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Insurance Framework's Panorama 360 & Casewise


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Demonstration of the Insurance Framework Panorama 360 integrated to the Casewise EA Foundation Solution;

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Insurance Framework's Panorama 360 & Casewise

  1. 1. Confidential - © Casewise 2015 Casewise Leverage Insurance Framework’s Panorama 360 with the Casewise Solutions 1 Watch theVideo
  2. 2. Confidential - © Casewise 2015 About the Partnership Created in 1989 Independent Software Vendor 120 Employees, Turnover: 20 M$ Hallowed Leader by the international Analysts (Gartner & Forrester) on: Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA) Enterprise Architecture (EA) Casewise counts more than 3 000 Customers across the world 2 More than 1,000 insurance companies globally already have a license for our insurance knowledge base. Our mission is to be the industry standard that helps accelerate projects and bridges the gap between the business and IT. To accomplish this, we provide comprehensive insurance and wealth management business frameworks, reference models and methodologies so business and IT better understand each other throughout projects. This industry knowledge suite is called Panorama 360. Accelerators KnowledgeSolution
  3. 3. Confidential - © Casewise 2015 Value Proposition –The Knowledge Panorama 360 is a knowledge framework and planning tool to help: • Ask the right questions • Rapidly respond to market demands • Methodical, consistent, and rapid approach to plan, design, develop and manage organizations, information, systems and processes • Include the full value chain More efficiently and effectively 3
  4. 4. Confidential - © Casewise 2015 Panorama 360 Enterprise Model The LEGO blocks of the industry 11 Domains 75+ Major Functions 500+ Business Functions Enterprise/Application Architecture Framework 400 pages Enterprise Architecture
  5. 5. Confidential - © Casewise 2015 Capability Model What does it take to support the Insurance Operations? Information Model What Information do we need to offer the service? Process Model How to run the Insurance operations across our Departments? Applications & IT What are our Capabilities providers? Accelerate your Initiatives 5
  6. 6. Confidential - © Casewise 2015 Offer a 360°View of your Enterprise 6
  7. 7. Confidential - © Casewise 2015 7 Watch theVideo
  8. 8. Confidential - © Casewise 2015 Brief Summary 8 Start with a complete Insurance Framework, ready to use Manage the Enterprise Knowledge thanks to a central Repository, representing the source of truth An Intelligent Content fully integrated into a Solution to cover the full scope of the EnterpriseArchitecture Leverage the solution to produce tangible outcomes straight away while engaging with wide collaboration Benefit from a high level of flexibility to align the approach with your objectives, needs and your maturity
  9. 9. Confidential - © Casewise 2015 Contacts 9 Watch theVideo