High Tech Maui WordPress 201 Workshop July 2011


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Slides from WordPress workshop given at High Tech Maui July 26, 2011

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High Tech Maui WordPress 201 Workshop July 2011

  1. 1. WordPress 201 WordPress.orgGetting Started with WordPress as your Website Publishing Tool Jeff Bennett www.DigitalSplashMedia.com twitter.com/digitalsplash facebook.com/digitalsplashmedia
  2. 2. • What is WordPress.org - self-hosted WordPress • Finding a web host • Simple installation of WordPress with BlueHost • Review of dashboard, posts, pages and menus • Themes - lots more, and they’re customizable • Plugins - need some additional functionality? Theres a plugin for that! • SecurityTopics • Backups • Migrating from WordPress.com to WordPress.org • Transferring from one WordPress.org site to another WordPress.org site
  3. 3. What is Web Hosting?
  4. 4. Web Host - a company that rents web serverspace for your website
  5. 5. makesWordPress is a software product made by a company called Automattic
  6. 6. Automattic offers free blogs & websites at wordpress.com Automattic: Provides free web hosting Sets up WordPress Handles backups Handles upgrades Stops spam This is the “.com” flavor. Limited themes, options and flexibility and no code hacking.
  7. 7. Many people want more options or control thanWordPress.com offers. Web HostThey pay a monthly fee to a web host, andinstall the free WordPress software on the web host’s server Web servers display your website to people who visit it
  8. 8. With greater control comes greater responsibilitiesWebsite owner responsibilities: Web HostBuy the web hostingSet up WordpressHandle backupsHandle upgradesStop spamUpload new themesUpload plugins This is the “self-hosted” or “.org” flavor. Complete control but comes with extra responsibility
  9. 9. My Experience with Web Hosts
  10. 10. Simple WordPress NO Installation with BlueHost TI ST E RA ON LIV MDE
  11. 11. 2 Views of Your WordPress Site What the world sees, aka WordPress Admin, aka Back End Front End http://visualthinkmedia.wordpress.com/http://visualthinkmedia.wordpress.com/ wp-admin/
  12. 12. Hint: Use Your Browser’s TabsOne tab for viewingthe public view ofthe siteOne tab for the“back end” / adminsection
  13. 13. The DashboardCustomize LayoutExpand/CollapseMenuPluginsTheme- and Plugin-specific menu items
  14. 14. ThemesThousands morethemes thanWordPress.comFree and PremiumTheme foundriesand frameworks*Customizable
  15. 15. Premium Themes StudioPress.com WooThemes.com ElegantThemes.com Templatic.com ThemeForest.comhttp://coding.smashingmagazine.com/2011/04/20/detailed-comparison-of-premium-wordpress-theme-clubs/
  16. 16. Creating PostsTitleInsert imagesFormatting iconsClick for all iconsType or pastecontentPublish optionsCategoriesTags
  17. 17. Creating PagesSimilar layout aspostsAttributes insteadof Categories andTags
  18. 18. Posts vs PagesPosts PagesTime-based content Pseudo-static pages used todisplayed in reverse create web pages for non-chronological order - changing information likemore “bloggy” contact, about, products, services, etc. Not listed by date, and they don’t use categories and tags
  19. 19. Editing Posts & PagesSelect Edit undereither Posts orPagesSelect item to edit
  20. 20. Categories & TagsCategories - helpfulfor organizing yourposts by topicTags like keywordsBlog post aboutCategories vs tagshttp://digitalsplashmedia.com/2011/03/categories-vs-tags/
  21. 21. Custom Menus
  22. 22. Plugins Need additional functionality? Thereʼs a plugin for that! Extra Functionality
  23. 23. PluginsSearch for newpluginsList of installedpluginsNotice of availableupgrade
  24. 24. Useful Plugin FunctionalityStop spamBackupsSecurityGalleriesSocial MediaContact FormSEOMore details on some of these laterDonʼt overdo it on plugins. They can slow downyour site, bloat your database and be a securityrisk.
  25. 25. SecurityA WordPress site ANY website needs careand feeding.You need to monitor it.You need to keep it up to date and current.You need to perform regular backups.
  26. 26. SecurityNever, never, never use the default username “admin”Use strong passwordsUpgrade to the latest version of WordPressHost your WordPress site with a reliable web host who practices good security andhas good, reliable tech supportBackup your site regularly to your own computer - not on the web server Database Uploads files .sql backup .xml backupBackup options: Manual Automated and plugins
  27. 27. SecurityRestoring from Backups - Sometimes it goes smooth and easy, sometimes not.Backup files can get too big to reimport without resorting to trickery.Keeping your blog clean to minimize bloated backup files. Consider drafting your postsin a basic text editor outside of WordPress.
  28. 28. SecurityDO NOT USE WP PHPMYADMIN - IT HAS BECOME A SECURITY THREATDocument your plugins and how you have them configured. Document your widgets.Document your menu structurePlugins can be a vulnerability too. Don’t go overboard on them. Be careful with the plugins you select.Upgrade plugins too http://wordpress.org/news/2011/06/passwords-reset/Protective plugins WP Security Scan WordPress Firewall WP File MonitorFollow WordPress.org on Twitter - security notices
  29. 29. Advanced Security.htaccess filesDatabase table prefixHide Your WordPress versionnumberPrevent multiple loginattemptsMore... http://www.mauiwp.com/2011/06/wordpress-security/
  30. 30. Advanced Security If you manage your own WordPress site, buy this book. If you have someone else manage your WordPress site, have them buy this book.http://www.packtpub.com/wordpress-3-ultimate-security/book
  31. 31. SecurityIf you think you may have been hacked, scan your site: http://sitecheck.sucuri.net/scanner/
  32. 32. Backups NO TI ST E RA ON LIV Backup your database. Options: Tools > Export M Through CPanelDE Plugins Backup your files (images, etc. that youʼve uploaded; customizations). Options: Through CPanel FTP software Plugins
  33. 33. Backup PluginsVaultPressWP DBManagerWordPress Backup (by BTE)EZPZ One Click BackupWP phpMyAdmin
  34. 34. Upgrading O N TI ST E RA ON LIV MDE Upgrade Chateau Always backup your database and files before upgrading Maui Check that your host has the minimum requirements of PHP and MySQL for the new version youʼre upgrading to. http://wordpress.org/about/requirements/ Might want a full backup of the old version of WordPress just in case something goes wrong with the upgrade (older versions available at http://wordpress.org/download/release-archive/) Disable plugins first Update Automatically http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Backups
  35. 35. Migrating NO TI ST E RA ON LIV Migrating/moving a WordPress.com site to WordPress.org M If you want, WordPress.com team will take care ofDE this for you with their new Guided Transfers feature for $119: http://en.blog.wordpress.com/ 2011/03/11/guided-transfers/ Moving a WordPress.org site to another host http://digitalsplashmedia.com/2011/03/how-to- move-your-wordpress-site-to-a-new-web-host/
  36. 36. cPanel NO TI ST E RA ON LIV Backups File Manager FTP M phpMyAdminDE
  37. 37. SEOhttp://www.wevecreatedamonster.com/the-beginners-guide-to-wordpress-seo/
  38. 38. Additional PluginsStop spamBackupsSecurityGalleriesSocial MediaContact FormSEO
  39. 39. Additional PluginsStop spamAkismet - Needs API key nowOther options: http://www.mauiwp.com/free-alternatives-to-akismet/
  40. 40. Additional PluginsBackupsVaultPressWP DBManagerEZPZ One Click BackupWP phpMyAdmin
  41. 41. Additional PluginsSecurityWordPress Firewall or WordPress Firewall 2WordPress File MonitorWP Security ScanSecure WordPress
  42. 42. Additional PluginsWordPress Firewall
  43. 43. Additional PluginsGalleriesNextGen GalleryTubePress
  44. 44. Additional PluginsSocial MediaSocial Media WidgetFB Like ButtonTwitter Blackbird PieEmbed FacebookShare This
  45. 45. Additional PluginsContact FormsContact Form 7Grunion Contact Form
  46. 46. Additional PluginsSEOAll in OneWordPress SEO by YoastHeadspace 2
  47. 47. Additional Topics
  48. 48. Additional Topics1. A look at Premium Themes2. WordPress theme structure3. Customizing themes4. Managing comments5. Static Home Page6. Media Library7. Widgets
  49. 49. Theme Structure
  50. 50. Customizing ThemesAppearance >EditorAlways make abackup of any filethat you modifybefore you edit itModify thestylesheet to alterthe look of yourtheme - you reallyneed to know someCSS before you trythisChild themes arerecommendedapproach tocustomization
  51. 51. Using FirebugEasy way to findwhat CSS rules aregoverning the lookof your contentelements
  52. 52. WordPress Theme Makeover http://digitalsplashmedia.com/2011/03/wordpress-theme-makeover-tutorial/
  53. 53. Managing CommentsUnapproveApproveSpam
  54. 54. Static Home PageFirst create a pagethat will be yourhome pageCreate anothernew page that willbe for blog postsUnder Settings >Reading click on Astatic page in theFront page displayssection & select thenew home page forFront page and newblog page for postspage
  55. 55. Media LibraryUpload and managephotos, video andother media
  56. 56. WidgetsContent for yoursidebar & footerFind it underAppearance menuDrag-n-dropwidgets with yourmouseUseful Widgets:Recent PostsArchivesCategoriesRSSSome themes &plugins includeextra widgets
  57. 57. WordPress Resources DigitalSplashMedia.com MauiWP.com WordPress.tv codex.wordpress.org Twitter.com/DigitalSplash Twitter.com/MauiWP
  58. 58. Digging Into WordPress 1. Welcome to WordPress 2. Setting up WordPress 3. Anatomy of a WordPress Theme 4. Theme Design and Development 5. Extending Functionality 6. Working with RSS Feedshttp://digwp.com/book/ 7. Working with Comments 8. Search Engine Optimization 9. Maintaining a Healthy Site 10. Bonus Tricks! 11. WordPress 2.9 Update 12. WordPress 3.0 Update