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Brand Coherence


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Ensuring each individual and brand touch-point delivers the brand promise constantly at each moment-of-truth.
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Brand Coherence

  1. 1. BrandCoherence
  2. 2. “Successful brandingprograms are based onthe concept ofsingularity. The objectiveis to create in the mind ofthe prospect theperception that there isno other service on themarket quite like youroffering.”Al Ries & Laura Ries - 22 Immutable Laws of Branding
  3. 3. Key Strategic Questions• What is brand coherence?• Why is being coherent important?• How does it apply toorganizations?• What are the key learnings thatcan easily be applied to yourbusiness?
  4. 4. “Brand Coherence isensuring eachindividual and brandtouch-point deliversthe brand promiseconsistently at eachmoment-of-truth.”
  5. 5. • All activities buildbrand equity• Brand equity issupported by itsposition• The combinationbuilds momentumThe Coherence LoopBrandEquityIdentitySocial MediaOnlineMassMediaDirectMarketingPhysicalExperienceMomentumFoundationVisionMissionPositionPersonaEquities
  6. 6. Brand Coherence Importance• Strong focus on resourcesand marketing activities• Sum is greater than itsparts• Brand singularity withcustomers and employees• Ultimately, greater affinityand success
  7. 7. Brand Coherence criteria
  8. 8. Based on a Strong Coherence Criteria• Strong clearly defined brand positionand essence• Clearly defined target groups• Strong, unified, and consistent brandidentity• Grass roots and employeeunderstanding and support ...createsa movement
  9. 9. Compelling PositionStakeholders: Provides the right appealRelevant: Aligns with the needs and desires of the target groupUnique: Allows the brand to stand out and be differentiatedCredible: Builds on the brand’s reputationTimeless: Withstands the test of timeWho are the high-priority audiences?What is the single-minded value proposition?How should the company position itself?
  10. 10. Compelling PositionIt starts with the foundationof your business and endswith the aspirations of yourpeople as part of a big brandidea.• Expresses the essential inner truth• This is the “fit”- the essential union• Articulated and built around a well-defined structureVisionYour aspiration: How the world will change when you deliveron your mission.PillarsYour unique abilities: The competencies that overcome thetimeless challenges.MissionYour purpose: What you exist to do in order to accomplish thedesired vision.ValuesYour credo: The ideals and attitudes that define the way youwork together.PositioningYour promise: The consistent, relevant and differentiated valueyou own and deliver.PersonalityYour persona: The tone and manner that animate how youapproach business.EssenceYour core: Embodiment of all that makes you unique and is abig brand idea.EquitiesYour qualities: What attributes do you own that help differentiate youfrom competitors.
  11. 11. the bone marrow challengeLevel of community engagement is directly proportionate tothe level of personal commitmentIt MeEasier Harder
  12. 12. final brand card“The Chosen One”
  13. 13. Define a compelling namefunctionalevolutionaryemotionalPromise for LifeMarrow Living RegistryLiving Marrow Registry ofCanadaThe Canadian MarrowLife NetworkThe Canadian Stem CellDonor RegistryCanadian LifeCell DonorRegistryThe Life CorpsThe Living Cell NetworkMedulla Life NetworkMedulla for LifeBone Marrow DonorRegistryCanadian Bone MarrowDonor RegistryCanadian Marrow DonorRegistryNational Marrow DonorRegistryrevolutionary
  14. 14. Own a visual
  15. 15. Final solution
  16. 16. Criteria 2: Clearly defined
  17. 17. Criteria 2: Clearly defined targetStudents (Gen Y):Career OpportunityCareerStarters(Gen Y/X):AdvancementOpportunityEstablished Careers(Gen X): Security andEquityEquityOptimizers(BabyBoomers):PredictabilityandRecognitionCareer/Life CycleIndustry Function• Business industries• Governments• Public• Associations• MediaCareer/Life Stages
  18. 18. Criteria 3: Integrated and consistent
  19. 19. • Increased difficulty inreaching targetaudiences• Proliferation of mediaplatforms• 21% to 47% decline inconventional mediaCriteria 3: Integrated and consistent
  20. 20. Criteria 3: Integrated and• Mass Media/Direct Marketing(Lowest interaction: simple stimuliwith strong visibility)• Online Website (Explore at will, incontrol and provides greater brandequity linkage)• Social Media (2-waycommunication, sharing, and abilityto create a belonging experience)• Volunteer at Event/BrandCustomer (Direct experience with
  21. 21. TD Bank Group
  22. 22. TD Bank Group
  23. 23. TD Bank Group
  24. 24. Criteria 4: Grass-roots support
  25. 25. Taglines and Visuals
  26. 26. Program E Brochure/Online
  27. 27. 27Advertising
  28. 28. 2011 Suncor Program
  29. 29. Aligning a coherent marketing plan
  30. 30. Rule #1: Answer the “Why”The marketing plan needs to have a clearlydefine the aspirational value proposition• Brands need to evolve beyond a“Doing Brand” to a “BecomingBrand”• The marketing plan must clearlydefine your brand essence andemotional value proposition• All activities and language must alignwith the brand essence and pillars
  31. 31. Rule #2: Understand your targetThe communication plan needs to changeto cater to your stakeholder audiences• Clearly define your stakeholder groups• Understand the convergent anddivergent needs of each of yourstakeholder groups• Align strategies and tactics to cater toeach group• Explore how your website can build aplatform to provide specializedsolutions
  32. 32. Rule #3: Relevant and consistent messagingYour marketing plan must have definedproof points to ensure consistentbranding• Ensure the brand is effectivelycommunicated• Proof-points that are easy tounderstand and appeal toeach of the stakeholders• Resonates with marketing andcommunication strategies
  33. 33. Tip #4: Strong on-boarding of brandDevelop a membership thorough on-boarding program• Cater on-boarding content tothe given stakeholder audienceneeds and aspirations• Start by explaining the whyand how members can bothbenefit and contribute• Drive the why on all aspects ofthe on-boarding process
  34. 34. Brand PositionTip #5: Ensure full integration with metricsAdvertisingDirect MarketingInteractiveSales PromotionP.R.Social MediaE-MailS.E.OTrainingCompensationMotivationProcessesThemesOn Site SigningSettingsPackagingPLACEOFFLINE HRONLINESales MetricsBrand Metrics Engagement MetricsAnalysis of promotional program Analysis of communication processMembers Need Association NeedIndustry Need
  35. 35. Tip #6: Tweet the vibesLeverage social media to inform membersof new events and initiatives• Twitter and other social tools providea great platform to create someexcitement prior, during and afterevents• Great vehicle to remind members ofthe value of the organization• Create a sense of inclusiveness toallow members to promote theorganization and events
  36. 36. Thank YouJean-Pierre