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Potentials of the Blockchain Technology in Coworking Spaces -- Martin de Bie


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Loek! in PropTech Session
Coworking Europe Conference 2018, Amsterdam, Day 2

Published in: Real Estate
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Potentials of the Blockchain Technology in Coworking Spaces -- Martin de Bie

  1. 1. Potentials of the Blockchain technology in Co-Working spaces LOEK! | Martin de Bie
  2. 2. Dares the industry to invest in blockchain technology?
  3. 3. What is it and where does its potential lie? 2 1 3 The industry The more external parties have to interact with each other, the more potential does the blockchain technology have. Due to the numerous involved parties in the real estate industry (tenant, property manager, banks, valuer, broker, DD-provider, buyer/seller...) the options of usage are immense The problem Relevant Data is currently non-standardized and partially redundant (or even contradcitury) distributed between several market participants. There is no “single version of the truth” in regards to the data that is the basis for the business, which causes additional work and time The solution The Smart Ecosystem enables more efficient, leaner processes for the management of real estate assets through the execution of relevant business and verification processes in a mutually used collaboration platform
  4. 4. Introducing Loek! a smart platform for real estate
  5. 5. Traditional Model Company A Company B Trusted Third Party (Clearing Houses, Transfer Agents, Managed Services) Reconciled and Shared Data Blockchain Model Blockchain Company A Company B Shared Data – no intermediary Because they use disparate systems of record they need to use a trusted 3rd party to transact. They transact on a shared platform and ledger which facilitates the exchange of value without the need for a mediating 3rd party. Why Blockchain technology?
  6. 6. Smart asset management Building Supplier Digital locks Smartphone Dashboard ERP Database Blockchain PSD2 Sensors / IoT Smart meters Execution smart contract GBS Key data + Hashcodes Tenant Share holder Transation data
  7. 7. Smart rental property Tenant Lease agreement Digital locks Smartphone Dashboard ERP Execution smart contract Database Blockchain PSD2 Online rent Building Key data + Hashcodes Share holder
  8. 8. Example of Blockchain technology in Loek!
  9. 9. A Real Estate Smart Ecosystem – We can help!
  10. 10. Why would you choose for LOEK! in Co-working space? Facts: - +650 companies active on platform - 15 developers maintaining platform - third party solutions integration - 25 employed - Support cloud and devices The leading smart, collaborative and innovative platform fo asset management. “In a nutshell, LOEK! proves that building management can be a whole lot smarter.”
  11. 11. The future is now! Thank you. LOEK! | Martin de Bie +31 (0)612465067