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Brand promotion


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Published in: Business
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Brand promotion

  1. 1. The ultimate goal of most businesses is to increase sales and income. Ideally, you want to attract new customers to your products and encourage repeat purchases. Brand awareness refers to how aware customers and potential customers are of your business and its products.
  2. 2. The major components of a plan to develop brand awareness are: • Identifying and understanding your target customers • Creating a company name, logo, and slogans • Adding value through packaging, location, service, special events, etc. • Advertising • After-sale follow-up and customer relations management
  3. 3. The key to managing your brands and how people behave around them is manage the perceptions of the brand! You need to manage the conscious and subconscious elements of your brand . Then you can control the perceptions around your brand whether this is for Your Executive ,Your Staff, Your Customers or even Your Competition .