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Tree test


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Tree test

  1. 1. 1. Grown for its spring flowers and fall color, not its inedible brown-globe fruit. A. Huckleberry B. Honeylocust C. Callery pear D. Ginkgo 2. This is a large, relatively fast-growing shade tree, commonly recognized by tall arching branches. o A. Redbud B. Elm C. Sugar Maple D. Sycamore 3. This tree thrives in the challenging urban landscape. A. White Ash B. Pine C. Fir D. Freeman maple
  2. 2. 4. A unique tree that is long lived. The female tree bears a smelly fruit. o A. Ginkgo B. White oak C. Tulip tree D. Birch 5. This tree matures into a reliable, handsome shade tree. It's a member of the elm family. A. Sycamore B. Cedar C. Hackberry 6. Native to Illinois, this tree may be seen with giant, menacing-looking thorns on the trunk. A. Honey locust B. Coffee tree C. Autumn purple ash D. Red maple
  3. 3. 7. The stout bean pods contain round black seeds that resemble coffee beans. A. Catalpa B. Black walnut C. Sycamore D. Kentucky coffee tree 8. This tree grows under larger trees, with a bark that is a rusty color and develops fissures with age. A. Rosebud B. Red bud C. Green Ash D. Scarlet Oak 9. The tree produces maple syrup; its leaf is featured on the Canadian flag. A. Amur maple B. Sugar maple C. Black willow D. Silver maple
  4. 4. 10. Related to the plane tree, it's commonly found along rivers and streams. A. Sycamore B. Red cedar C. Fringe D. White dogwood 11. Flowers on this tree in mid-summer are a bold orange, green and yellow. A. Scotch pine B. Orchid tree C. Blue spruce D. Tulip tree 12. This is the state tree of Illinois. A. Sawtooth oak B. Lombardy poplar C. White oak D. Burr oak  13. This tree resembles a shade tree in outline more than a Christmas tree. A. White pine B. Box elder C. Red cherry D. River birch
  5. 5.  14. Its strong, flexible wood shows up in baseball bats. A. Pin oak B. Virginia pine C. Bald cypress D. White ash