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Kindle fire media project

  1. 1. MEDIAMANAGEMENTKindle fireJean Chao
  2. 2. ObjectivesOverviewProductBusiness GoalMedia Goal
  3. 3. Overview• Amazon, the first entrant in the e-book category• Yearly sales exceed prior sales in the past 5 yrs• Kindle sales dropped because of arriving of iPad• Younger buyers went to iPad, while 40+ buyersstayed with Kindle• Two years to develop the next product – the Fire
  4. 4. Kindle Fire• Released on Nov. 15, 2011• $199• A tablet version of Kindle e-reader• Color 7” multi-touch screen• Android operation system• Online service, movies, TV shows, music, web, apps,games, and reading
  5. 5. Business Goal• Introduce a product with enough innovation, whilemaintain core base buyers• At the same time, sway over any potential Applebuyers• Low price, name brand, and ease of use to sellmillion of product
  6. 6. Media Goal• Build awareness of Kindle Fire• Take advantage of holiday shopping season• Turn e-reader owners into tablet buyers• Solidify the thought that Kindle Fire reaches iconicstatus• Not compete with iPad
  7. 7. StrategiesNewspaperMagazineInternetOut of HomeDirect Mail
  8. 8. Newspaper• Compensate for the absence of TV• High circulation reaching the massive audience• Audiences tend to have regular reading habit• Some newspapers can be downloaded to KindleFire• Target specific cities
  9. 9. Magazine• Specific audiences• Aim at target audience by different titles andinterest• Visual means of communication with crisp andcolorful image• Also can be downloaded to Kindle Fire• Repeat exposure
  10. 10. Internet• Inexpensive and broad audiences• Bring traffic to website right away• User accustomed to technology• Interactive platform
  11. 11. Out of Home• Right spot, right place• High frequency and repetition• Large audience with low cost• Versatility of the visual and appearance
  12. 12. Direct Mail• Highly targeted• More personal
  13. 13. Target AudienceAssignment TargetAudienceMedia UsagePsychographics
  14. 14. Assigned Target• Male and Female• 40+• HHI: $65,000• Reads 2+ books per month• Own a cell phone , but not a smartphone• Convert his/her book buying to e-reading viaAmazon bookstore.
  15. 15. Consumer Insight• If I can have one device that accomplisheverything, why carry another?• “The tablet is really killing the e-reader”(FastCompany)• Sales of tablets v.s. e-readers of 2011:24.1 million and 11.8 million (Mintel)• Amazon Kindle gets 62% of U.S. e-reader usage, andKindle Fire is 14% of tablet (GeekWire)• Apple user tend to be younger (nielsen)
  16. 16. New Target Audience• Male & Female• 45 – 64• Graduated college+• Professional, management, business, and financialoperations• HHI: $75,000 +• Marital: Married• Region: West coast and East coast• E-reader owner: 11.8 million
  17. 17. Media Usage• Magazine: Heavy usage (Index= 131)• Newspaper: Heavy usage (Index= 158)• Internet: Heavy usage (Index= 167)• Outdoor: Slightly heavy usage (Index= 116)• Consider but not recommend: Radio
  18. 18. Psychographics & Lifestyle• New to tablet• Used to buy books on Amazon• Digital immigrants: consumers who grew up with oldtechnologies, such as TV or print, and adapted tonewer one• Frequent flyer• Enjoy life – gourmet, home décor, and travel.• Luxury sport
  19. 19. Who are they?Luxury SportEnjoy Life AmazonerFrequent FlyerDigital ImmigrantE-Reader ReaderMichael & Jennifer
  20. 20. Timing
  21. 21. Seasonality• Time Frame: July to December• Center on holiday shopping season• Gift for family, friends, and even themselves• Pulsing Scheduling - Travel season• Frequency > ReachEmphasisFrequencyReachBehavioral Change/Purchase
  22. 22. Travel Season01,000,0002,000,0003,000,0004,000,0005,000,0006,000,0007,000,0008,000,000Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecGrand TotalGrand Total
  23. 23. Dollar Spending on Holiday$0$200$400$600$800$1,000$1,200$1,400
  24. 24. Media TacticsNewspaperMagazineInternetOut of HomeDirect Mail
  25. 25. Newspaper
  26. 26. Newspaper_ Centre spread, kindlefireshape layout
  27. 27. NewspaperWallStreetJournal2,096,000Index=260Travel for Vacationin Last 3 Months:Index=153USAToday1,829,000Index=172NewYorkTimes1,600,000Index=330LosAngelesTimes850,000Index=246ChicagoTribune700,000Index=276Affluent Adults:Career and familyfocused. Educated.Active.90% made at leastone domestic trip inthe past yearCirculationIndex
  28. 28. Magazine
  29. 29. MagazineTime32,500,000Index=149Forbes9,500,000Index=208Money1900,000Index=178Fortune830,000Index=187Wired775,000Index=339
  30. 30. MagazineDeltaSky601,346Index=248Bonappétit1,500,000Index=197Food &Wine925,000Index=183Travel +Leisure950,000Index=302
  31. 31. Internet
  32. 32. Internetwsj.com6,306,000Index=332nytimes.com19,294,968Index=313cnn.com12,2655,278Index=217travelchannel.com1,200,000MedianAge: 47MedianHHI: $71,528CollegeGrad+: 39%foodnetwork.com14,800,000MedianAge: 46MedianHHI: $72,601CollegeGrad+: 38%visitorsIndex&Demographic
  33. 33. Out of Home
  34. 34. Out of HomeHartsfield-JacksonAtlantaInternationalAirport89,331O’HareInternationalAirport66,774Los AngelesInternationalAirport59,070Dallas-FortWorthInternationalAirport56,906J.F.K.InternationalAirport46,514(000)Annualtraffic
  35. 35. Direct Mail
  36. 36. Direct MailKindleowner2,161,378Nook owner1,647,026Sony e-readerowner987,213
  37. 37. Recap
  38. 38. Budget ReviewNewspaper39%Magazine43%Internet1%Out ofHome8%Direct Mail9%
  39. 39. Audience Delivery• Circulation: 23,501,963• Impression: 208,422,000
  40. 40. Flow Chart
  41. 41. Research Tools
  42. 42. Tools• SRDS• Mintel• MRI• Quancast• Nielsen
  43. 43. Resource••••••••