Intrapreneurship at the US State Department : dealing with uncertainty, not risks


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Richard Boly is in charge of the eDiplomacy office at the U.S. State Department. Intrapreneurship is nowadays supported within the US State Department, to deal with the uncertainty which is part of the daily environment. Richard Boly spoke at the Intrapreneurship Conference 2012 (PAris, Dec 13)

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  • Lead evolvers fall into 4 broad categories. Understanding their perspectives is essential to success.
  • When an employee is overwhelmed (personally or at work), change is just another overwhelming phenomenon. His glass is now full and nothing will enter or stay. This could change in the future, if the person is not chronically overwhelmed.
  • Most people hate change, and some people identify themselves as protectors of the status quo. This group is your biggest obstacle – satisfied incumbents. Keep them close, but don’t expect them to evolve until forced. Remember, they will be the defender of the new normal, once it is established.
  • Some employees see work as a necessary evil. It pays the rent and allows them to do what they enjoy in their spare time. They feel no passion or engagement with work. Many in this group can be turned by visionary leadership and empathy.
  • Can’t wait are your early adopters and beta testers. They don’t always make good evangelists, since many people know them as the ones who always say yes.
  • Building your team -- Curiosity – Must be hired, can’t be trained.
  • Comfort with ambiguity – another factor to look for in your team.
  • Very easy for legacy thinking to color change. USA and summer vacation for schools --- 150 years ago 75% of country in ag. Now there are 3 times more people in jail in US than work in agriculture
  • Grassroots requestNo direct top coverSurveyPlatformWildly collaborative with ALL stakeholdersAlpha, beta launchesSplashy video launch
  • Mechanical Turk for diplomacy and development
  • How do you treat failure?
  • Celebrate learning from failure.
  • Intrapreneurship at the US State Department : dealing with uncertainty, not risks

    1. 1. US State Department:Intrapreneurship in Government, dealing with Uncertainty, not Risk Richard Boly (@Beaurichly) U.S. State Department Office of eDiplomacy
    2. 2. Uncertainty Risk
    3. 3. Managing Intrapreneurs
    4. 4. Managing Intrapreneurs II
    5. 5. Managing Intrapreneurs III
    6. 6. Potential Adopter QuadrantsCan’t Won’tDon’t Can’tCare Wait
    7. 7. Can’t
    8. 8. Won’t
    9. 9. Don’t Care
    10. 10. Can’t Wait
    11. 11. Curiosity
    12. 12. w A i m t bC h io gm uf io tr yt
    13. 13. eFlow – Residential Electricity Monitoring
    14. 14. Humanitarian Information Unit CyberGIS
    15. 15. State: Corridor
    16. 16. VSFS Microtasking Platform
    17. 17. Liked my Presentation? Then connect with me onand endorse me for “Intrapreneurship”