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12 ways to cut your recruitment budget using free technology via


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A slideshare to illustrate how free recruitment technology can help you and your colleagues transform the way you find and hire new talent.

Whether using Outlook and Excel or a big applicant tracking system as your main recruitment tools, it could be worth finding out how you could improve your recruitment processes whilst at the same time saving money.

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12 ways to cut your recruitment budget using free technology via

  1. 1. 12 ways to cut your recruitment budget using free technology designed for happy recruiting
  2. 2. Use a free ATS - Vacancy management - Candidate management - Sourcing - Create Ad campaigns - Career website
  3. 3. Use social media to advertise vacancies Be transparent, clear, helpful and responsive Your not just marketing jobs, but your brand
  4. 4. Use social tools to source candidates There are loads of tools to help you source candidates online Check out the Cool (free) tools for Recruiting this LinkedIn group!
  5. 5. Use social media to build your networks Add your candidates to your network, and join the conversation!
  6. 6. Build a direct recruiting organisation • The tools and information are available • Check out these direct recruiting case studies • Learn from your peers, click here
  7. 7. Create job ads for search engines • Your job pages should be indexed by search engines • The content of your job specs should reflect the skills and experience candidates search for
  8. 8. Put employees to work Why? Because they know your potential candidate! Share and promote your jobs amongst your staff Employee referrals are regarded as a prime source of quality hires Check out this infographic
  9. 9. Build your own talent pool Do you have existing talent pools from past campaigns? And don’t forget about internal talent!
  10. 10. Create your own dedicated campaigns • Free technology like comes with free market intelligence • Build your own online recruitment campaigns based on targeted niche sites • Be smart with your advertising, the cheapest option isn’t always best!
  11. 11. Centralise your recruiting operations • Improve the efficiency of your recruitment function with technology • Improve the recruitment planning across your organisation • Develop a strategic forward thinking recruitment function
  12. 12. Turn your manager into recruiters • Use web based technology to support your hiring managers • Help them use their time more efficiently during the recruitment process
  13. 13. Create an unbeatable candidate experience Sign up for • Create a seamless candidate experience • Make it easy to apply • Ensure every candidate is responded to.
  14. 14. marketing plan “from strategy into action”