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Nerac Inc., based in Tolland, CT, is a research and advisory firm for companies developing innovative products and technologies. Our analysts deliver custom assessments of product and technology development opportunities, competitive intelligence, intellectual property strategies, and compliance requirements. What we do directly impacts a company’s ability to succeed in a continually shifting landscape.

People that want to have an immediate impact work with Nerac.

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Energy Industry Support

  1. 1. Nerac Research & Advisory Services For the Alternative Energy & Storage Industries© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  2. 2. Agenda  Introduction to Nerac, Inc.  Nerac Service Offerings  The Nerac Difference  Engaging Nerac© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  3. 3. Who Is Nerac? Global research and advisory firm for companies developing innovative products and technologies Areas of Concentration Energy Pharmaceutical Medical Device COMPANY TYPE: PRIVATELY HELD ESOP Specialty Chemical Founded 1966 Other Employees 65 / National & International Analysts 40 Ph.D.s, Masters, MBAs, Attorneys Clients ~1000 Worldwide© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  4. 4. How We Serve Our Clients Intellectual Property R&D Process Unique provider Management of rapid-response research for smaller, mission- critical Technical engagements that require Product & Business Service highly experienced Development Marketing expert advisors.© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  5. 5. What We Do Expert Research & Advisory Services  Research and Product Development Process — Accelerate critical go/no-go decisions — Expedite regulatory filings and vigilance requirements  Business Development Process — Identify portfolio and alliance opportunities  Technical Products & Services Marketing Process — Understand the size and financial potential of market opportunities  Intellectual Property Management Process — Protect and leverage IP assets through portfolio management© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  6. 6. Research & Development Process Accelerate Critical Go/No-Go Decisions PROCESS STAGE OPPORTUNITY CONCEPT & FEASIBILITY PLAN PRODUCT LAUNCH IDENTIFICATION EVALUATION TECHNICAL & • Technical due diligence • Technical literature review • Match resources • Technical problem RESEARCH & viability assessment • Regulatory issues review (internal and external) solving AND • Intellectual property review to needs • Conduct research,DEPARTMENT OR FUNCTION DEVELOPMENT • Identify research partners • Grant development collect and evaluate and review data • Procurement • Monitor new opportunities BUSINESS & • New market identification • Market assessment • Identify cross-market MARKETING • Competitive tracking • Determine company synergies (core competencies applications • Whitespace analysis and technologies) • Monitor future growth • Technology scouting • Tax credits and subsidies opportunities LEGAL • Clearance research • IP valuation • Patent filing support • Monitor post-patent • Patentability research filings for infringement protection • Monitor licensing opportunities © 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  7. 7. Research & Development Process Examples of Recently Completed Projects  Performed state of the art assessment in thermophotovoltaic (TPV) technology for vehicles — Nerac identified the research laboratories that were the furthest along in their development of this nascent technology, and the key improvements needed for commercial implementation. Most importantly, a competing technology was identified which has the potential to displace TPVs in the future.  Identified key suppliers for critical elements of client’s new product — Nerac identified battery chemistries which were most appropriate for the application and reliable vendors who could supply the client with a custom battery to fit its unique needs, saving its engineering staff valuable time on a time-critical project.  Regulatory overview regarding individual state requirements for the reduction of a specific coal-fired power plant pollutant — Nerac provided the client with a complete map of the various state regulations that allowed them to focus sales efforts for an emissions reduction product where utilities were most likely to buy, thus maximizing their sales impact to the bottom line.© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  8. 8. Research and Development Process Client Impact Case Study Issue: The CEO of a large manufacturing company asked Nerac to provide an opinion on the advisability of engaging in a joint venture with a company in the field of concentrated photovoltaics (CPV). One of the key issues for the client was the technical feasibility and market outlook for the underlying CPV technology being given consideration. Analyst Approach: Based on Nerac’s analysis of the technology and market factors, the client chose to avoid an engagement in this technology. The technical application being considered was not sufficiently proven to warrant investment at the time. Furthermore, the market for this application was unformed and highly speculative. Client Benefit: Based in part on Nerac’s advice, the client declined to take part in this joint venture and avoid a potentially costly failure. The technology being advocated has not sufficiently matured in the year that has elapsed since the time of the proposed partnership and no significant market for its use has developed.© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  9. 9. Business Development Process Identify Portfolio And Alliance Opportunities PROCESS STAGE POST- FINAL DEAL PIPELINE & SCREENING DUE DILIGENCE ANALYSES ACQUISITION NEGOTIATION INTEGRATION BUSINESS • Business opportunity vetting • Market and competitive • Monitor DEVELOPMENT and identification assessment - CompetitionDEPARTMENT OR FUNCTION • Assess patent landscape - Changes in market or regulatory environment OPERATIONS • Support informed investment • Analyze technical viability • Support revised decisions with CI • Develop tax, subsidy and business regulatory strategy strategies LEGAL • Provide patent protection • Analyze licensing and • Monitor patent • Support revised IP opinion/advice acquisition opportunities activity portfolio • Provide patent landscaping • Research negotiation positions management services, early-stage strategies clearance research, risk assessment © 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  10. 10. Business Development Process Examples of Recently Completed Projects  Assessment and review of client’s financial position, business strategies and customer relationships based on strengths and weaknesses in the heat recovery market ― Nerac found the client to be in a position in which it has the technical and financial flexibility and capacity to enter this specific market.  Assess market potential of a fullerene material for batteries and fuel-cells ― Nerac identified a specific battery segment as being the most appropriate for this technology but recommended avoiding the medical, electronic and automotive segments.  Identify potential partner for a joint venture to facilitate entry into the renewable energy market ― Nerac identified a potential partner with experience and flexibility in manufacturing methods requiring extensive equipment and capital, thereby serving as a partial barrier to other companies entering the market, and giving the client significant competitive advantage.© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  11. 11. Business Development Process Client Impact Case Study Issue: Nerac was engaged by a senior business development executive from a medium-sized energy manufacturing company to investigate options for entry into the biofuels market through a strategic acquisition. The client needed a full understanding of the market landscape including major competitors and their relative positions, size and forecast for the market, market entry points, and government incentives and regulations. Analyst Approach: Based on Nerac’s analysis of the biofuels market, Nerac Analysts determined that the key to a successful acquisition in this market was the geographic location of the production facility in relation to both the raw material supply and the customer. Nerac advised that the market was attractive and could generate significant top line revenue impact for the client. Client Benefit: Based on Nerac’s recommendations, the client proceeded with a strategic acquisition in the biofuels market which will be accretive in 2010.© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  12. 12. Technical Products Marketing Process Accelerate Critical Go/No-Go Decisions PROCESS STAGE OPPORTUNITY IDENTIFICATION CONCEPT & FEASIBILITY EVALUATION MARKETING • Market and competitive assessment • Locate sources of fundingDEPARTMENT OR • Identify potential partners FUNCTION TECHNICAL & • New market identification • Technical literature review RESEARCH AND • Technical due diligence & • IP review of competitor filings DEVELOPMENT viability assessment • Identify suppliers and enabling technologies LEGAL • Identify regulatory opportunities • Develop environmental compliance strategies • Locate government incentives • Prepare filings for conformity and industry standards bodies © 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  13. 13. Technical Products Marketing Process Examples of Recently Completed Projects  Market assessment for a potentially disruptive fuel for use in fuel cells ― Nerac analysis found that while the novel fuel was promising, the market potential for it was small and continued investment and development should be at a measured pace.  Competitive analysis of several Chinese competitors for a multi- national client in the turbo-machinery market ― Nerac analysts located hard-to-find information about recent activities of the Chinese companies including power plant installations and upgrades, thus allowing the client to better understand its competitive situation.  Market assessment for wind turbine blade construction adhesive — Nerac analysts identified key market attributes and analyzed their importance to assist the client in deciding whether to enter this market.© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  14. 14. Technical Products Marketing Process Client Impact Case Study Issue: A C-level executive at a biofuels developer engaged Nerac to help it secure funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. One of the key elements to obtaining the funding was the comparison of the financial and technical strength of the client’s production process compared to that of competitors’ processes. Analyst Approach: Based on Nerac’s analysis of the competitive landscape of the biofuel production process, Nerac determined the client’s process provided substantial technical and economic advantages over the competition. Client Benefit: Nerac’s assessment was comprehensive, saving the client considerable manpower and expense so that they could more effectively present to the DOE.© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  15. 15. Intellectual Property Process Enable Effective IP Portfolio Management PROCESS STAGE PATENT FILING OPPORTUNITY & IP PORTFOLIO IP RIGHTS AND/ OR LICENSING RISK ASSESSMENT MANAGEMENT ENFORCEMENT NEGOTIATION LEGAL • Patent landscaping services by • Patentability research by technical experts • Identify enforcement technical experts • Prepare Petition to Make Special and support targets based on products • Early-stage clearance research with detailed prior art research and technologies to identify competition and risks • Filing requirements for participation in USPTO • Provide objective support • Leverage regulatory issues Pilot Program for assertion positioning • Electronic patent portfolio creation for case andDEPARTMENT OR FUNCTION asset management • Due diligence support for in-licensing • Provide objective analysis of out-licensing opportunities TECHNICAL & • Professional opinion on availability • Help identify developments with most promise RESEARCH AND of patent protection for new ideas for patent protection DEVELOPMENT • Inform investment decisions with CI BUSINESS • Help identify space for technical • Identify latent opportunities for IP • Inform decisions to DEVELOPMENT development within the patent commercialization assert patents from a landscape • Provide objective research in support of business/revenue • Provide CI support for new negotiation positions standpoint market entry • Help identify new commercialization partners MARKETING • Guide marketing efforts with understanding of commercial scope of IP © 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  16. 16. Intellectual Property ProcessExamples of Recently Completed Projects  Determine if a competitors patent for a heat exchanger could be invalidated. ― Nerac determined that prior art exists which pre-dates this patent and is appropriate for invalidating several key claims.  Determine the patentability of seven photovoltaic cell manufacturing tools. ― Identified that several of the designs were appropriate to invest further time and effort into patenting.  Procure patent protection for converting current combustion engine technology over to a radically different fuel source and then license the rights to manufacturers. — Nothing was identified which would preclude patentability of this technology. Further, nothing was found to preclude the technical feasibility of using this technology in existing engines and pursuing commercial applications.© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  17. 17. Intellectual Property Due Diligence Client Impact Case Study Issue: A Project Manager at a large petroleum company needed to understand the Intellectual Property relating to the use of supercritical fluids (SCFs) in chemical processing. The specific technology they wished to patent was of high importance to the company’s future, and the Project Manager needed confidence that they completely understood this space before investing significant time and money. Analyst Approach: Nerac analysts skilled in chemical research advised the client of the high concentrations of patents as well as several opportunities which existed in the use of SCFs. The Nerac team also identified several competitor’s whose patenting strategies were intentionally obscuring their holdings from ready identification. Not recognizing the tactics and patenting trends could have caused significant problems for our client as they attempted to expand their own IP holdings in the future. Client Benefit: A client was able to develop a patenting strategy which would ensure that their competition would not be able to block further development of this technology. Through the Nerac analysis, they are now prepared to defend any attempts to invalidate their patents, also, giving them a strong position as they develop this highly- critical SCF method.© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  18. 18. The Nerac Experience A Turn-Key Research Operation Seamless Partnership. Rapid Progress. In Just Days Confidential Collaboration High Impact Results Nerac can move from with highly skilled research tailored to client scope, scoping client need to staff as an extension timing and budget project execution of your team© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  19. 19. The Nerac Difference Rapid Response, Highly-Skilled Expert Advisors • Seamless teaming with client staff to form a trusted partnership • Flexible engagements which offer rapid, impactful results • Custom research services tailored to client scope, timing and budget • Unique blend of Nerac Analysts’ keen insights and industry experience • Unwavering integrity and relentless protection of client information • Nerac researchers, analysts and IP advisors bring four decades experience serving thousands of energy companies© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  20. 20. Engaging Nerac Simple & Flexible Agreements EXPERT RESEARCH REQUEST SERVICES RESEARCH & ADVISORY SPECIAL PROJECT SERVICES SERVICESSource and synthesize relevant information Expert analysis of businesses and Scope of work to be defined under afrom many sources technical information to produce specific agreementAdminister and manage alerts actionable insights Designed for large engagementsResearch key resources, including scientific, Data-driven evaluation of technical, executed for a fixed pricetechnical, medical and patent sources business and intellectual property trendsContact industry, commercial, academic,or government facilities Designed for individuals who want expert analysis and opinion inDiscuss research or business challenges addition to sourcing and synthesisand needsDesigned for individuals who prefer toconduct their own synthesis and analysis © 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  21. 21. Next Steps  Define Need  Assign and Introduce Analyst or Team of Analysts  Schedule Scoping Meeting  Distribute Agreement for Review and Sign-off  Project Launch Meeting/Discussion© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  22. 22. Detailed Case Study Examples 1. Jatropha Oil Market Opportunities 2. Turbo Expander for Natural Gas Letdown Stations© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  23. 23. Case Study Example Jatropha Oil Market Opportunities  A client which utilizes a large number of diesel engines wanted to explore the use of Jatropha oil in place of diesel fuel. Their intent was to reduce energy costs and realize a competitive advantage through increased efficiency. Also, this initiative could also provide environmental benefits which could translate into positive public relations.  Nerac was engaged to evaluate the various key drivers of this initiative including: a. Financial risks and opportunities b. Competitive landscape c. Partnership opportunities d. Agricultural implications e. Energy balance f. Governmental funding opportunities© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  24. 24. Case Study Example (continued) Jatropha Oil Market Opportunities  Approach: Nerac’s analysis of the various market aspects of Jatropha including agricultural and bioengineering, intellectual property, recent research advancements as well as an evaluation of key business and financial drivers related to the agricultural and refining requirements of Jatropha resulted in four strategic options for the client, with several implementation steps for each option. Biofuels and Cost  Result: Per Barrel of Biodiesel ― Based on Nerac’s research and analysis, the Client decided to proceed in developing this energy source. ― Nerac provided a forecasted ROI and timeline for development, including specific opportunities and potential hurdles. ― Nerac also provided agricultural recommendations and identified potential partners.© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  25. 25. Case Study ExampleTurbo Expander for Natural Gas Letdown StationsClient engaged Nerac for an independent, third partyassessment of their turbo expander in place of throttle valvesat letdown stations for natural gas distribution systems. Theoverall intent was to understand the future opportunities in amarket which transcends traditional and alternative energy.Nerac was engaged to evaluate the following: a. Identify the international market sizes and trends b. Estimate payback periods c. Develop customer lists d. Determine if any Intellectual property would impede the commercialization of this product or potential partners e. Access the clients solution against competitive products to determine strengths and weaknesses f. Analysis performed by Nerac demonstrated the viability of the Clients product against current competition and market trends.© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  26. 26. Case Study Example (continued)Turbo Expander for Natural Gas Letdown StationsApproach: The client’s design was evaluatedfirst for technical suitability in a gas letdown Key Resultsstation by developing the appropriate energy • Nerac discovered that the energy model of theanalysis model. Subsequent analysis would turbo expander revealed that it was undersized for use in the client’s originally intendedthen determine where this design fit into the application of a letdown station.current market and which competitors were • Nerac recommended against entering this marketalready producing products there. ,and instead to look for alternative opportunities which were more suitable for this design. Pressure – Enthalpy Diagram Illustrating the Work Capability of the Turbo Expander • At the client’s request, Nerac moved forward with identifying an appropriate market for their design. • The final results, reviewed with the client, were used to establish the appropriate product/ marketing roadmap. • This new direction saved the client significant capital investment by avoiding entry into the wrong market.© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
  27. 27. Case Study ExampleNerac Analyst Bios Kevin Closson M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland Emma Palmacci, Ph.D. M.B.A., University of Baltimore Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Pennsylvania State University B.S, Chemistry with a concentration in Medicinal Chemistry, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Alan Kendrick J.D.,University of San Francisco B.S. Magna Cum Laude, Aerospace Engineering, San Jose State University Steven Sparkowich Graduate Certificate, Welding Engineering, Ohio State University B.S., Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, Colorado School of Mines J.T. Kraska B.S., Chemical Engineering, Manhattan College© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Nerac Inc. | 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084