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How to Create a Winning Message Framework


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Marketers must woo customers into placing enough trust in your organization to use your products or services, The presentation outlines how to develop your differentiated promise and key messages through the Message Framework. This tried and true approach is used widely by large technology companies but can apply to any industry. This PPT is focused on healthcare.

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How to Create a Winning Message Framework

  1. 1. How to Create a Winning Message Framework January 2015 Jeanne Chase Tiscareno
  2. 2. 2 Set and Follow a Message Framework Your Goal To woo each patient into placing enough trust in you and your organization to utilize your services.
  3. 3. Use It To Develop Your Positioning • Clarifies how you communicate with each audience • Provides backdrop for all communications • Explains how you stand amidst competition • Raises your organization’s perceived value “Positioning” – Your differentiated promise and how you express it to customers. “Only we can bring you…”
  4. 4. Know yourself. 4 For a Winning Message Framework… Know what you want to say to each one. Know your patients.
  5. 5. Explore and Document: 5 Know Yourself How do you compare to your competition? Who are they? How do they overlap your market? What do they do better or worse than you do? Where do you differ in value, and how important is that to customers? What product or service do you offer? What is its niche? What is its true, unique value? What underlying problem does it solve? What unmet need does it address? Who are you now, and where are you headed? What are your goals? What obstacles must you overcome to reach them?
  6. 6. Explore and Document: 6 Know Your Patients Who decides The Buy? What is the measure of influence? Who impacts their beliefs? What aspects of your value proposition are important to each one? E.g., Mother focused on safety in child birth, an elder’s offspring concerned about coordinated care. What organizations or patient profiles do you serve? What percentage are government agencies, commercial orgs, or individuals? What demographic do you serve? What are each audience’s unique needs and purchase paths? What is the profile of your market segment? What are the demographics or psychographics? What are their biggest challenges? What are the changing market conditions?
  7. 7. Explore and Document: 7 Know What You Want To Say What are your value- based benefits? What top three benefits do you bring to each market segment, based on what is most important to them? What emotional and functional benefits do you offer? What is your value proposition? In 35 words or less, what is your overarching promise to all customers? What are your “value pillars” for each market? What one to four things do you want to be known for? Why would customers choose you because of these value characteristics?
  8. 8. Value Proposition Your 35-word value proposition is the genesis of every message during a campaign. Central themes emanate from this common ground. You will use it in both internal and external communications. Value pillars 1- to 3-word phrase 1- to 3-word phrase 1- to 3-word phrase Primary benefit to all customers 1- to 2-sentence value statement 1- to 2-sentence value statement 1- to 2-sentence value statement Benefits to Audience 1 • 2 to 5 support points • 2 to 5 support points • 2 to 5 support points Benefits to Audience 2 • 2 to 5 support points • 2 to 5 support points • 2 to 5 support points Message Framework Template
  9. 9. Sample – Health Care 9 Value Proposition MedOpt Managed Care Services helps insurers manage costs and improve client outcomes through technology-driven processes, physician review, and a network of top performing healthcare professionals. Value pillars Doctor-Reviewed Experience Stability Primary benefit to all customers Significant Savings through early procedure review, eliminating unnecessary treatments First-hand knowledge of how to improve outcomes without increasing costs. Backed by Northwest Mutual, a company known for its insurance focus and financial strength. Benefits to Audience 1 • Integrated medical bill review process, results in 55% savings for clients nationwide • (Etc.) • Fully certified nurses, doctors, and case managers • All held to a standard of performance to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients • (Etc.) • Direct access to top- performing health care networks, claims experts, and diagnostics tools to tap the best resources for our services • (Etc.)
  10. 10. Keeps departments/ employees on same page 10 More Value from Your Message Framework Lays foundation for communications to new markets Broadcasts unified company message to all
  11. 11. Need Message Framework Assistance? Jeanne Chase Tiscareno Phone: (206)799-2746 Email: @jeannetiscareno WWW. CHASELANECONSULTING.COM Call us!