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Thailand dogs trade pw


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ICT Homework.

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Thailand dogs trade pw

  1. 1. Dogs trade in ThailandBy Jean and Nat
  2. 2. About this event.• This event happened on 12 August 2011.• There were 3 suspicious people involved in this gang.• Their goal is to transport dogs across the Laos river into Vietnam.• One dog is sold for about $33 or 988 baht.• more than 1000s stray dogs were caught, and• some were even stolen from homes.
  3. 3. Both side: negative.• This is what we call animal cruelty.• 119 dogs were already dead from suffocation from put in tiny cages.• This event made many tourists look down on Thailand.• This shows that Thai Parliament was too weak to do anything to stop this.• True that dog population are over grow so…• “sterilization” is the best way to stop but…• it also sound impossible way too.
  4. 4. Both side: negative.• Reason for this event is…• Population of dogs are greaterthan any animals•And you wouldn’t spent manyon rising them for sell.• The poorest people did thisjob but…• Is Thailand that poor?• Dogs are everywhere inThailand so…• They could just catch and sellthem in market.•That is a smart way but• It is the most dirtiest way toever do it.• And dog meat can also causeillness.
  5. 5. Both side: positive.• There are about 13 countries who are allowed to eat dogs legally.• Those countries are mainly China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Korea.• This also help the street become cleaner in Thailand.• Decrease diseases that caused by dogs.• The most fearsome disease that cause by dog is Rabies.• Which can carry from animals to human.• dog population is becoming a big problem in Thailand.• thousand of dogs are being born everyday.
  6. 6. People who witness.• There are some tourists who saw truck that full of dogs.• Which most people were pretty shock about this.• Because many people thought Thailand was a develop country.• Selling dogs is the way for the most poorest people to make money.• Some people are also willing to trade their dog for money.• Most people were pretty anti about eating dog meat but...• It is people right to choose what they want to eat.
  7. 7. Conclusion.• We want to stop this problem.• we must protest for better laws. and in force them!• Just like the Parliament It will make the punishment harder.• So people won’t do it again.• We are not an anti dog eating• We object the inhuman treat for the dogs.• We could at least sterilized the dogs. Not eat them• But it will take long time.• Cause sadly there are million of dogs round in Thailand.
  8. 8. The Video.
  9. 9. The end.