100 ways to help the high street


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Powerpoint version of www.100ways.org.uk for Town Teams

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  • Eight sections: Working Together Safe & Secure High Street Enhancing the Streetscape Consumer Marketing, Animation & Events Accessing the High Street Attracting Investment & Getting the Business Mix Right Evening & Night Time Economy Training, Development & Accreditation Not exhaustive by any means, but a good first port of call
  • 100 ways to help the high street

    1. 1. 100 Ways to Help the High Street
    2. 2. Working Together Create a Town Team ►Governing a Partnership Encourage Representation from Across your Local Govt Working with the Property Industry ► Form a Membership Scheme Develop a BID ► Understanding Your Town Centre’s Performance Make a Plan ► Keep in touch with your Partnership Attracting Funding & Sponsorship Consider the Skills base of your Partners ► Be Charitable
    3. 3. The Safe & Secure High Street Creating a Crime Reduction Partnership Working with your local Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership Community Alcohol Partnerships Combating Crime through On-Line Crime Technology Talk to your Crime Prevention Contacts ► Radio Link Networks Mobile CCTV ► Exclusion Schemes Restricting Alcohol Consumption through Designated Public Place Orders Penalty Notices & Fixed Penalty Notices ► Make Crime Reduction Visible Community Wardens ► Child Safe Zones & Schemes for Lost Children
    4. 4. Enhancing the Streetscape First Impressions Exercise ► Streetcare Audits General Design Guidance ► Removing Clutter Litter ► Creating Coherent Fascia Pedestrian Signposting & Wayfaring ► Illuminating the Public Realm Festive Lighting ► Public Art Planting & Floral Displays ► Managing Shared Space Effectively Window Dressing for Vacant Shops
    5. 5. Consumer Marketing, Animation & Events Know Your Consumers ► Develop a Town Centre Website On-line Town Centre Shopping ► Creating Town Guides & Maps Street Parades, Stage Shows & Events ► Entertaining the Kids Town Trails ► Creating a Sense of Place Through Narratives Social Networking, Bluetooth & Mobile Marketing Communicate Your Achievements ► Local Loyalty & Voucher Schemes Make the Town Centre an Attractive Proposition for Residents Participate in Independent Retailer Month Marketing with Neighbouring Town Centres & Attractions
    6. 6. Accessing the High Street Maximising Gateway Opportunities ► Linking the Town Centre Together Unifying the Transport Network ► Pick up and Drop Bike & Car Schemes Cycle Routes & Parking ►Promoting and Improving Bus Services Accommodating the Travel Needs of Young Families Shopmobility ► Provide a Balanced Consideration of Parking Charges Replacing Pay & Display Car Parks with Barrier Operated Systems Displaying Real Time Parking Information ►Park & Ride
    7. 7. Attracting Investment & Getting the Business Mix Right Auditing your Town Centre Offer ► Building on Existing Footfall Generators Virtual Tour of the High Street ► Free Wifi ►Getting the Mix Right Helping Small Business through Business Rates Concessions Using Evidence to Promote your Town Centre to Investors Branding Elements of your Town Centre Reversing Decline of Existing Markets ► Introduction of New Markets Business Incubator Units ► Building a Strong Relationship between Landlords & Tenants Pop-up Shops ► Turning Empty Shops into Temporary Art Galleries Community Involvement in Regeneration ► Introduction of a Crèche
    8. 8. The Evening & Night-time Economy Purple Flag ► Planning for the Evening Managing the Transition between Day & Night ►Alive After Five Late Night Bus Service ►Promotion of Late Night Transport Taxi Marshall Scheme ►Dedicated Ambassadors & Managers for NTE Light Night ► Accreditation Schemes for Licensed Premises Best bar None ► Pubwatch ►Street Pastors & Safe Havens
    9. 9. Training, Development & Accreditation Local Business & Industry Award Schemes National Skills Academies Mentoring & Buddy Schemes Networking for Town Centre Managers & Town Teams Professional Accreditation for Town Centre Managers
    10. 10. Thank you and Good Luck! Jean Ball jean@tbld.co.uk 07770 416649 Twitter: JeanBall1 www.100Ways.org.uk www.atcm.org Linked in: ATCM Group