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Pitch Healthy Workers -- PropTech


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Proptech start-up Healthy Workers pitch
Coworking Europe Conference 2018, Amsterdam, Day 2

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Pitch Healthy Workers -- PropTech

  1. 1. Happy employees make great business
  2. 2. We are the first to combine workplace and people analysis in one tool A business tool which facility and workplace services can use to measure the impact of their business on employee wellbeing and performance.
  3. 3. Active clients Successful projects Partners
  4. 4. ClimatePhysical Food Sport Measure Insights Interventions wellbeing workplace
  5. 5. How does it work?
  6. 6. Temperature Humidity CO2 Noise
  7. 7. Employee well-being We measure
  8. 8. With scientifically validated questionnaires We measure
  9. 9. 100%9:41 AMFonk Feedback How are you feeling today? ! " # ☹ % Submit Through feedback and input We measure
  10. 10. Optimal CO2 35% Humidity The temperature is relatively cool for an office, and since the humidity is low, the indoor climate may feel 1 degree colder. Temperature 19,9 °C CLIMATE OVERVIEW For employees We provide insights
  11. 11. Healthy Workers Healthy Workers Feedback For managers We provide insights
  12. 12. The right interventions And advise Noise Medium - Sound travels easily through working areas, and harm concentration and overall wellbing on a moderate level. Over 50 % of workers questioned said sound level is percieved as too high on a weekly basis. The noice pollution could be lowered by applying one or several of the interventions presented below. Inverventions Sound Masking Wall Noise Reduction Cost Social Implicit See Providers Noise Cancelling Headphones Noise Reduction Cost Social Implicit See Providers
  13. 13. Happy employees make great business