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How can Coworking become part of any corporation workplace options' portfolio? -- Philip Vanhoutte & Aron Wuarbanaran


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Coworking Europe Conference 2018, Amsterdam, Day 1

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How can Coworking become part of any corporation workplace options' portfolio? -- Philip Vanhoutte & Aron Wuarbanaran

  1. 1. How can Coworking become part of any corporation workplace options portfolio ? A Smarter Working Perspective Philip Vanhoutte – The Smarter Working Manifesto Aron Wuarbanaran – Veldhoen+Company By understanding what they need !
  2. 2. Commercial Engineer, Marketing, Leuven, Belgium Married to Rose-Mie; sons: Piet (Austin, TX), Jan (London) Lived in Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Texas BPost, Boss , Accenture, Engie, Wang, Nokia-Fujitsu-ICL, Dell, WorldCom, Sony-Ericsson, Plantronics Philip Vanhoutte
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. 4 Lowest performing WorkSpace: satisfaction Lmi 33.3 “Which activities are important to you in your work, and how well are they supported?” 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Individual routine tasks Learning from others Telephone conversations Individual focused work, desk based Informal social interaction Individual focused work away from your desk Spreading out paper or materials Using technical / specialist equipment or materials Reading Collaborating on creative work Collaborating on focused work Thinking / creative thinking Planned meetings Informal, un-planned meetings Relaxing / taking a break Audio conferences Business confidential discussions Private conversations Larger group meetings or audiences Hosting visitors, clients or customers Video conferences Not supported at all Very under-supported Under-supported Supported Well supported Very well supported
  5. 5. office – coworking – home - elsewhere How the 2008 crisis produced the most productive workspace portfolio
  6. 6. Plantronics Euro HQ, Park 20 20 Hoofddorp, The Netherlands Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough SoundScaping by Julian Treasure Plantronics Habitat Biophilic Design Experience John O’Connell Noise Abatement Award Leesman Index 82.3 Open House Thursday 4-6pm
  7. 7. Championing Smarter Working & Careers Curious Curator Energetic Thought Leader
  8. 8. Mixed Coworking Experiences Distributed Workers Innovation Learning Community
  9. 9. Mixed Coworking Experiences don’t Acoustics Privacy Focus Nature
  10. 10. Problems Work Activities Experience Environment Physical Features Services Features Vision Ideal Cowork Space
  11. 11. “ the most negative influence on my intellectual productivity is my awful open office “ “ Priority for non-routine Brainworkers should be focus and privacy, NOT contact “
  12. 12. Benefits of Working Outdoors or in Biophilic Workspaces
  13. 13. Corporations know what their teams need WorkSpace Satisfaction Survey Listen to employee WorkSpace Needs
  14. 14. Corporations will look for Coworking Spaces with Track Record & Customer Satisfaction Culture Annual Total Customer Survey ABW intake survey Benchmarking & Continuous Improvement A Leesman Style Rating for every Coworking Space
  15. 15. Professionals will look for Coworking Spaces that provide Human Realization Services to compensate for Leadership Deficiency Disorder Compassionate Listener Enthusiastic, high empathy mentor/coach/facilitator Career/life coach – self & world of work discovery - transitioning Habits Communicator / Speech Impact Productivity Ninja
  16. 16. Aron Wuarbanaran • Organizational psychology • Consultant at Veldhoen + Company Worldwide leading advisors in Activity Based Working • Completed transformation projects throughout Europe and Asia Pacific
  17. 17. Activity Based Working Enable people to work with whomever they need, when they need, and where ever they need. By empowering people with the trust, technology and work environments they need to deliver an outstanding experience for your clients
  18. 18. Impact of work environment 26 87% 30% 35% 40% 37% 90% 74% 84% 78% 85% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% The design of mywp is important to me It enables me to work productively It creates an enjoyable environment to workin It contributes to a sense of communityat work It's a place I'm proud to bring visitors to Private or shared enclosed office Cubicle or designated desk in open plan area Flexible with low choice Flexible with high choice agreement
  19. 19. Productive work environment “An employees perception of whether their workplace enables them to work productively is based on how well their workplace supports their individual focused and concentrative tasks more than any other.”
  20. 20. Does your coworking space enable you to work productively? What kind of activities does your coworking space facilitate well? What kind of activities does your coworking space facilitate less well? Questions
  21. 21. Different roles, different needs
  22. 22. High Average Low Personas 30 Personas Individual work My work is planned My work is about creating new solutions Process worker with client contact Process worker without client contact Project worker Self-drivers
  23. 23. Process worker with client contact • Mostly repetitive, process (and call) work • Some quiet enclosed spaces, the rest is talk zone • Some space needed for creative meetings • Formal meeting room for team meetings • Social area to interact with colleagues 31
  24. 24. Process worker without client contact • Highly repetitive work process(/focus) work • Separation of quiet zones and talk zones • Spaces to have dialogues/ work in duos • Spaces for relaxing/socialising 32
  25. 25. Project worker • Creative, diverse work • Some individual focus and process work • More (types of) collaborative settings needed: project tables, brainstorm room, duo settings, formal meeting room, small/creative meeting rooms 33
  26. 26. What type of knowledge worker are you / work at your coworking space? What are your / their needs in the work environment? How well are your / their needs supported in your coworking space? Questions