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  • L10n slide deck

    1. 1. Mozilla A non-profit keeping the power of the Web in peoples hands.A global community of users, contributors, and developers working to innovate on your behalf. Promotes openness, innovation, and opportunity on the web.
    2. 2. You might know us best for
    3. 3. LocalizationProcess of adapting software to seem as if it were originallycreated in the user’s region (locale) of the world.Deals with:• String translation,• date/time settings,• “productization”,• alternative feature sets, etc.
    4. 4. How we do itMozilla L10n drivers Mozilla L10n teams • Tools • Localize projects • Guidance • Repo maintenance • Documentation • Productize l10n projects • Infrastructure • Represent Mozilla • Advocate • Advocate Rapid Release • Visibility • Smaller workloads • User security & privacy
    5. 5. Why we do it• We love a good challenge ;-)• We love the web!• We love languages, cultures, and people!• We love open source!
    6. 6. People of mozilla l10n“I wanted to do something which had an “I was intrigued by the web-style XUL-impact on others. This is difficult to do based UI design and found that I couldwhen you are a student and all your work just edit a couple of text files to changeis something which is graded and then the strings to German, which wasforgotten. Contributing to an open source fantastic compared to any other softwareproject was my way of having an impact.” I knew.”“Nowadays is easier to find software “Now I also do it to give back to Mozilla.”available in you own language, the realchallenge is to deliver a professional “Minority languages need a presence onquality product and prove that an Open the Internet to enhance their raison d’etreSource community driven by volunteers is and to provide a source of support andcapable of doing it.” pride for their speakers.”
    7. 7. Armen“I tried to helpArmenian localizersso my grandfathercould use Firefox inArmenian.”
    8. 8. Five easy steps to start1. Introduce yourself in the L10n newsgroup.2. Find your L10n team and contact its team owner.3. Download your localized build of Firefox Aurora.4. Create a Bugzilla account.5. Proofread and test your locales Firefox Aurora.
    9. 9. L10n opportunities• Help localize Mozilla products, like Firefox.• Help localize Mozilla Web Sites, Services, and Marketing Campaigns.• Translate articles on the Firefox Support site.• Translate wiki pages related to localization on the Mozilla Developer Network wiki (MDN).• Contribute articles to the l10n topic on the MDN wiki.