Facebook: Start to Finish (Aug 2012)


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  • McDonald’s Just like all marketing, Social Media is not a “get rich quick” scheme it’s a ongoing commitment to communicating with your prospects, clients, customers
  • PROFILE MAIN PAGE ~ edit your About section to include your business How to friend (do we need this?) How to send a private message LEFT COLUMN click on the word 'Facebook' (top left) to get back to this page news feed Friend List – only you see them, can only include your friends or people you have subscribed to Interest List – are public, can include people and businesses CENTER status update ~ can select who sees your post ~ Can put where you are – if you are at a biking event ~ can select to see all posts from a certain person (click on down arrow at right of their status update) ~ Can share a post that shows up in your newsfeed ~ sort RIGHT COLUMN ticker sponsored stories/posts click on your name to get to your page Click on ‘down arrow’ to change Privacy settings ~ be sure under Timeline & Tagging ‘who can see what others post on your timeline’ is set to friends of friends or everyone. Personal Information click on your name, click on Update Info, 'edit' info in any section *be sure to link your business
  • In the past, many public figures used profiles to connect with friends and family, and Pages to connect with their public audiences. Now, you can use your profile to connect to your public audience too, with the Subscribe button. When you allow people to subscribe, anyone who’s interested can get public updates you share from your profile, right in their News Feeds. This lets you share with a broader audience, while reserving personal updates for people you know well. Subscribers can see your public posts Goes back to if you are using your personal profile to promote your business then this is a good option. People may want to connect with you but are not personal friends or business associates – you can turn this on. You may want to subscribe to people who are influential in the biking industry to keep up with their posts and share their content
  • Unknown platform applications or games may contain or let in viruses. Avoid them Hide them DO: Completely familiarize yourself with Facebook’s privacy settings, including: a.    Default sharing b.    Tagging c.    Instant personalization d.    Authorizing apps e.    Blocking
  • Interest List ~ can be created by going to a business page, hover of the LIKE button and ‘create a list’ ~ can include people and business pages Friend List ~ can be created by clicking on ‘more’ or ‘friends’ in left column
  • Your Facebook personal Profile can be a place to nurture key relationships with specific friends + reach a wider audience of acquaintances + keep up to date with close personal friends and family members... so publish a mix of personal/professional content.
  • how do I get to my business page how do I switch to posting as my business page? ~ use drop down arrow at right and 'post as' ~ note: when posting on another page as your business, sign your name to your post how do I find my 'news feed' ~ after changing to your business page, click on Facebook logo Why become ‘Balance’? LIKE other pages Comment on other pages Check your news feed Build your referral sources Get noticed
  • Need more than 1 admin
  • NOTE: Once you have a personal url people can also then join your fan page via SMS/text message by simply sending the words "like yourusername" to 32665
  • Facebook pages to look at: http://www.facebook.com/bicyclingmag http://www.facebook.com/USABMX http://www.facebook.com/TrekBicycle http://www.facebook.com/leagueamericanbicyclists
  • Add a custom fbml page Use a video message adding a custom landing tab. Studies show that you'll increase your conversion rate (visitors into fans) by having them land on a custom (welcome page) tab vs. straight to the wall. Use a sign-up box ~ be sure to tell them what to do – ie: sign up, visit our site ~ when they sign up, give them something ~ tell them what you do! A few considerations: Width must be no longer than 520 pixels External style sheets may/may not be used – depending on Facebook’s mood that day ;) You can hire people to do this or purchase some templates Set this as your landing page
  • Don’t forget Pinterest
  • Can also setup Milestones – which get a flag – when company started, when big events occurred, etc. How about posting a screen capture of someone’s nice comment on your page? Using timeline as a timeline: http://www.facebook.com/HistoryofSweden
  • Insights – where are they & what do they mean – we will cover in another slide Reach : How many people saw your post in last 28 days Engaged : How many clicked on it Talking : How many Like’d, Commented or Shared your post Virality : Talking/Reach (how ‘viral’ is your post) Average is 2% Excellent is 5%+ Look at the Virality for the last 28 days and determine: ~ best time and day to post ~ best types of posts
  • influential people in your industry and related industries, prospects, media contacts, people you admire, potential collaborators
  • On your personal Facebook page : Update your ‘status’ with an invitation to become a fan of your page Link to your Fan page in your personal profile (under your profile picture) Put your Fan page address under ‘websites’ in your info Tell your friends they can become a fan vis SMS text fan (or like) MarkbeechMarketing to 32665 Use @tags (@MarkbeechMarketing) to post about your company on your status update to let friends/family know what is happening on your fan page Put a link to your blog postings in your ‘status’ update Additionally Join relevant Facebook groups Ask friends/business associates to promote your page Become a fan of other people’s fan page
  • Engage Ask questions Be prompt in responding to comments Address people by name Add your own thoughts/comments Hold a Q&A session Thank your fans Use @tags Post between 9am and 2pm when most people are on – experiment with this for your page (post at the top of the hour?) – look at who’s on through your ‘chat’ box, or at what time people are commenting on your posts
  • Charity – or if you want to support one, ask for suggestions on which ones you will support
  • Promotions include contests, competitions, sweepstakes, and drawings. If in doubt, the litmus test is will one or more winners be selected? If so, the rules apply. If you’re just giving away a gift to all your fans, then that’s a giveaway and isn’t affected by the rules.
  • I usually find the tipping point in social media is between 500-1,000 fans/followers/friends/email subscribers . You’ll start to see measurable results with this size group. You’ll be building trust and loyalty among your fanbase with consistently good content and reliable responses. Now you must have a strategy in place to convert your fanbase to paying clients or customers. Perhaps you’ll offer a special event (live or virtual), coupons, discounts and other incentives to give your fans a strong call to action. The bottom line is to let your fans know exactly what you want them to do. And pace your offers. If you’re hosting live/virtual events, be sure to also use the Facebook Events feature. See this post for ideas: 10 Tips for Creating Buzz With Facebook Events . EXAMPLE: discount tickets to Busch Gardens Christmas Town
  • Email sent weekly from Facebook
  • Become a fan of these pages to keep up with all the ongoing updates and changes to Facebook. AllFacebook.com is the online guide for everything related to Facebook. We provide everything from tips to how-tos, and the latest news for Facebook users as well as brands, marketers, and anybody else looking to take advantage of Facebook. Mashable.com is an online magazine with great tools and tips and information about the web and social media Dubbed the Pied Piper of Facebook by Fast Company magazine – she was part of the beta testing of FB and got hooked and saw the business potential right away. Very casual and full of information Facebook Pages keep you on top of the changes to your Facebook page – they why, how and when – ie. Changing width of FBML tabs, Moving the boxes from the left column, etc.
  • Facebook: Start to Finish (Aug 2012)

    1. 1. Start to Finish Presented to: Presented by: Jeanne Willson Markbeech Marketing www.MarkbeechMarketing.com www.facebook.com/MarkbeechMarketing 1www.MarkbeechMarke
    2. 2. “For a company not to market itself is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’ve done but no one else does.” 2www.MarkbeechMarke
    3. 3. Social Media • When used properly…Social Media Will – help build your brand • build valuable relationships with your customers, prospects, industry leaders • establish you as an expert • build your referral network – give you a competitive advantage – provide you valuable feedback • Should be an essential part of your marketing mix 3www.MarkbeechMarke
    4. 4. Introductions JEANNE WILLSON LinkedIn.com/in/MarkbeechMarketing Facebook.com/MarkbeechMarketing @MarkbeechMktg www.MarkbeechMarketing.com 4www.MarkbeechMarke
    5. 5. Marketing Overview 5www.MarkbeechMarke
    6. 6. Facebook Users There are currently over 900 million active users on Facebook* (*April 2012. active users are people who have logged on over the past 30 days.) Stats from 2010 6www.MarkbeechMarke
    7. 7. Facebook Users Stat from BlogHer.com 7www.MarkbeechMarke
    8. 8. Facebook users Can you say great for SEO? Stats & Images from AllFacebook.com January 2012 8www.MarkbeechMarke
    9. 9. Facebook Profiles/Pages • Personal Profile – Timeline – Cannot be used as a business page – Build your friend base here – Encourage friends to join your company page • Company Pages – Your business page – Also called Fan pages 9www.MarkbeechMarke
    10. 10. Personal Profile: Timeline 10www.MarkbeechMarke
    11. 11. Interest Lists 11www.MarkbeechMarke
    12. 12. Friend List 12www.MarkbeechMarke
    13. 13. Privacy 13www.MarkbeechMarke
    14. 14. Personal Page How do I support my company’s page? (see the Facebook Fan Builder tool) On your Personal profile • LIKE your company’s business page • Be sure it is listed (and linked) as your work • Share your company’s posts • Post a link to your company’s page and ask your friends to LIKE it • Create an ‘interests list’ and include your company on the list. Then encourage people to subscribe • Create a ‘friend list’ with people who might be interested in your company and interact with them On your company’s page • Post something (ie: link to a relevant event) • Comment on your company’s posts 14www.MarkbeechMarke
    15. 15. Personal Strategy Who do you ‘friend’ or ‘subscribe’ to? • Top cyclists – local, national, regional • Local cycling celebrities • Members of local cycling clubs (especially board members) • Media contacts • Event promoters Make a list of 25 influential people you would like to be on their radar • Use the Referral Builder – Reach out and ask them to ‘friend’ you or Subscribe to them – ‘Like’ their organization Facebook page (if applicable) – Share their Facebook posts – Reach out to them through other social media: Twitter, LinkedIn – Comment on their blog posts 15www.MarkbeechMarke
    16. 16. Business Page 16www.MarkbeechMarke
    17. 17. Admins 17www.MarkbeechMarke
    18. 18. Facebook: Custom URL NOTE: ‘Like’ a page via SMS/text message text “like MarkbeechMarketing " to 32665 To set up custom URL go to http://www.facebook.com/username/ Example of custom URL: http://facebook.com/MarkbeechMarketing 18www.MarkbeechMarke
    19. 19. Facebook Strategy Building your Business Page – Six Steps 1. Set your Objective 2. Design Strategy 3. Content Strategy 4. Promotion Strategy 5. Engagement Strategy 6. Conversion Strategy www.MariSmith.com 19www.MarkbeechMarke
    20. 20. 1. Objective Set your objective ___ Raising brand awareness ___ Establishing yourself as a leading authority ___ Enhancing customer service ___ Building your email list ___ Driving traffic back to your blog or website ___ Building community ___ Increase event registration ___ Sell more products & services (can embed a storefront with iFrames) You may have multiple objectives, just be sure to prioritize them 20www.MarkbeechMarke
    21. 21. 2. Design Strategy • Profile image (180px x 180px) • Cover image (850px x 315px) • Custom tabs (111px x 74px) 21www.MarkbeechMarke
    22. 22. Design: Custom Tab 22www.MarkbeechMarke
    23. 23. Design: Custom Tab Some companies who provide custom apps • Facebook.com/Woobox.com • Tabsite.com • Pagemodo.com • Wildfire just been purchased by Google 23www.MarkbeechMarke
    24. 24. 3. Content The basics: Keyword rich ‘About’ section shows on the page 24www.MarkbeechMarke
    25. 25. Content • make your content creative and relevant (80/20 rule applies) • be genuine • be funny, controversial, empathetic or informational 25www.MarkbeechMarke
    26. 26. Content Content – Most popular types of posts: • Photos/Images • Videos (yours or from YouTube) • Text – Quotes (add an image) • Links to articles or products – Other types of posts to consider • Questions (can ask a poll question right on fb) • Fill in the blank (I enjoy my ride the best when ____) 26www.MarkbeechMarke
    27. 27. Content Get content from • Blogs – yours and others – Find on Pinterest • Twitter – Search for #cycling • Facebook – Share content from other business/org pages • Alltop.com (http://cycling.alltop.com/) • Google Reader – Sign up for RSS feeds – Use Feedly on Firefox 27www.MarkbeechMarke
    28. 28. Content Highlight a post – and it spreads across the 2 columns 28www.MarkbeechMarke
    29. 29. Content: Updates • How often should I update my business page? – Depends on your objectives & resources – Check your Insights – At least 5x per week – Better 1-2x per day • Focus on consistency & interaction 29www.MarkbeechMarke
    30. 30. Preschedule • Plan it in advance • Subscribe (RSS) to websites – Use Google Reader • Use AllTop.com • Schedule it – Direct on Facebook (has Facebugs) – Hootsuite.com – SproutSocial.com – Posting.com 30www.MarkbeechMarke
    31. 31. 4. Promote Your Page Promotion Strategy • Grow your network – Invite people to become your personal friends and ‘like’ your business page • Who? – Clients – current and past – Influential people in your industry – Influential people in related industries – Prospects – Media contacts – People you admire – Potential collaborators 31www.MarkbeechMarke
    32. 32. Building Fan Base ‘Use’ your friends • grow your friend base and then share your business posts and ask them to LIKE your business page & help spread the word • invite friends to LIKE your business page (1-click in business page admin panel) • ask friends with large friend lists to recommend your page Do something • run a contest (see rules here: www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php#promotionsguidelines) • advertise on Facebook - promoted posts or straight advertising 32www.MarkbeechMarke
    33. 33. Advertise or Promote Promoted posts makes it more likely that friends of your fans will see your post • seasonal sales or special deals • contests • high-value content - informational webinar or eBook 33www.MarkbeechMarke
    34. 34. Promote on Your Personal Page On your personal Facebook page: • Post a link to your company page and ask friends to “Please help me spread the word to anyone who enjoys cycling and ‘Like’ my company Facebook page” • Invite friends to “Like your company’s page by texting ‘like MarkbeechMarketing’ to 32665” • Tag your business page @MarkbeechMarketing to post about your company • Share your company’s posts Additionally • Join relevant Facebook groups • Ask friends/business associates to promote your page • ‘Like’ other business/organization pages • Recommend other business/org pages 34www.MarkbeechMarke
    35. 35. Promote Your Business Page http://developers.facebook.com/plugin s • Add a ‘Like’ button to your blog •Add a ‘Like’ box to your website 35www.MarkbeechMarke
    36. 36. Promote Everywhere In your email marketing: • Invite your newsletter or email contacts to ‘Like’ your business page • Include a link in your signature On your printed marketing materials: • Put your facebook address (url) on – Your business card – Your brochure – Your postcards – Your menu From your other social networks: • Twitter – tweet links to your Facebook page • LinkedIn 36www.MarkbeechMarke
    37. 37. 5. Engage Engage – Ask questions – Be prompt in responding to comments • Address people by name • Add your own comments – Hold a Q&A session – Thank your followers – Use @tags – Post between 10am and 2pm 37www.MarkbeechMarke
    38. 38. Engage • Ask customers their opinion on a current event, product line, services, breaking news • Allow your followers to promote themselves – Make a Deal Mondays – Play ‘Tag’ on Tuesdays – Your favorite charity Wednesday – Brag Your Blog Thursdays • Run a contest/promotion • Send us your best cycling story & win a new Cannondale – Have your followers vote for their favorite • Donate $1 to charity for every new ‘Like’ 38www.MarkbeechMarke
    39. 39. Engage: Contests Do Not run a contest unless it complies with Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines. – The #1 rule to with which you must comply is using a third party app (Strutta, Wildfireapp, Votigo, or Offerpop). – Or, you may use your own content on an iFrame app. www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php#promotionsguidelines 39www.MarkbeechMarke
    40. 40. 6. Conversion Conversion – Make special offers • Sign up for our email list and get a list of the best cycling paths in the us • Share a Facebook post of ours and we will send you a free waterproof bag • Comment on our blog and be entered into a contest to win a new BMX bike 40www.MarkbeechMarke
    41. 41. Track your Stats (Insights) • Reach: how many people saw your post • Engaged*: how many people clicked on your post • Talking: how many people interacted with your post (like, comment, share) • Virality*: Talking / Reach (2% is average, 5% is excellent) 41www.MarkbeechMarke
    42. 42. Let’s Review: Facebook • Stats – over 900 mil active users • Personal Page • Personal Strategy • Privacy • Business page • Business Strategy (6 steps) • Insights 42www.MarkbeechMarke
    43. 43. Resources • AllFacebook.com • SocialMediaExaminer.com • Mashable.com • Facebook.com/FacebookPages • Facebook.com/MarkbeechMarketing • Facebook.com/CheckYourMarketing 43www.MarkbeechMarke
    44. 44. “The Butterfly Effect is the theory that the tiny flutter of a butterfly’s wings can create enormous changes halfway across the world.” ~ Robert G. Allen 44www.MarkbeechMarke
    45. 45. Questions? 45www.MarkbeechMarke
    46. 46. Thank you! Be sure to Connect with us • www.Facebook.com/MarkbeechMarketing • www.Twitter.com/MarkbeechMktg • www.MarkbeechMarketing.com/Jeannes-blog • www.linkedin.com/in/jeannewillson 46www.MarkbeechMarke