its line ofmechanical time recorders to market.It would be 1924 before the companybecame International Business Machines,and 1947 before the logo would berecognizable to us today.The current logo does owe much thoughto the simplicity of this original.
  7. 7. NokiaAlong with Canon, and perhaps Apple,Nokia has to share the prize for largestlogo evolution.While they’re all about mobile phonestoday, Nokia was actually founded in1868 as a wood pulp mill – its riversidelocation both powering the mill andexplaining the fishy logo.It would later merge with a cableworks and a rubber works, beforemoving into telecommunications.