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Grow Chatbooks Case Study

  1. 1. / 801.560.2300 Case Study: Chatbooks / 1 CASE STUDY Chatbooks is an automatic photo book service for young mothers and their growing families. Chatbooks automati- cally gathers subscribers’ Instagram photos and organizes and prints them in 60-page perfect-bound books so you can re-live life’s moments and memories.
  2. 2. / 801.560.2300 Case Study: Chatbooks / 2 Chatbooks Nate Quigley, Founder and CEO “Before we started using Grow’s simple dashboards, I felt like I was driving blind. Our information was spread out everywhere. It took hours to update spreadsheets and our back-end developer had to take valuable time away from product development to run SQL reports. It was a nightmare. Now that we have Grow, we can try different things and see what’s working in real-time. Using Grow’s pre- built drag-and-drop metrics library, we had our first dashboard up and running in just a half hour and have added some custom integrations along the way. Grow gives me confidence to delegate to my team because I know they’ve got things under control: they can see the metrics they’re responsible for, prioritize their work and make adjustments as needed.”
  3. 3. / 801.560.2300 Case Study: Chatbooks / 3 Startup CEOs and entrepreneurs who adopt Eric Ries’ Lean Startup methodology continually run learning experiments to test their business hypotheses and assumptions. The goal is to cycle through the Build- Measure-Learn Feedback Loop as quickly as possible so these startups can get their product-market fit and business model right -- and generate self-sustaining revenue -- before they run out of investment capital. Consequently, lean startups change quickly and generate a lot of data. But business leaders can’t learn unless they can compare their company’s baseline performance with test results. Before using Grow, Chatbook’s CEO spent hours collecting data just to see how the company was performing, and as a result, his reports were always out of date. Building spreadsheets and running SQL queries diverted critical time resources away from sales and product development. The Challenge
  4. 4. / 801.560.2300 Case Study: Chatbooks / 4 The Solution The CEO of Chatbooks chose Grow for a simple, customizable dashboard solution that would allow him to easily track his company’s key metrics in one place. On his new Grow dashboard, the CEO now sees real-time reports from their important data sources—MySQL database, Quickbooks, Excel spreadsheets, Instagram and more. Using Grow has freed up the CEO’s time so he can think about strategic issues, like hiring, developing affiliate marketing programs and designing scalable workflows for customer success. Grow’s visual dashboard also allows the CEO to delegate responsibilities with confidence, knowing that his team can gauge their own progress. Knowing the score helps everyone at Chatbooks see what they need to do to win, so they can prioritize their work, make self-directed adjustments and celebrate small wins and benchmarks along the way. This is especially important since they have several team members and contractors who work remotely. Grow has helped everyone see that they’re making progress, which inspires them to keep working hard.
  5. 5. / 801.560.2300 Case Study: Chatbooks / 5 Why Entrepreneurs Are Choosing Grow Get a free 14 day trial of Grow. Why entrepreneurs love Grow dashboards: 1) Data source integrations: Track data from sources like Quickbooks, Salesforce, Google Analytics, MySQL and Excel and more. 2) Real-time reports: Refresh your data continually without having to gather it manually. 3) Team visualization: Let your whole team see the data, not just your executives. 4) Super simple setup: Set up your dashboard in minutes — no IT needed. Grow Inc.’s cloud-based software service provides entrepreneurs with customizable business intelligence (BI) dashboards to help them track key metrics and grow faster.