Five gadgets your cube can’t be without


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You spend a third (or more) of your day at work, so why not enjoy it? It may only have three walls, but you should make your cubicle a home, and we’ve got five must-have gadgets that will make your work oasis the envy of your neighbours. Because work is where the gadgets are.

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Five gadgets your cube can’t be without

  1. 1. Five gadgets your cube can’t bewithoutYou spend a third (or more) of your dayat work, so why not enjoy it?It may only have three walls, but youshould make your cubicle a home, andwe’ve got five must-have gadgets thatwill make your work oasis the envy ofyour neighbours.Home may be where the heart is, butwork is where the gadgets are.By Jeff JedrasImage courtesy of imagerymajestic at
  2. 2. Many offices are notoriously cold. Iremember one job where the airconditioning vent blew directly downonto my keyboard, often leaving myfingers numb.If only I’d had these USB heating gloves,from USBGeek for $20.With the cut finger design I can stilltype, while the gloves warm my hands.The gloves aren’t wireless though; a 1.5metre USB cable connects you to yourcomputer. Mac and PC compatible.USB heating gloves
  3. 3. Wondering if there’s WiFi available butdon’t want to fire up your laptop andrisk it? Just look at your shirt.Available from Best Offer Buy for$19.20, the WiFi detector shirt glowsto indicate the availability ofconnectivity – the more bars, the morestrength.It’s powered by four AAA batteries; justdetach the electronics before you washit.WiFi detector shirt
  4. 4. Feel like you don’t have enough peoplestopping by your cubicle to chat? Withthe “Fundue” USB fondue pot ($29.99from Think Geek), you’ll have plenty ofcompany.It has an LED display, a blue LEDglowing heater element, and a fireglowUSB cable to draw power from yourPC. It comes with six fondue forks, butthe bread isn’t included.And remember; computer keyboardsdon’t like scalding hot cheese.USB fondue pot
  5. 5. A desk side fondue too highbrow foryou? Try the George Foreman USBiGrill ($99.99 from Think Geek).Connecting to your PC via USB, thegrill knows how long it takes to cookyour burger, and the unit’s glowincreases until your lunch is cooked toorder.You can even turn the grill onremotely over the Internet, assumingyou’ve pre-placed your meat.George Foreman USB iGrill
  6. 6. From warming gloves to coolingbehinds, there are USBaccessories for all kinds.For $16 from Thanko (in Japan;importers could charge more), theUSB Cool Cushion 2 keeps yourbehind cool during a long stretchof coding.Just place the cushion on yourchair, plug in the USB and have aseat; the 5 volt fan will helpcirculate some cool air, well, backthere.USB Cool Cushion 2