Brain Power for Kids: 6 Powerful Parenting Tips


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Brain Power for Kids: 6 Powerful Parenting Tips includes 6 smart attitudes to promote, 6 smart questions to ask, and 6 slogans for motivating kids. Praising kids for good grades is not as effective as asking the right questions to increase your child’s love of learning. When your children feel good about their thinking skills, see learning as a positive challenge, and develop a determination to keep trying, their brains grow. Use these simple fun solutions for promoting smart brains in your children. Sign up for our FREE Parenting Newsletter at:

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Brain Power for Kids: 6 Powerful Parenting Tips

  1. 1. Brain Power for Kids: 6 Powerful Parenting Tips Smart Attitudes, Questions, and Slogans for Intelligent Brains
  2. 2. Parenting tips include: • 6 Smart attitudes to promote • 6 Smart questions to ask • 6 Slogans to motivate kids
  3. 3. 1. To promote solving problems as fun, ask your child: What steps did your take to solve the problem?
  4. 4. 2. To promote learning as a fun challenge ask your child: What challenges did you overcome to get the correct answer?
  5. 5. 3. To help children see mistakes as positive, ask: How did your mistakes help your brain think more clearly?
  6. 6. 4. To help your child develop persistence, ask: What stopped you from giving up?
  7. 7. 5. To help your child value focusing, ask: How did you overcome distractions?
  8. 8. 6. To help your child embrace effort and hard work, ask: How do you feel about yourself for working hard and completing your work?
  9. 9. The best slogans come from your children. Rhyming can help. Ask, what rhyme will you create to keep yourself motivated?
  10. 10. 6 Sample Slogans 1. “For my brain to expand, challenges are grand.”
  11. 11. 2. “My mistakes are good clues for new answers to choose.”
  12. 12. 3. “I’m a kid with grit, ‘cuz’ I never quit.”
  13. 13. 4. “When my brain’s in a spin, I just focus again.
  14. 14. 5. “I’m the guy who likes to try.”
  15. 15. 6. “I’m the gal who makes thinking my pal.”
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