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The Colorful and Learning Journey to Video Marketing Strategy


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It starts somewhere near the mountains, and will bring you to different new places, to different new people, through 17 steps that will prove beneficial to your video marketing plan.
Embark now to learn about these tips that you can use immediately, no theory here, immediate action!

This slide is based on a guide made by the video experts from ReelSEO. A link is provided in the PDF.

Watch the animated video of this journey:

Read the full post for more in-depth details about Video Marketing Strategy in our blog here:!Your-Video-Marketing-Strategy-Now-Through-17-Steps/nks59/5677e0cb0cf2ee60dd712234

We are a video production house based in Israel (Haifa area), the Startup Nation. As such we naturally specialise in application demo videos, app trailer, but also explainers.
We further differentiate ourselves by not only offering a full production package service: script, voiceover, music and sound, but also a multilingual translation of your video and voiceover dubbing.

Marketing is of utmost importance, and our profesionnal approach integrates marketing in a creative way. This slide is based on a post we published on our blog, which was also turned into a 7mn animated video as well as many other smaller posts. Content is created, clustered, and spread.

Ma Pitom?! Production

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