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Sl Portfolio2009


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Our company portfolio
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Sl Portfolio2009

  1. 1. Why Shikatani Lacroix?
  2. 2. Why Shikatani Lacroix? Focused Blink Strategic Focus Creative Connect Responsive Deliver
  3. 3. Our mission We’ve linked our brandesign philosophy to four words... In the blink of an eye, we focus on unique brand attributes that emotionally connect consumers with brands in an innovative way to deliver results
  4. 4. Our philosophy Brands need to connect in the blink of an eye while Perception providing clear differentiation that leverages the brand’s core equities Time Equity
  5. 5. Alignment Insight Evolving and directing Engaging Discernment of Opportunity Momentum Opportunity Enabler Audit Blink Process Design BrandCastle Accelerator Creation Action Experience Foresight Making the right choices Seeing the future
  6. 6. Translating a package Brands can also be manifested as part of package graphics and structural shapes.
  7. 7. Translating a brand into an physical environment Translating a brand into an environmental design requires a deeper understanding and sensitivity beyond the rational aesthetics and takes into consideration the human factors of creating an emotional link with the consumer.
  8. 8. Translating a brand into a story Brands are best told through stories and visual experiences that are narrative and experiential in nature.
  9. 9. Translating a brand into a place Brands go far beyond a product and experience, and can help define a place or sense of journey.
  10. 10. At Shikatani Lacroix, branding is all about owning that split second decision, irrespective if it’s on a shelf, a retail environment, a place or city. How is your brand connecting in the blink of an eye? WWW.SLD.COM WWW.SLDESIGNLOUNGE.COM