The Journey toVisionary Innovation  G I L 2012: EUROPE         The Global Community ofGrowth, Innovation and Leadership   ...
GIL 2012: Europe              The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership                                   ...
GIL 2012: Europe                The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership                                 ...
Agenda                                    GIL 2012: Europe                 The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and ...
Agenda                                GIL 2012: Europe             The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadersh...
Agenda                                 GIL 2012: Europe              The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leader...
Visionaries, Innovators and Leaders                                 GIL 2012: Europe              The Global Community of ...
Visionaries, Innovators and Leaders                                GIL 2012: Europe             The Global Community of Gr...
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GIL Europe Investor Brochure


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Frost & Sullivan's 'Growth Innovation and Leadership' (GIL) event brochure. Featuring an investment opportunities track for our financial clients.

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GIL Europe Investor Brochure

  1. 1. The Journey toVisionary Innovation G I L 2012: EUROPE The Global Community ofGrowth, Innovation and Leadership 9 May 2012 G r a n g e H o t e l , S t P a u l ’s London, United Kingdom In Cooperation with
  2. 2. GIL 2012: Europe The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership 9 May 2012 | Grange Hotel, St Paul’s, London, United Kingdom Dear Colleague, It is my pleasure to extend this exclusive VIP invitation to join our community of senior executives who are seeking actionable strategies, solutions, and growth processes that they can put to work in building a solid vision and strategy to drive growth. Frost & Sullivan’s GIL event is the only Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership and is a “must-attend” for any organisation serious about improving its performance in growth, innovation and leadership. This powerful event brings together a global network of today’s best thinkers, visionaries and thought leaders to deliver fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and practical solutions that will assist you in staying ahead of the curve. Join us to examine the dynamics of growth and various tools and processes you can use to grow your business. Develop relationships and participate in candid discussions focused on rethinking and strengthening your companies’ growth strategies. Uncover new opportunities for growth applicable to virtually any economic climate. Identify structured processes you can leverage to achieve your growth goals through real-world case examples, best practices, and key strategies you can employ. I am also delighted that we will be welcoming many of our financial and professional services clients this year for a dedicated track on Investment Opportunities in some of the most dynamic sectors of the economy, where we will identify and discuss the most interesting themes, segments and stories for investment and acquisition across the corporate lifecycle. Frost & Sullivan is honoured to host a distinguished roster of growth leaders sharing their insights and best practices. Join us as we formally recognise their achievements at our 2012 Growth Excellence Awards Banquet, a veritable whos who of the industrys premier growth companies and their leaders. Whether you are a Growth Partnership Service subscriber, member of our Growth Team Membership programme or simply frequent our best practice networking events, each one of our GIL Global programmes to date has been a sell out because CEOs and their Growth Teams are not simply just attending GIL, they’re experiencing GIL; so please be sure you and your colleagues confirm participation early. I look forward to learning and benefiting from our combined experiences in shaping and driving our futures on a shared quest for achieving growth, innovation and leadership. Sincerely, Aroop Zutshi Global President & Managing Partner Frost & Sullivan2 R e g i s t e r N o w | E m a i l : g i l g l o b a l @ f r o s t . c o m | C a l l : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 0 7 7 3 0 3 4 3 8 | V i s i t : w w w. g i l - g l o b a l . c o m / e u r o p e
  3. 3. GIL 2012: Europe The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership 9 May 2012 | Grange Hotel, St Paul’s, London, United KingdomPartial List of Past GIL Participants: Why is this a MUST-ATTEND Event? Automotive World • 3M • 3M Healthcare • 3M UK • 8 Solutions • A.W. Chesterton Company g Frost & Sullivans global community of Growth, Innovation • ABB • ABB Robotics • AGT • Alcatel-Lucent • Altana - Eckart • Amseymour Consulting • and Leadership is focused on sharing, engaging, and inspiring Anite Telecoms Ltd • AQTIS Medical BV • ARUP • Augurix Diagnostics • AW Europe • Baltic Orthoservice • BARA • Bayer • Becton Dickinson & Company • BioAmber Inc. • BIOP • a continuous flow of new ideas and fresh perspectives which BLUWAN • Bombardier Transportation • Borealis AG • Bosch Rexroth AG • BT Group • CBRNE Ltd • Celltick Technologies • CEO World Magazine • Conductix • Conseq Ltd • leverage innovation as a resource to help address global Corden Pharma Switzerland • COVIDIEN • Daden Limited • Defendec • DELL • Deutsche Telekom AG • Dialog • DSM • Eaton Corporate • Ecofin Research Foundation • Element 8 challenges. Ltd • Elsag Datamat • Elsvier • Endress & Hauser Consult AG • Engineering Capacity • Engineering Technology • Enterprise Ireland • Ericsson • ESAB • Evolva Biotech • Evonik g Year after year, CEOs and members of their Growth Team Degussa • FinMeccanica • Fluid Automation Systems • Forum for the Future • Fraunhofer EMI • Fraunhofer IAO • Fraunhofer ICT• Fraunhofer IOSB • GeoSolveIT Ltd • Glycanova invest the time to experience a GIL event, renewing their Norway • Grundfos Management A/S • Harkins Information Ltd • HCL Technologies • Henkel AG • Hitachi • Houghton International • Huntsman • Huntsman Polyurethanes • passion, fueling their creativity and gaining access to best Huntsman Tioxide • Hydra Polymers • IBM • InnovaSec Ltd • Innovation • Institute of Physical Biology • Intergraph • Invensys Operations Management • IISIS practices, tools and strategies that will drive growth and Innovation Ltd • Itochu Corporation • JSP Ltd • KPN • Landor Travel Publications Ltd • Leverage • Living PlanIT • Lockheed Martin Ltd • Lockheed Martin UKIS Ltd • LOGICA • inspire innovation. Lord Suisse Sarl • LoxBridge Research • MCD • Mizuho • Modern Security Solutions Ltd • Mott MacDonald • Nanopool Gmbh • National Physical Laboratory • Navigator • Nissan g Industry Think Tank sessions afford participants the Technical Centre Europe • Novelda AS • Orange Business Services • Oregan Networks Ltd • Oxford University • PA Consulting • PARKER Merchanting • Peter Reineck Associates opportunity to examine a unique 360 Degree Perspective of Limited • Private Equity Recruitment Limited • Radar Group International AB • RADICI • Railway Safety and Standards Board • RBS • Sabic Innovative Plastics • Schneider Electric • their industry, global trends and critical factors influencing Selex Communications • SIFE VU • Sigma Tau - Health Science • SITC • SKF • Solaris Mobile • Statkraft • Sword Ciboodle • Technology Strategy Board • Telephonica O2 UK Ltd • The market growth. These sessions will allow for interactive Hartford Financial Services Group • The Science Centre in Finland • The State of Indiana UK exchanges with Frost & Sullivan’s analyst community and Office • Tour & Andersson AB • Turkish Investment Agency • UBE • Unilever • University of Birmingham, EECE • UPS Baltics • Vacon • Valeo • Virgin Group • Voestalpine AG • Voltalia • leading industry experts. WABCO • Wavestore Ltd • Yokogawa Europe • Zimmer g Benchmark and strengthen your company’s growth strategy against proven best-practice tools and strategies. g Gain access to a wealth of best-practice tools and strategies to support you in critical decision making as a member ofWho Should Attend? your companys Growth Team. Growth Strategy Dialogues A Growth Strategy Dialogue (GSD) is a customised session for Senior Executives facilitated by a Frost & Sullivan growth strategy consultant and a tenured industry analyst. Ask questions and brainstorm with experts to evaluate and enhance your growth strategy. These on-site sessions are veryYour "C" Suite: CEO, CTO, CSO, CFO, COO exclusive, with a limited number of slots, and are always g Business Development g Marketing Research oversubscribed. Reservations will be confirmed on a first-come, g g Research & Development Competitive Intelligence first-served basis. To express your interest in scheduling your g g Sales Corporate Development g Corporate Venture Fund g Strategic Planning confidential one-on-one session, email with g g Venture Capital the subject line Growth Strategy Dialogues EU. Investors g MarketingR e g i s t e r N o w | E m a i l : g i l g l o b a l @ f r o s t . c o m | C a l l : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 0 7 7 3 0 3 4 3 8 | V i s i t : w w w. g i l - g l o b a l . c o m / e u r o p e 3
  4. 4. Agenda GIL 2012: Europe The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership 9 May 2012 | Grange Hotel, St Paul’s, London, United Kingdom08:00 REGISTRATION, CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST AND Key Take-Aways: ONLINE GIL COMMUNITY TOUR • A methodology for identifying, defining and evaluating Mega Trends and their implications for your industry and your organisation, insight08:45 WELCOME TO THE GIL JOURNEY into opportunities/threats arising out of future Mega Trends, and on preparing contingency plans based on probable scenarios Speaker: Dorman Followwill Partner and Director EIA • A fresh approach to gauge the future direction of Mega Trends to Frost & Sullivan develop appropriate market strategies • Ways to analyse growth opportunities in your industry and generate09:00 Keynote: THE JOURNEY TO VISIONARY INNOVATION - powerful ideas for design/development and technology planning THE SIX PLATFORMS OF GIL Speaker: Aroop Zutshi 09:40 TECHVISIONS 2020: A SYSTEMATIC INNOVATION Managing Partner and Global President SERENDIPITY ENGINE Frost & Sullivan Growth Thought Leader: Ankit Shukla Practice Director – Technical InsightsTo survive and thrive in the future business environment, both as an individual and Frost & Sullivanas a company, innovation has now become an essential ingredient. Aroop will talkabout why innovation is critical to success, where innovation comes from, how tobecome a visionary innovator and your next steps. Whether you are inspired The TechVision 2020 research initiative identifies 50 of the most excitingabout future prospects or anxious about the negative impacts the future will bring, technologies and innovations that will shape our world in the coming years. Thethis research-based talk will bring some valuable insights to your life and future collected intelligence on these selected technologies are spread across ninestrategy. Technology Clusters that represent the bulk of R&D and innovation activity today. These technologies are rapidly evolving and form a vortex of innovation, driving new concepts, products, and services. Gain insight into how top emerging andKey Take Aways: innovative technologies will impact industries, strategies and businesses • Why Innovation is essential for all players in the global economy • Corporate Enlightenment: What it is and how it can stifle success 10:00 GIL 2012: GROWTH, INNOVATION AND LEADERSHIP • Where Innovation comes from and how to nurture it AWARD • How to create a foundation or platform for Innovation • What you can do today to start your path to Visionary Innovation 10:15 Growth Thought Leadership: VALUE LEAKAGE - THE • How Visionary Innovation can change your life GREATEST THREAT TO PROFITABLE GROWTH Speaker: Jeff Thull CEO and President09:20 THE IMPACT OF MEGA TRENDS ON YOUR COMPANY, Prime Resource Group, Inc. CAREER AND INDUSTRY Growth Thought Leader: Sarwant Singh If you are investing heavily in creating innovative and high-value solutions, but Partner are not seeing the profitable growth you expected, value leakage could be Frost & Sullivan sabotaging the execution of your strategy. Innovation is not complete until your customers comprehend and invest in the total value of your solutions andThis presentation sets the stage for visionary thinking by identifying the most can accurately measure net profit impact. Translate your strategy into bottom-important global Mega Trends, potential scenarios of specific trends in 2020, and line results.the implications of these Mega Trends in transforming industries, markets andcultures. In the high-energy interactive session that follows, you will brainstormwith fellow participants to identify the most pertinent global forces which can Key Take-Aways:impact your business and personal lives, and the next generation business models • Examine how you may be innovating beyond your customer’s abilityfor success. to capitalise on your unique value • Recognise how innovative value becomes fragmented and commoditised • Understand why customer net profit is at the heart of innovation and growth • Seven tough questions to bring your leadership team into alignment4 R e g i s t e r N o w | E m a i l : g i l g l o b a l @ f r o s t . c o m | C a l l : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 0 7 7 3 0 3 4 3 8 | V i s i t : w w w. g i l - g l o b a l . c o m / e u r o p e
  5. 5. Agenda GIL 2012: Europe The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership 9 May 2012 | Grange Hotel, St Paul’s, London, United Kingdom10:45 EXHIBITION, NETWORKING AND REFRESHMENT A. Implementation Excellence Think Tank: IMPLEMENTATION BREAK EXCELLENCE - LEVERAGING BEST PRACTICES FOR THE TOP 10 GROWTH PROCESSES11:00 Think Tank 1: THE IMPACT OF GLOBAL MEGA TRENDS Facilitator: Gary Jeffery ON INDUSTRIES, INVESTMENTS AND CAREERS Partner Frost & Sullivan Facilitator: Sarwant Singh Partner Frost & Sullivan CEOs report their greatest internal challenge to growth is "implementing the growth strategy with the current management team." This interactive workshopMega Trends are global, sustained and macroeconomic forces defining our future will provide a hands-on experience, exploring the top 10 growth processes whileworld and its increasing pace of change. Mega Trends have diverse meanings and providing delegates the opportunity to apply tools in a real-time exercise toimpacts for different industries, companies and individuals. An analysis of these validate and benchmark their existing strategies against best-practiceMega Trends and their implications forms an important component of a implementation. Companies that master these tools will have a tremendouslycompany’s future strategy, development and innovation process, and impacts powerful competitive advantage!product and technology planning. The objective of the workshop is to set thestage for visionary thinking by learning how to leverage interactive tools to: Key Take Aways: • Understand the top 10 Growth Processes and how they are • Understand opportunities/threats arising out of future Mega Trends implemented and to prepare contingency plans based on probable scenarios • Learn how to benchmark your company with these best practices • Prioritise seeking future customers based on emerging Mega Trends • Gain insights to spark this programme in your own company in new geographies, emerging economies, and new attitudes and preferences of consumers B. Investment Opportunities Think Tank: IDENTIFYING THE MOST • Align future Mega Trends with your current vision and strategy PROMISING AREAS FOR INVESTMENT AND ACQUISITION • Align current strategy to expected accelerating change in future Facilitator: Andrew Calvert technology and needs of the “Customer of the Future” Vice President Business & Financial Services • Learn the Macro to Micro methodology of applying Mega Trends and Frost & Sullivan uncovering the billion dollar Innovation opportunities With M&A volumes still depressed and large volumes of capital chasing too fewStructured industry groups will give you the opportunity to collaborate with opportunities, the importance of proactively identifying investment theses andyour industrys peers and Frost & Sullivan Growth consultants/analysts to building relationships with targets in advance of transactional opportunity hasbrainstorm on how to effectively capitalise on growth opportunities. never been greater. In this session we will profile some of the most interesting themes, segments and stories we are seeing in some of the most dynamic sectors12:30 NETWORKING LUNCHEON of the economy, for investors and advisors across the corporate lifecycle.13:15 Growth Success Story: SMART INVESTING - SURVIVING The track will be segmented into three 30-minute sessions: IN A WORLD OF VISIONARY INNOVATION Growth Thought Leader: Andrew Calvert 1. Cleantech & Green Energy VP Business & Financial Services Chair: Alina Bakhareva Frost & Sullivan Research Manager – Renewable Energy Frost & Sullivan13:45 This session will comprise of 2 separate tracks: With strong fundamental drivers but uncertain government policy outlook and huge variance in economics and prospects between renewable modalities across A: Implementation Excellence - Aimed at Corporate Clients their respective value chains, renewable energy can be a minefield for successful B: Investment Opportunities - Aimed at Financial and Professional investment. Similarly, themes like energy efficiency and smart grid are rippling Services Clients across the energy and industrial products sectors, and problems like energy storage and next-generation batteries (particularly for electric vehicles) hold huge potential for those who can innovate and commercialise most effectively. R e g i s t e r N o w | E m a i l : g i l g l o b a l @ f r o s t . c o m | C a l l : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 0 7 7 3 0 3 4 3 8 | V i s i t : w w w. g i l - g l o b a l . c o m / e u r o p e 5
  6. 6. Agenda GIL 2012: Europe The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership 9 May 2012 | Grange Hotel, St Paul’s, London, United Kingdom 2. Aerospace, Defence & Security 15:45 Think Tank III:THE GROWTH DIAGNOSTIC - Chair: Diogenis Papiomytis MEASURING YOUR COMPANY’S FUTURE GROWTH Principal Consultant, Aerospace, Defence & Security POTENTIAL Frost & Sullivan Facilitators: Aroop Zutshi Managing Partner and Global PresidentAs defence spending in G7 nations slows, many investors are turning away from Frost & Sullivanthese sectors, but behind the macroeconomic picture and outside the developedpowers there is huge opportunity and strong structural growth, and themes like Brian Denkerbig data have huge application in the sector. Commercial Aviation is under severe VP & Global Head GILpressure from fuel and tax costs, as well as increased competition from China, Frost & Sullivanbut global passenger volumes look set to rise and will favour those with the rightexposures across the components, services, carrier operations and infrastructure An essential element of any company’s growth process is to understand wheresegments. Security is a theme that will remain high-profile across civil, military, the company is positioned today in terms of growth and to gain an understandingindustrial, commercial and residential applications, with strong consolidation of where the future growth potential of the company is headed.This system willdrivers in the services industry as well as consistent innovation in technologies provide the diagnostic tools and measurement system to provide a totally newaround detection & identification, access control, biometrics and e-passport perspective on how to benchmark your company versus the industry and gainimplementation. new insights into its future growth potential. 3. Specialty Chemicals Key Take Aways: Chair: Bill Stringer • Learn how to benchmark and diagnose your company’s growth Principal Consultant, Practice Director, Chemicals processes vs. best practice Materials & Foods Frost & Sullivan • Gain insight and a measurement system on "the future growth potential" of your company • Learn how to apply this tool to strategy, investments and yourThe specialty chemicals industry is undergoing sweeping change as manufacturers careerincreasingly move downstream and refocus businesses on end-user markets, butwith the huge diversity of products, chemistries and applications it can be difficultto pick the winning players, particularly given turmoil in many of the end markets. 17:15 GIL Bites: FROM VISIONARIES, INNOVATORS ANDWe expect accelerated transactional activity and robust valuations in a number LEADERS - THE GOLDEN NUGGETS OF IDEAS,of key segments, as well as double-digit growth around key themes such as INSIGHTS AND INSPIRATIONSfracking (from both a functional chemicals and water treatment perspective) and Facilitator: Brian Denkercontinued innovation around the biochemicals trend impacting almost every VP & Global Head GILsegment. Frost & Sullivan15:15 EXHIBITION, REFRESHMENTS AND NETWORKING Award Recipient: David Bott BREAK Director of Innovation Programmes Technology Strategy Board15:30 Growth Thought Leadership: A GLOBAL ALLIANCE 17:45 GIL 2012: BEYOND THE JOURNEY TO VISIONARY PARTNERSHIP BEST -IN-CLASS INNOVATOR INNOVATION Growth Thought Leader: Angela Selden Co-Chairman Arise Virtual Solutions 18:00 NETWORKING RECEPTION 19:00 2012 GROWTH EXCELLENCE AWARDS RECEPTION AND BANQUET (Requires Pre-Registration)6 R e g i s t e r N o w | E m a i l : g i l g l o b a l @ f r o s t . c o m | C a l l : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 0 7 7 3 0 3 4 3 8 | V i s i t : w w w. g i l - g l o b a l . c o m / e u r o p e
  7. 7. Visionaries, Innovators and Leaders GIL 2012: Europe The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership 9 May 2012 | Grange Hotel, St Paul’s, London, United KingdomKEYNOTES & SPEAKERS Brian Denker Vice President & Global Head – Growth, Innovation and Leadership Andrew Calvert Frost & Sullivan Vice President – Business & Financial Services Frost & Sullivan Brian Denker is the Vice President & Global Head of Growth, Innovation and Leadership. Brian oversees the Andrew Calvert is the Vice President for the Financial globalisation and continued expansion of the GIL & Business Services business unit for EMEA and North community. This unique network engages today’s top America. Andrew has 14 years of Professional Services industry visionaries, innovators and growth thought expertise, which include 8 years developing Frost & leaders who are focused on sharing ideas, developing new insights and enabling Sullivan’s Financial & Business Services practice. He has its members to leverage innovation as a resource to help shape a better future particular expertise in client management and business for their companies and their careers. Since joining Frost & Sullivan in 2004, Briandevelopment, delivering commercial due diligence and advisory services to has overseen the development and enhancement of various client offeringssupport transactions and investment decisions and group P&L management and worldwide, including interactive and live events, strategic marketing initiatives,practice development. His career highlights include senior business development and has further strengthened the organisation’s industry ties with variousand client management roles in the consulting and professional services sector recognised media and associations. Prior to joining Frost & Sullivan, Brian spentand in TMT and e-business solutions, with firms including Arkwright-Halogen, more than 10 years as a creative services professional in both the traditional andiXL Enterprises and Thermo Electron’s Trex Communications. He holds a interactive world of marketing, advertising and technology. Among his diverseLl.B.Law from the University of Exeter, UK. portfolio of expertise, he has worked with both B2B and B2C organisations in driving effective campaign strategies and managing complex project implementations for companies such as CourtTV, the BBC, GAP, Inc., Pfizer, and Angela Selden the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation. Co-Chairman Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. Angela Selden is Co-Chairman of Arise Virtual Dorman Followwill Solutions Inc., the world’s leading provider of virtual Partner and Director, Europe, Israel and Africa business solutions. Angela was appointed as Co- Frost & Sullivan Chairman in 2011 after having served as Chief Dorman Followwill’s inspirational leadership and Executive Officer for six years. Angela is a visionary contributions to the global Frost & Sullivan team have who established virtual business services as a accounted for outstanding performance in regional EIAmainstream solution for Fortune 500 companies, and was instrumental in growing sales and profit as a Partner, Director and ExecutiveArise into an industry leader, providing superior results and high client satisfaction Committee member for the Europe, Israel, and Africaand generating outstanding year-over-year revenue growth. Before joining Arise region, in 2008 and 2009, as well as record profitabilityin 2005, Angela spent 18 years at Accenture, a global management consulting, in the Healthcare business unit in North America from 2002-2005. Dorman hastechnology services and outsourcing company. During her last five years, she played a leading role in some of the largest consulting engagements in the historyserved as Managing Partner of the North American Consumer and Industrial of the firm, including ongoing projects with Bayer Biologicals and Philips, and keygroup. She doubled the revenue of this group to $550 million in three years and projects with Merck Chemicals, Montagu Private Equity, and Novartis. Dormandrove 20 percent growth for the two prior consecutive years leading Accenture’s has a B.A. in The Management of Organisations from Stanford University andNorth American Retail practice. currently resides in Oxford, U.K., with his family. Ankit A. Shukla Gary Jeffery Practice Director – Technical Insights Partner, Director - UK Operations Frost & Sullivan Frost & Sullivan Ankit A. Shukla is responsible for designing, managing Gary Jeffery is a Partner and founding member of Frost and delivering the Technical Insights value proposition & Sullivans European Executive Committee. Gary across industries in Europe, Israel and Africa. He joined Frost & Sullivan in 1997 and since then has built foresees the evaluation and application of thought and developed teams that have accounted for much of leadership platforms and frameworks like TechVision the companys growth in the region. In particular, Gary 2020,Wave of Innovation and Diffusion of Innovation – established Frost & Sullivans first consulting practice asto name a few. His particular expertise and interest lie in deciphering the the company diversified away from purely published research content. Gary alsocomplexities of innovation as a process and understanding how to apply related managed the largest vertically aligned business unit - the Industrial Group, fromstrategies to achieve growth for clients. Ankit’s career highlights include managing which a number of successul business units and leaders have evolved. Garyand executing over 75 projects across technology clusters, establishing regional actively retains a close link to Frost & Sullivans client base, most notably throughresearch groups and expanding the business unit’s horizon. He holds a Master’s applying his deep understanding of project methodologies to complex multi-degree in Control Engineering from the University of Sheffield, UK. region consulting assignments. Gary holds a First Class degree from Stirling University in French and Business Studies. Aroop Zutshi Global President & Managing Partner Frost & Sullivan Aroop Zutshi is the Managing Partner and Global President for Frost & Sullivan. He manages the industrial CBUs in North America and workes on client projects, supporting them in developing their growth strategies. He has consulted with several Fortune 500 companies in the last 15 years. Aroopstarted the Asia Pacific and Latin American operations for Frost & Sullivan.Todaywe have 14 offices in APAC and four locations in Latin America. He started thecompany’s first BPO in Chennai, India. Prior to joining Frost & Sullivan, he spentfive years in sales and marketing for one of the world’s leading manufacturers ofMachine Tools in U.K. Aroop graduated as a mechanical engineer in 1984 andearned his MBA in 1989. R e g i s t e r N o w | E m a i l : g i l g l o b a l @ f r o s t . c o m | C a l l : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 0 7 7 3 0 3 4 3 8 | V i s i t : w w w. g i l - g l o b a l . c o m / e u r o p e 7
  8. 8. Visionaries, Innovators and Leaders GIL 2012: Europe The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership 9 May 2012 | Grange Hotel, St Paul’s, London, United Kingdom Jeff Thull President and CEO Prime Resource Group Networking that never ends - the Jeff Thull is a leading-edge strategist, author and valued advisor for executive teams of major GIL Global Online Community companies worldwide. As President and CEO of Prime Resource Group, he has designed and implemented business transformation and professional development programs for companiessuch as Shell, 3M, Siemens, Boston Scientific and HP, as well as many fasttrack, start-up companies. He is sought after as a thought leader and keynotespeaker in the arena of sales and market strategies for companies involvedin complex sales. Sarwant Singh Partner Frost & Sullivan Sarwant Singh is responsible for developing and implementing business strategy, fulfillment of high- CEO value consulting projects as Project Leader, and developing content strategy for Frost & Sullivan’s European Transportation Practice. He is also the global leader in developing Frost & Sullivan’sGrowth Strategy Workshop capabilities. Since joining Frost & Sullivan inMarch 1999, Sarwant has managed over 150 strategic consulting projects inthe Automotive and Transportation sector. He specialises in facilitatingGrowth Strategy Workshops for Frost & Sullivan clients, combiningengineering acumen with strong commercial and business awareness.2012 GROWTH, INNOVATION AND LEADERSHIP (GIL)AWARDS David Bott Director of Innovation Programmes Technology Strategy Board David was appointed as Director of Innovation Platforms in the Technology Strategy Board in July 2007. He was then made Director of Innovation Programmes in July 2008. David graduated from the University of Sussex with a BSc in Polymer Science. GIL GLOBAL He stayed on to do a PhD sponsored by ICI Plastics,spending the summers working in their laboratories at Welwyn Garden City.As a result of this experience, he joined the British Petroleum Research The GLOBAL COMMUNITY OFCentre at Sunbury-on-Thames where he led a team working on electrically GROWTH, INNOVATION AND LEADERSHIPconductive polymers, polymer batteries and non-linear optics. 8 years laterhe joined Courtaulds to set up and run their Strategic Research Group. Inaddition he spent separate years responsible for Carbon Fibre Research(1989) and Performance Films (1992)(in America). After another 8 years he n Access to best practice insights and key take-away’sleft to join ICI Acrylics as Research Director. He then joined National Starch,where he was responsible for research in their Specialty Synthetic Resins via downloadable presentations shared across all GILDivision for 2 years and then became a Director of Group Technology for Global events worldwide*.ICI. n Your very own “Peer Connect” profile and ability to search and communicate directly with members of the global community. n Participate and share your own ideas and fresh perspectives through various blogs and forums from the GIL Global Visionaries, Innovators and Leaders. *Complimentary access for all GIL 2012: Europe participants8 R e g i s t e r N o w | E m a i l : g i l g l o b a l @ f r o s t . c o m | C a l l : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 0 7 7 3 0 3 4 3 8 | V i s i t : w w w. g i l - g l o b a l . c o m / e u r o p e
  9. 9. ‘ Sponsors & Media GIL 2012: Europe The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership 9 May 2012 | Grange Hotel, St Paul’s, London, United Kingdom GLOBAL ALLIANCE PARTNERS REGIONAL EVENT SPONSORS STRATEGIC MEDIA PARTNERS STRATEGIC NON-PROFIT PARTNERS The GIL Community Newsletter (GCN) Keep informed of the latest market trends, developments, tools and strategies driving the future of your business. Each month, a customised GCN issue will be delivered to you via email and is a road map that will lead you closer to achieving your growth goals and objectives. Each issue is full of new ideas and fresh perspectives being discussed and shared with more than 400,000 senior executives of our GIL community in more than 40 countries around the world. Visit to subscribe. R e g i s t e r N o w | E m a i l : g i l g l o b a l @ f r o s t . c o m | C a l l : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 0 7 7 3 0 3 4 3 8 | V i s i t : w w w. g i l - g l o b a l . c o m / e u r o p e 9