How small companies lead innovation


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Nowadays, small companies lead innovation. Bigger organisation look for startup to reboot their innovation power

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How small companies lead innovation

  1. 1. How small players may change the law of gravity of any industry in the 21st Century A presentation by
  2. 2. William Kamkwamba Malawi He has build a working windmill using recycled parts, learned to do it in a handbook, and became famous thanks to a blog
  3. 3. Internet empowers everyone
  4. 4. Nowadays, information is available from any places Bamako Mali They learned diode connectivity thanks to a surf on the web
  5. 5. People and startups lead innovation
  6. 6. Open Source: a community of individuals
  7. 7. 20% market share in several IT markets
  8. 8. Co-innovation : now the norm in the IT industry
  9. 9. A sole man can shake a decades old business
  10. 10. Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair Ryanair could skip travel agents thanks to the web
  11. 11. Banking, now virtual...
  12. 12. eBank Corporation (Japan) : 3 millions bank accounts ... only 250 staff members Part of the Rakuten Group since 2008
  13. 13. Zopa : Peer 2 Peer lending 400.000 members
  14. 14. Startups pave the way of the Electric Vehicle
  15. 15. Think (Norway)
  16. 16. Imperia (Belgium)
  17. 17. Edag Prototype (Germany)
  18. 18. In may 2010, Toyota stroke a strategic deal with the Californian company Tesla to produce an EV Sedan
  19. 19. Open Source Car (USA)
  20. 20. Utilities companies rely on smaller, nimbler players to boost their own innovation processes
  21. 21. More and more individual electricity producers
  22. 22. In 2009, Exxon Mobil bought Synthetic Genomics in order to produce biofuels made out of algaes
  23. 23. In the health sector, innovation is transfered to clinical startups and smaller biotech company
  24. 24. “82% of surveyed executives believe big pharma will be unable to innovate sufficiently from within to replace blockbuster drugs going off-patent.” (survey by Marks & Clerck)
  25. 25. Investments in the biotech industry amounted 55,8 billions dollars US in 2009 (+85% year on year)
  26. 26. Biocamp Novartis sponsors a annual program inspired from the IT industry, to boost entrepreneurship within the community of PhD’s in Life Sciences
  27. 27. We all are the medias...
  28. 28. News website Huffington Post ahead of all major US newspapers, but the NYT. Content mainly comes from lead bloggers French daily Le Monde gets 15% of its viewers in the web from its blog platform
  29. 29. The economy of the long tail is a reality...
  30. 30. Chris Anderson
  31. 31. Never be a better time to become an entrepreneur !
  32. 32. Seminars Conferences Web TV Production contact: