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Return to study in your 70s


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A brief run down on the challenges of returning to tertiary education in your seventies

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Return to study in your 70s

  2. 2. GAINING SUPPORT FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS • It’s going to be hard to adjust for all concerned • Let family and friends know how much you appreciate their support, but be firm with your need for uninterrupted time • Try to eat and sleep well • Forgive yourself when you become unbearably demanding – they may not
  3. 3. READJUSTING TO STUDENT LIFE • Regain patterns of study • Refamiliarise yourself with basics of your subject area • Do not panic … problems ARE going to occur and there’s going to be times when you fall flat on your face • Don’t expect it to be easy • Seek and accept help – and early • Don’t expect things to fall into place quickly
  4. 4. WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARE FULL OF SELF- DOUBT • I do not know the answer to this one … self doubt is a crippler • Keep talking the talk and walking the walk • Try to speak over that insistent voice that tells you to stop kidding yourself • Seek professional help if you need to – there are plenty more like you out there, and people choose to follow careers in mental health because they actually LIKE to help.
  5. 5. DEALING WITH THE NEW DIGITAL WORLD • The changes over the last 20 years are overwhelming and probably can’t be comprehended either by those who are re-entering study or by those who have transitioned through with them • Find someone – QUICKLY - who can explain just how to use it, not avoid it. is so exciting but it is also very challenging. • Try to work out how learning, and the world, has changed and what you are going to need to learn to fully benefit, and CONTRIBUTE to your discipline