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ACO Data Center Proposal


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ACO Data Center Proposal

  1. 1. The Atlantic ACO Data Center
  2. 2. Data Collection and Analytics Data Collection Data AnalyticsEducation and Presentations Dashboards Report Cards CME Presentation DepartmentProcess Improvement Department
  3. 3. The Atlantic ACO Data Center- Office and StaffOffice-Central Location to Primary Care NetworkSmall Staff Administrative Assistant Programmer and Data Analysis Presentation and Usability Experts Administrative, Research and Senior ManagementOffice 4 employees Doctor Friendly for Meetings and Events Latest Equipment and Expertise to produce Dashboards Report Cards CME Physician Leadership Development High powered computers and full time IT Support EMR Training Area Handheld Device Training Area Class Room for 30 Students
  4. 4. Example: Data Collection, Analysis and Presentation33 Quality Indicators populate Data Base from: Claims Data Data from Doctor’s Office Data from Patient Data from Pharmacy Data from Another ProviderDisplay is Usable and on one Screen. Big, Simple, Portable, Easy-to-Use Display is checked for each patient at each patient visit Doctor can edit or input data at the time of the visit Hook Screen to Keyboard and Mouse in each RoomData is Checked by Office Manager on a Monthly Basis 33 Quality IndicatorsData is updated by the Data Center from (See Above) Claims Data, Data from the Doctor’s Office, Data from Patient, Data fromPharmacy and Data from Consultants
  5. 5. Process Improvement CenterData from Data Center Get Data Process Data Figure out how to use the data to provide meaningful feedback to theProcessProcess Design Designing and Improving Elegantly Designed ProcessesCommunication Dashboards Real Time Information for Decision Making at the time of the patientvisit Quality 33 Dashboard Monthly Dashboards and Reports-Big PictureFeedback for Process Improvement Feedback via Report Cards
  6. 6. Presentation DepartmentCraft Presentations that areMeaningful Efficient Well Designed Entertaining Simple, Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Effective Physician Satisfaction is Paramount
  7. 7. Director of the Atlantic ACO Data Center VPMA-Compliance, Quality and Documentation Medical Director and Senior Physician Advisor 300,000 plus 20% Bonus Opportunity Develop Data CenterManage the Physician Advisors along with Dr. Pond and Carol