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Lung cancer


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Lung cancer

  1. 1. Lung Cancer In Los Angeles By:Jose contreras
  2. 2. Introduction• Lung cancer arises when a • Tobacco use is responsible for series of mutations in normal almost 90% of lung cancer lung cells cause them to cases. Those who never smoke become abnormal and grow or quit long time ago may out of control. Lung cancer is develop it as well. the leading cause of cancer death in men and it’s second leading in women.By Lynne Eldridge MDReviewed by: Medical ReviewBoard
  3. 3. In 1968 to 1972 there has been observed arate of lung cancer on males in south centralLos Angeles.In southcentral Los Angeles there airsampling has indicated an excess of certainpolynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons.
  4. 4. 15 percent of men who get lung cancer thatare non-smokers get lung cancer and 50percent of women who get lung cancer arenon-smokers.(this people have never smoked and still havelung cancer)
  5. 5. About 200,000 people have lung cancer eachyear.About 160,000 die of lung cancer annual.Survival rate average is about five years. thisrate has been for decades.
  6. 6. About 87 percent of lung cancer is fromsmoking. This means that there is other waysto get lung cancer.There is about 13 percent of non-smokerswho get lung cancer also.
  7. 7. The reason you could get lung cancer andyou never smoked is because of second handsmoke and air pollution.This is why is not good to be around peoplewho smoke.
  8. 8. Second hand smoke is like smoke out of thecigarette, pipe or cigar. The smoke could stayin the air long after the cigarette has beenput away and a second hand smoker couldinhale it.
  9. 9. 1533 kids from age 12 to 19 in Los Angeleswho underwent hearing test and also a bloodtest to check their level of cotinine, anindication of level of tobacco smokeexposure. the kids were all non-smokers.Kids who are exposed to secondhand smokehad higher rates of low-frequency and high-frequency hearing loss.
  10. 10. Secondhand smoke is one of the reasons whynon-smokers get lung cancer.Also did you know that women who get lungcancer is from all chemicals they use athome to clean?
  11. 11. SummaryLung cancer is one of the most commoncancer why humans die.Second hand smoke is one of the reasonswhy non-smokers get lung cancer.You could be one of them secondhand smokerhow don’t even know what can happen whenbeing a secondhand smoker.
  12. 12. By: Shari Roan (July 18, 2011) Los Angeles Times (November 22, 2011) By: Susan Abram (January 25, 2010) Fighting Lung Cancer (November 18, 2011) Thomas H. Maugh II (March 31, 2011) Lung cancer deaths in women decline for the first time in 40 years(November 18, 11)