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The at risk life


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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The at risk life

  1. 1. My house was not always………. …………………..………”Normal” At my house things weren’t exactly…….normal
  2. 2. Those bumps in the night, weren’t ghosts….but fists of fury
  3. 3. That odd smell in the air….it wasn’t incents but Marijuana and the mood swings were from hard narcotics who knew things could be this way??
  4. 4. Touches in the night weren’t always good night tucks and kisses, but mysterious hands touching me in forbidden places……
  5. 5. When I looked in the mirror ….I hated what I saw, a beast in the making, everything was wrong
  6. 6. I hated to see the coming and passing of a new day, so suicide soon became the only way …
  7. 7. Pills and knives were my options….tried with no success, so decided to make a concoction
  8. 8. Admit you are unattractive, believe you are beneath, never trust anyone…quite mouths make you invisible and love will never be yours take everything that comes your way as much as you can endure….
  9. 9. So I did just that…and the dark cloud hung low my new friend depression was the reason for my new low
  10. 10. Low, lower, lowest….I was sinking fast…until I made up my mind….I need to be free, free at last
  11. 11. Free from self hate, depression, and defeat, fear, and anxiety, and someone will eventually love me…
  12. 12. I began to speak good things, move in an upward direction with the help of my mentor I finally had a connection
  13. 13. A connection to life, love, and a new world….who knew I could be….would be…ever be… this girl~ Sincerely, An At Risk Child
  14. 14. This year alone we as a society and community have witnessed an alarming increase in teen bullying, cyber bullying, drug abuse and use, dating violence, low self esteem, identity crisis and many more contributing factors plaguing the lives of our youth . These factors are leading to in-school violence, homicides, and suicides, increases high school drop out rates, teen and pre-teen pregnancy, and juvenile and eventually adult incarceration! What can we do to reduce such catastrophes?
  15. 15. We at Red Sea Project have found the answer to the questions our youth face. The answer is MENTORING! Mentoring has been found to decrease negative and unhealthy behaviors, improve academic production, increase higher education enrollment and completion and significantly decreases incarceration in juvenile systems and adult systems. Red Sea Project needs your help to continue helping youth and at-risk youth become the successes they are. Contribute to our campaign CHANGE FOR A CHANGE, your donations will go towards one-on-one mentoring, counseling, fees for extra-curricular activities, uniforms, community inclusion activities and more! Help us help others TODAY! Use your change to make a CHANGE!