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Corporates use coworking for innovation


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By Anca Toma, at the Innovation Warehouse, presented at the Social Workplace Conference London 2016 (at WeWork Moorgate).

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Corporates use coworking for innovation

  1. 1. @anca_toma // @iwlondon Corporates made a move on coworking. What are the effects?
  2. 2. @anca_toma // @iwlondon
  3. 3. @anca_toma // @iwlondon Why is the coworking model attractive for corporates?
  4. 4. @anca_toma // @iwlondon For Innovation – Need to be at the forefront of the digital economy Learning the ‘startup way’ A curated conversation on Entrepreneurship Resources, new skills, power of community Freedom
  5. 5. @anca_toma // @iwlondon How? Is it an experience for innovation driven people or is it for everyone?
  6. 6. @anca_toma // @iwlondon Build your own coworking space or at least a cool coworking coffee shop Move a team – the future of your innovation views – into a good coworking space Remodel the corporate offices in coworking spaces Sponsorship model
  7. 7. @anca_toma // @iwlondon Coworking + accelerators Profit from the success of an innovation portfolio Be the first user, invest in the best ideas, bring them in your culture and product
  8. 8. @anca_toma // @iwlondon The moral of the story…