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With Samsung Electronics launching its Galaxy S 4 smartphone this week at Radio City Music Hall in New York City (sadly, there was no sign of the famous Rockettes), it’s an opportune time to look back at some memorable technology product launches. Some had star power, some were flashy, and some just needed a guru in a turtleneck. Here’s five of our favourites.

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Memorable technology product launches

  1. 1. Memorable technology product launchesWith Samsung Electronics launching itsGalaxy S 4 smartphone this week at RadioCity Music Hall in New York City (sadly,there was no sign of the famousRockettes), it’s an opportune time to lookback at some memorable technologyproduct launches.Some had star power, some were flashy,and some just needed a guru in aturtleneck.Here’s five of our favourites. By Jeff Jedras
  2. 2. Windows 95Say what you will about versions ofMicrosoft’s globally dominant operatingsystem since, but Windows 95 was amajor leap forward, and the team fromRedmond went all out for the 1995 event.Bill Gates opened up the coffers and paidThe Rolling Stones a reported $3 millionto play the launch, and make “Start meup” the theme song of the Windowsmarketing campaign. Jay Leno probablygot less for his appearance.And in Toronto, a 300 foot Windows 95banner was hung from the CN Tower.
  3. 3. Apple iPad – the original Was it only in January of 2010 that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs transformed the IT industry (again) by launching the first Apple iPad? It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Derided at the time by cynics as an oversized iPhone that doesn’t make phone calls, it helped change the way we work and play and create the bring your own device trend. As usual, Apple kept its launch event simple though – just jobs in the signature turtleneck, jeans and sneakers, talking tech.
  4. 4. Samsung 3D LED TVsWhen Samsung launched its new line of 3DLED televisions in March of 2010, it sparedno expense.Times Square in New York City wassecured, the Black Eyed Peas were hired toheadline, and Avatar director JamesCameron filmed the whole thing in 3D.At this time, there’s no word if he’splanning a new director’s cut with morespecial effects.
  5. 5. Google GlassMore a product demo than a launch per se –Google Glass is still under development –co-founder Sergey Brin went all out at GoogleI/O last year in San Francisco to show off thepotential of the augmented reality glasses.Allowing the user to share what they’reseeing, a team raced to relay a prototype toBrin, with viewers watching a live sky diveonto the roof of the Moscone Centre, a rappeldown the building, and a bicycle race to thestage.This is one demo where failure would havebeen costly.
  6. 6. BlackBerry 10It was the first major test for BlackBerryCEO Thorsten Heins.He took the baton and delivered a namechange (Research in Motion becameBlackBerry), an attractive new handset inthe Z10 with another, the Q10, dueshortly, an impressive new OS inBlackBerry 10 and, for some star powerat the late January 2013 New York Cityevent, introduced Alicia Keys as thecompany’s new creative director.BlackBerry lives to fight another day.