The coming multiple lifes of coworking (gcuc)


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Coworking is arriving at a new stage. The stand alone coworking space model will keep growing. However, new players are implementing the coworking model in new context and for new kinds of purposes. Universities, city development agencies, incubators, hotels and more are taking coworking as a operational tool to generate new collaborations and connections. This is just the beginning.
The presentation has been given by Jean-Yves Huwart, at the Global Coworking Conference Unconference of Austin, Texas.

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The coming multiple lifes of coworking (gcuc)

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  2. 2. Global EnterpriseBrussels-basedconsultancy companyand, think tank coveringnew trends in innovation,entrepreneurship,ecosystems and newways of working. We buildand provide operationalsolutions.Jean-Yves Huwart, CEO
  3. 3. Global Enterpriseorganises the Europeanconferences onCoworkingBrussels -19-20 November 2010Berlin -3-4-5 November 2011Paris -8-9-10 November 2012
  4. 4. Regus : “We inventedcoworking 20 years ago !” Mark Dixon, Regus founder Picture Regus
  5. 5. Really ? Mobile worker equipment in 1994Flickr MikeBladon
  6. 6. How a nomad workerlooked like in the 90’s...
  7. 7. Coworking is definitely a serviceof the 21st century ! Technology wise and culture wise... Flickr Marielle Peeters : Seats2Meet, Den Bosch (The Netherlands)
  8. 8. Stand alone coworkingwill keep growing... ...though, coworking, nowadays, inspires new players.Source : Deskmag
  9. 9. Urban economical developpers Coworking Namur (Belgium)
  10. 10. University Campuses Aalto Venture Garage (Finland) Flickr Momoestonia
  11. 11. Incubators TVT La Cantine Toulon (France)Source :
  12. 12. Innovation and research centers Cambridge Innovation Center C3 Coworking Flickr Geoffrey Graham
  13. 13. The hotel industry Citizen M Hotel (Amsterdam) Flickr HowarGr
  14. 14. Nowadays, “Coworking like” modelseven enters the corporate world... Ynno Source :
  15. 15. Will Coworking soonbecome a commodity ? With Coworking spaces at every city corner ?Flickr Besopha
  16. 16. Our belief is that Coworkingis to become the physical extensionof cloud computingand digital social networks Flickr Jennuine Captures
  17. 17. Jean-Yves HuwartConsultant, Keynote (Belgium)