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Waterloo Public Program


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Waterloo Public Program

  1. 1. Napoleon’s Last Gamble: 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and the Legacy of the Napoleonic Wars in Australia Friday 8 May 10.00am—11.00am Join us to celebrate the opening of this exhibition which in 2015 marks the 200th anniversary of the famous Battle of Waterloo. Floor Talks by Historian and Curator Jeff Hopkins-Weise, and Michael Wright from the La Belle Alliance re-enactment group and “Lefty’s Gentlemen's Guns”, on “Guns and Weaponry of the Napoleonic era”. All welcome. Light refreshments provided. Free. Bookings Essential. OFFICIAL OPENING
  2. 2. For the final verdict on Napoleon the soldier, the words of his great rival and the victor of Waterloo, the Duke of Wellington, are a fitting tribute. When asked who the greatest general of the age was, decades after the great battle, Wellington replied: “In this age, in past ages, in any age, Napoleon.” Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass by Jacques-Louis David (1801)
  3. 3. Friday 19 June 5.30 for 6.00pm—9.00pm Come and dance the night away in high Regency fashion. Join fashionistas and cosplay specialists to dress in theme to make this night a truly fascinating spectacle! Featuring live quintet ''The Colonial Consort”, with dance calls by Historian Heather Clarke. Light supper provided. Free. Bookings Essential. 6.30pm—Floor Talk by Historian and Curator Jeff Hopkins- Weise, and Militaria Collector Michael Murrie-Jones 7.00pm—Grand March leading into first dance 7.30pm—Supper Provided 8.00pm—Second dance REGENCY SUPPER AND DANCE Planning on Coming? Prepare by attending “Regency Dance” lessons with dance instructor Heather Clarke. Dances include the White Cockade, La Georgiana and the Copenhagen Waltz. The lessons will be conducted at the Pine Rivers Heritage Museum 1.00pm—2.00pm, Saturday 23 May & 13 June, Cost $5.00. Bookings Essential.
  4. 4. Lady Louisa, one of the Duchess's daughters, recalled of the Duchess of Richmond’s Ball: “I well remember the Gordon Highlanders dancing reels at the ball. My mother thought it would interest foreigners to see them, which it did. I remember hearing that some of the poor men who danced in our house died at Waterloo. There was quite a crowd to look at the Scotch dancers.” The Duchess of Richmond's Ball by Robert Alexander Hillingford (1870s).
  5. 5. Wednesday 10 June 10.00am—11.00am Dance Historian Heather Clarke, “Napoleon and the Duchess of Richmond Ball” This talk will focus on the “Most famous Ball in history”, which was held in Brussels on 15 June 1815, the night before the Battle of Quatre Bras. Heather will describe this “most brilliant affair”, with a focus on the music and dance, and how fashion influenced the dances. Wednesday 8 July 10.00am—11.00am Historian Jeff Hopkins Weise, Ghosts of 1812 – “That fatal passage” at Beresina: The French Invasion of Russia, & Retreat from Moscow Jeff’s talk will review this campaign and highlight the events at Beresina during November 1812. The retreat of the Grand Armée is best remembered by the dramatic events associated with its crossing at the Beresina River, as the desperately retreating remnant of Napoleon’s army sought to escape. HERITAGE TALKS 2015 Morning Tea Provided. Free. Bookings Essential.
  6. 6. Napoleon's crossing of the Beresina an 1866 painting by January Suchodolski oil on canvas, National Museum in Poznań Napoleon’s 1812 campaign though was to end in disaster, despite Napoleon’s troops advancing well into the Russian heartland and even capturing Moscow. When Napoleon finally ordered the retreat from Moscow in October, extreme winter weather conditions set in, along with exhaustion, hunger, disease, and the constant Russian pursuit led to enormous suffering and casualties.
  7. 7. For all enquires, please phone 3285 7213 during Museum hours, or email Visit our webpage at: Book for events with our online booking system—simply go to the event page (using the what’s on link), click on the Book Now Tab, and proceed with instructions. RSVP & ENQUIRIES Book now →