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Final ict2

  1. 1. Title: FAA ICT PLAN April 2012Executive SummaryIn 2010, Ford Academy of the Arts, Inc. undertook a significant technology modernization basedupon the results of a technology survey conducted by internal staff in summer 2009. Surveyresults indicated that while the program possessed some adequate equipment, there were severalopportunities where the purchase of new equipment could lower maintenance costs and increaseproductivity and professionalism, for example, by improving data management capabilities,office operations, and community presentations. Having achieved last years goal of establishingan improved computer system and a voice mail system, this years focus is upon expanding thetechnology infrastructure. With the establishment of Wifi , it is now vital to continue to addworkstations and provide software and other equipment to support the network. The proposedadditions of a scanner and laser printer will round out the suite of equipment already in place. Bybuilding upon last years successes, this ICT plan will be able to provide more efficient and cost-effective services to Ford Academy of the Arts.Goals and Technology VisionFAA is committed to carrying out the technology vision first developed in the 1998 TechnologyPlan focusing on an office computer and voice mail system. The goal of last years plan was toprocure hardware and software. The goal of this current plan (2012) is to cover the entire gamutof technological requirements.Specifically, FAA’s technology goals are to: Improve office efficiency and productivity by purchasing additional workstations Improve data management capabilities by replacing the FAA Information Management System Write grants to procure additional hardware and software on a continual basis for consideration by funding sources Enhance and improve FAA formal presentations to groups by procuring a laptop computer and projector Reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity by purchasing a new copier Provide continual, cost-effective staff training by using a combination of training methods and by the development of a detailed training plan.Current TechnologyIn February 2010, the Executive Director, supported by the board of Directors, made the decisionto begin installation of a Local Area Network run by an Intel Pentium II 350Hz server with IntelPentium Celeron workstations. Microsoft Office NT network operating systems and MicrosoftWindows 98 and Office Professional 97 were selected as the principal software packages. Inaddition, FAA accepted an offer from Octagon Computer Consulting to write a MicrosoftAccess-based software program to replace the FAA Information Management System.
  2. 2. The hardware for the network was purchased from Octagon Computer Store and included a server and three workstations in the initial package. The Microsoft Windows 98 and Office Professional 97 were procured at a significant saving over suggested retail price from the non- profit agency. In March 2010 the school purchase another workstation--this one with a zip drive and modem as well as a printer. This system is used most often by the accountant. Two additional workstations were ordered at the same time. Priority Needs In order for FAA to attract more students in the future, the development of a website is vital. The site needs to be attractive, simple to navigate and updated often. To better serve community needs, FAA developed a technology vision with the purpose of significantly modernizing all office technology. While dependent upon funding to achieve these goals, these are the priorities FAA envisions as necessary to begin implementation of this years plan. PRIORITY ITEM REASONTop Priority Hardware: Two workstations To complete suite of office equipment. Router Ultimate goal: provide a workstation for each Laser Printer staff member. Scanner Software: Revised FAA info management To support the expanded computer network system Licenses for network, operating systems, and program systems Voice mail system To improve communications FAA website To attract, keep, and assist volunteers Training workshops and fees To update staff on technology skills for online modules Technical support To assist with technical problems and questions Middle Hardware: Laptop computer To improve presentations and to assist at board LCD projector and committee meetings Software: To improve images for newsletters, brochures Adobe PhotoShop Low Copier To reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity Solutions Hardware As funds become available, additional workstations will be purchased. In fact, grants will continue to be written, and will be considered by funding sources on a continuing basis.
  3. 3. Appendix 1 outlines the cost per each additional workstation including software. Appendix 2outlines the number and location of the stations in final scheme as it is presently envisioned.Laptop computerThough not as urgent a priority as deploying workstations for the network, FAA does need alaptop computer. The laptop would have several uses. First, it can be used at board andcommittee meetings to provide information on request, to produce minutes and other documentsimmediately. Secondly, a FAA formal presentation has become an important part of themarketing program. Currently, the presentation is based on a 35mm slide show. A much morepolished and professional presentation is possible with computer projection. The laptop would becoupled with a projector.Other hardwareOther computer hardware needed to complete the suite of equipment is a scanner, a router (forInternet, e-mail, and website access), and a second laser printer. Appendix 3 contains a listing ofcomputer hardware items needed with cost estimates.SoftwareA greatly expanded computer network requires appropriate software. Appendix 4 outlines whathas been procured and what remains to be acquired. The largest single item is the software tosupport a revised FAA Information Management System. In addition, however, licenses for thenetwork (MS Windows NT), the operating systems (MS Windows 98) and program systems (MSOffice Professional 97, etc.) are required.Recently an upgraded copy of Adobe PrintShop was purchased to expand our desktop publishingcapability. Adobe PhotoShop will be required in order to inset high quality photos in brochuresand newsletters. We are hopeful that we will be able to procure this at a greatly reduced costfrom Gifts In Kind.Voice mailThere is a strong sentiment among FAA Board members, staff, customers, and other stakeholdersthat the organization needs a voice mail system. The current system merely uses an answeringmachine when the office is closed.There is substantial support also, since many seniors find new technology intimidating, forkeeping a "receptionist" on duty during published office hours to answer the phone. Therefore, avoice mail system that is triggered by the receptionist and/or directly accessible is desirable.There is little expertise in the organization concerning voice mail, so it is envisioned that a salesrepresentative from a local voice mail business would be invited in to discuss options with thestaff. Very preliminary cost estimates are listed in Appendix 5.
  4. 4. WebsiteFAA, with help from Progressive Technology, set up a very basic 4 page Web Site in 2010. Itpresently needs to be completely revised and made more extensive. A volunteer provided by oneof our employee content and links. He will be devoting 3 months of his time to help. He will thentrain two of our staff to update the site on a regular basis. By the end of May, our site should becompleted.CopierThe FAA owned copier in the 3rd floor is six years old and nearing the end of its useful life.While the technology offered by the current equipment is generally satisfactory, new systemsoffer features that have the potential to increase productivity and decrease costs. For example,newer copiers have the capability to accept print commands from PCs and eliminate the need toprint a copy on a conventional printer and run it through a copier.An estimate for replacement of the current copier is in Appendix 5. Realistically, it is envisionedthat the current copier can be used for another year or so, but service calls for equipmentmalfunctions are becoming more and more frequent.TrainingStaff training is a critical element in the deployment of new technology systems. While vital,training is very expensive. Appendix 6 shows what has been spent on training so far and what isrequired in the future. Decisions need to be made as to how this training need will be met.Over the course of 2010, a more detailed plan will unfold as some staff are trained and becomeable to cascade their training to others. This plan will include professional courses for some staffand some in-house training. We will also look at online web training options.Technical SupportFAA has contracted with Progress Technologies to provide service, support, and maintenance onthe current workstations. Other hardware and software support will be obtained throughTechnical Assistance Providers.
  5. 5. Budget APRIL 2012 EQUIPMENT,FAA,Buhangin Davao City 2012 - SOFTWARE & TRAININGEquipment, Software & training BUDGETItems Future Total Ordered 2012 Contracte PurchaseEquipment Purchases d sEpson Printer 12,000 12,000Server 43,000 43,000Workstation 26,000 26,000Workstation 26,000 26,00015"monitor 9,000 9,00017"monitor 11,000 11,000Hub to server 7,000 7,000Accountant Workstation 43,000 43,000Router 21,000 21,000Scanner 32,000 32,000Printer 21,000 21,000 251,00Total Equipment 134,000 43,000 74,000 0Software/TrainingMS Windows 25,000 25,000Pagemaker 7,500 7,500MS Windows 7,500 9,000 16,500MS Office Professional 8,000 9,000 17,000Adobe Photoshop 24,000 24,000FAA Info Messenger System 75,000 75,000Trainings 84,000 84,000 159,00 249,00TOTAL TRAINING & SOFTWARE 48,000 0 42,000 0 202,00 116,00 500,00TOTAL EQUIPMENT/SOFTWARE 182,000 0 0 0