Bilingual Packaging Guidelines in Canada 2013


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Products being sold nationally throughout Canada must follow specific guideline to be sold, do you know the rules?
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Bilingual Packaging Guidelines in Canada 2013

  1. 1. Bilingual PackagingGuidelines in CanadaWhite paper | April 2013
  2. 2. Shikatani Lacroix is a leading branding and design firmlocated in Toronto, Canada. The company winscommissions from all around the world, across CPG, retailand service industries, helping clients achieve successwithin their operating markets. It does this by enabling itsclients’ brands to better connect with consumers through avariety of core services including corporate identity,naming and communication, brand experience, packaging,retail, wayfinding and product design.About the AuthorMurtuza Kitabi - Director, ProductionWith 28 years of experience, Murtuza has gained a strongunderstanding of all aspects of design and printproduction. His impressive international resume includes avaried educational background with a B.A. in Arts anddiplomas in Marketing & Advertising, Printing Technologyand Graphic Design. Prior to joining Shikatani Lacroix,Murtuza was the advertising manager for Sony in Dubai,U.A.E., where he managed the Sony brand experience. Nowhe applies his extensive knowledge to Shikatani Lacroix’sglobal client base. Murtuza, along with his team ofproduction designers, strives to translate innovativeconcepts into effective printed pieces. He has beeninstrumental in the success of various projects related topackaging, retail and wayfinding design for both nationaland international clients such as Johnson & Johnson,Kruger Products, Maple Leaf Foods, PepsiCo Canada,Second Cup, Petro-Canada, TD Canada Trust and Tetley.White paper | April 2013 | Bilingual Packaging Guidelines | 1
  3. 3. What are the basic bilingual Packaging/Labellingrequirements in Canada?• For products being sold nationally throughoutCanada, most information on a label must be in bothEnglish and French and be of equal prominence inaccordance with the “Consumer Packaging andLabelling Act and Regulations”, and the “QuebecCharter of the French Language”.Bilingual Requirements as stated by the Canadian FoodInspection Agency:• All mandatory information on food labels must beshown in both official languages, i.e., French andEnglish, with one exception:• The identity and principal place of business of theperson by or for whom the prepackaged productwas manufactured, processed, produced orpackaged for resale, may be in either English orFrench.• In addition, all information on the labels of thefollowing may be in one official language only:• Shipping containers that are not offered for sale toconsumers;• Local products sold in a local area in which one ofthe official languages is the mother tongue of lessthan 10 percent of the residents;• Official test market products; and• Specialty foods, as defined by the Food and DrugRegulations.• The province of Quebec has additional requirementsconcerning the use of the French language on allproducts marketed within its jurisdiction. Informationon these requirements can be found on the Websiteof lOffice de la langue française: paper | April 2013 | Bilingual Packaging Guidelines | 2
  4. 4. French Language Charter• If the product is being sold in Quebec, all informationon the label, carton or shipping container must bein French.• French must have equal prominence to anotherlanguage. This means that you cannot squish theFrench copy to get it to fit in the same space as theEnglish as this is not equal prominence.• The colours chosen for French must be equallyvisible. For example, you cannot pick a brightprominent colour for English and a faded colourwhere the text does not stand out as much asthe English.• The size of the letters must follow CFIA regulationsand English and French must be the same size.• Labels that are not in compliance with Quebecslanguage regulations are subject to fines up to$20,000.00 and are doubled for subsequentoffences.• The administration and enforcement of regulationsgoverning labelling for the Province of Quebec arehandled by the Quebec French Language Bureauand the Ministère de lAgriculture, des Pêcheries etde lAlimentation du Québec (MAPAQ).**Exception is trademarks that have been registered withCIPO. These are recommended to be in French, but notrequired. White paper | April 2013 | Bilingual Packaging Guidelines | 3
  5. 5. Reference materials:• Guide to Food Labelling and Advertising• Guide to the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Actand Regulations• Charter of the French Language (English)• Charter of the French Language (French)• Selling or distributing your products in Québec info-guide for manufacturers and distributors more information, contact:Jean-Pierre Lacroix, PresidentShikatani Lacroix387 Richmond Street EastToronto, OntarioM5A 1P6Telephone: 416-367-1999Email: jplacroix@sld.comWhite paper | April 2013 | Bilingual Packaging Guidelines | 4