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Pitch Office App -- PropTech


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Proptech start-up Office App pitch
Coworking Europe Conference 2018, Amsterdam, Day 2

Published in: Real Estate
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Pitch Office App -- PropTech

  1. 1. The world’s most advanced tenant experience platform
  2. 2. The modular & scalable tenant engagement platform with a unified user experience. Our solution
  3. 3. We help to build professional, personal and general office building groups that are active and stimulate mutual benefits. Functionality 3 of 48 Community
  4. 4. Have an easy real-time overview which rooms, workspaces and parking spaces are available to reserve or book. Functionality 28 of 48 Live Availability & Occupancy
  5. 5. It has never been easier to book a meeting room. We added filters to tailor the room to your exact needs. Functionality 9 of 48 Room Booking
  6. 6. We help in connecting the best local retail stores to be able to offer high quality products and services. Functionality 41 of 48 Shops
  7. 7. 38 Integrated Product Partners +31 in Pipeline Amenities Room Booking Sustainability FM Systems Sensoring Access Control 5 Partners12 Partners 6 Partners 5 Partners 5 Partners 5 Partners
  8. 8. And we are leading the way..
  9. 9. Improved loyalty and asset value Improved efficiency and work life balance Real time data of the workplace use Hard and soft services combined Happy office life